Friday, August 6, 2010

A Runner's Bucket List

As I was driving all over town the other day, dropping off flyer's for the upcoming Skirt Chaser 5K race Beth from Shut Up and Run invited me to help her with, I grabbed a Competitor magazine at some cycling store in the cute Pearl Street district in Denver. I must have 20 of these type of magazines sitting all around my nightstand (Trail Runner, Colorado Runner, Rocky Mountain Sports, to name a few); most of which I just skim through and will read an article only if it looks inviting. I have a hard time throwing them out but the stack's getting thick and since I'm not running right now (unlike) I guess it's time to purge.

Nevertheless, the August issue of Competitor has a feature inside called, "A Runner's Bucket List" and lists the top favorite races this writer has picked for 10 different categories. As with any list it involves lots of personal choices but it did peak my curiosity as I'm always up for a good challenge. So here are his 10 categories, his favorite in each category, a few side notes, and my comments about each and if I'd do the race are in purple.

1) Historic Race
Boston Marathon
Next Race: April 18, 2011
The Boston marathon celebrates its 115th running next April, making it the longest-running marathon in the U.S. and one of the oldest running races in the world.
How to get in: Qualifying time from a previously run marathon (duh, we all know this one!)
There is no other marathon like it in the U.S. but the 2nd oldest marathon is Yonkers Marathon in NY, which turned 85 this year. The Dipsea Race, a 7.4 mile trail run north of San Francisco has been run continuously since 1905. Athens Marathon celebrates its 2500th anniversary this year (Wow! I think "Green Running Girl" is doing this one. I'm so jealous! Anyone else??? This is a race on Jill's "bucket list")
Me: Boston - been there twice. Trained hard for and raced well (3:51) in 2009. Lung infection and a mental cramp cause me to run pathetically in 2010 (4:30) but had a blast running it with Katie A. on my 47th birthday. Will I go back in 2011? I am qualified. Hate the course. Love the whole atmosphere and experience and the fact it's Boston. I will probably register come October 18th, but will see how the heel is, finances are (this race will tack on 3 more years before I can retire for each year I run it), and if I can train hard for it. I will not go and run it again like I did this past year. I am grateful for the years I did do it, there is nothing like it in all the marathons I've ever done. On the fence about if I'll do it again or not.

2) Relay
Hood to Coast
Next Race: August 27-28
The largest and most prestigious is the 197-mile from Mt. Hood to the Pacific Ocean. 36 different legs varying between 3.7-7.4 miles each and runners run at least 3 legs.
How to get in: Teams must submit a registration postmarked on October 14th. Entries go into a lottery to choose winners. If your team loses, it does get preferential treatment the following year.
Me: I have always wanted to do this relay - it is well-known and highly sought after in the running community. I was actually invited by some friends I know who were looking for another female for their Hood to Coast Relay this year. I was bummed to turn them down; I was suppose to be doing the Colorado Relay the weekend before this one and thought I'd just be too tired to tackle this after Colorado's and also the date of this relay was the week I start back to school and I knew I'd have to donate my first born to take days off during the first week of school (hum...tempting). Plus the cost of these relays are crazy and I'd have to add airfare and hotel costs to Hood to Coast. One day I WILL do it though.

3) Ultra Marathons
Western States Endurance Run
Next Race: June 25-26, 2011
Running 100 miles on the trails of California's Sierra Nevada range. One of the oldest, most prestigious and definitely most challenging races in the U.S.
How to get in: Participants must meet a variety of criteria, including one performance-based qualifications such as completing a 50-miler ultra in under 11-hours.
Me: Um, not only NO but HELL NO! Personally, I'd think Bad Water's 135 miles in Death Valley in July or the Leadville 100 in Colorado, which has insane vertical challenges, would be more of an ultra challenge. But I'm never going to do any of the 3 to find out for sure. Don't even tempt me with any free entry or the likes, I'm not doing a 100+ ultra at my age. Did I ever mention my back starts to scream by the end of a marathon? Hush,'s not because I have sucky form.
4) International Marathon
Comrades Marathon
Next Race: May 29, 2011
"To call the Comrades the "Boston Marathon of ultras" might help describe the historic nature of this South African Race..." A 56-mile footrace between Pietermarizburg and Durban to honor veteran Vic Clapham's comrades who were killed in WWI. This May marked it's 85th anniversary and attracted 23,563 runners. The course flips directions each year (that's kinda cool!) Participants have 12 hours to finish.
How to get in: Best I can tell from the article, it has no cap and no lottery.
Me: I'm intrigued. Sure, I would attempt this if someone paid my way!! I *think* I could run the first half before my back gave out and then shuffle along with an ice pack on my back and 12 Ibuprofen downed for the second half and finish in 12-hours. Maybe.

5) Big Urban Marathons
New York City
Next Race: November 7, 2010
Takes runners on a tour of all New York's five boroughs. Last year more than 43,000 finished which made it the biggest in the world by a comfortable margin. Features the best crowd support (Boston has amazing crowd support. Hello Boston College drunk students!!), an amazing start which takes over the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge, and a strong elite field.
How to get in: A lottery system. Some entries are reserves for charity slots. (Article doesn't state it but I happen to know you can also qualify with not just a marathon time but also with a half marathon time. In 2009, I was 11 seconds off qualifying with my 1:44:11 half marathon in Atlanta. Had I known about the qualifying time THEN, I maybe would have pushed a little more at the end!?!?! Never could afford to go there AND Boston, but still...)
Me: See above. Would I ever like to do it? Maybe, but it's not high on my list. I'm not sure why. I've never been to NYC so if I went to run, I'd also like to stay and see the sights - and shop! But I would definitely like to qualify.
6) Scenic Race
Big Sur Marathon
Next Race: May 1, 2011
The point-to-point course course starts in Big Sur, CA and follows Highway 1 to Carmel, CA. Best know for it's views of the Pacific Ocean from high atop bluffs along the ragged coastline of central California. The 2-mile climb from Hurricane Pt between miles 10-12 gets the most attention from wary running. Founded in 1986 with 1800 it has grown to 4000 marathoners. Additionally there is a 21-mile, 10.6-miler, 9-miler, and 5K.
How to get in: Registration is currently open on their website. (really? I'm so tempted....)
Me: I did this race in 2008. It almost killed me. Bahaha. I trained my ass off for this race - I hired a trainer to get me into the best shape of my life and when I stood on the start line of that race, I had no idea what I was capable of so I took off blindly running an insane pace. That famous Hurricane Pt hill sucked but I got to the top and high-fived everyone around me and then stupidly, screamed down the other side of the hill to make up for lost time on the previous big uphill. Huge mistake! It was hot. It was super windy. And the hills were brutal. By mile 18, I was puking on the side and by mile 20 I had severe leg and stomach cramps - I was majorly dehydrated. I walked most of the remaining 6 miles home and crossed in 4:17. Given this race claims to add 20 minutes to a "normal" marathon time, I guess it's not bad but I was very emotionally disappointed for literally MONTHS after. 3 months after the race, I remember sitting with my then-trainer and tears were flowing over this race. It took a long time to let it go and I vow I will be back one day and run it correctly. I loved this race, despite the fact I screwed it up worse than any race I've ever run. Revenge!
There I am, about 4-hours post race, standing at start of the famous Hurricane Point 2-mile hell hill that killed my race on the other side of it. Beautiful, yes. Painful, yes!

7) Set a PR
Chicago Marthon
Next Race: October 10, 2010
Got it's boom in the 70's and is now the 2nd largest marathon in the country and 4th in the world with more than 33,000 runners. Apart form a few overpasses, the marathon is uniformly flat, making it super fast. Easy to get to which means no long bus ride to the start.
How to get in: First come, first served to those registering on their website. This year the race's capacity of 45,000 runners was reached in 5 weeks.
Me: Never wanted to do this race because of the number of people, but I did register for it for this year because I thought it would be kind of cool to run a marathon on 10/10/10. The allure of that was intriguing and a friend did it last year and he said I'd love the course. I took the bait and paid the $140 ridiculous registration....and now I'm not going to do it because of the heel. Disappointed? Hell yes, but I don't want to run anymore marathons half-trained. Anyone want my bib??
Similar events: California International (Dec. 5th) in Sacramento tends to get a fast field for it's net downhill. This was my 2nd marathon ever in 1998. 4:07, and I didn't even train for it. It's been way too long to remember much about it, but I did like it. I wonder where the heck my medal is. Hum. Would I want to do it again? Sure.
St. George Marathon (October 2nd) in St. George, Utah. Basically a downhill course that ends 2600' lower than it starts. I ran this in 2008 and it was my first BQer. I was an emotional wreck in the weeks leading up to this race as the pressure to BQ mounted; no one, including my family, wanted to be around me. I needed 4-hours to qualify, I ran 3:46. The weather was ideal for me: drizzling rain. It kept the temperatures down and my body loves cooler temps. Plus, I trained like a mad-woman for it. I'll probably never run this marathon again because it holds such a special place in my heart and I'd hate to ruin that memory by doing it poorly.

Official race photo. See the forward lean? No wonder my back hurts by the end of a marathon. I do work on this but when fatigue sets in, all form goes back to crappy.

8) Obstacle Race
Tough Guy
Next Race: January 30, 2011
Part obstacle course, part military training exercise, and all macho, the race near Wolverhampton, England is for runners who want obstacles to overcome. Dubbed the world's safest, most dangerous taste of mental and physical pain, fear and endurance. Features and 8-mile course filled with barriers to keep runners from the finish. Past obstacles have included floored 40-foot tunnels, balance beams across a fire pit and lot of barbed wire. This year more than 3700 people finished.
How to get in: Registration is currently now open on their website
Me: I doubt I'd want to do this. If you could do it with a partner, maybe, but I don't think that's allowed. I'm kinda a fearful wuss.

9) Party Race
Las Vegas Marathon and Half (Rock and Roll)
Next Race: December 5, 2010
A horde of running Elvi, Bengal tigers, wedding on the course, shutting down the strip, and a post-race concert by Bret Michaels. Relatively flat and fast. Like other RnR series, there's a band at every mile to entertain runners. Runners looking to tie-the-knot can do so at the run-through wedding ceremonies. Fourteen RnR marathon and halves are held throughout the country (this is Denver's first year for a RnR. Same race course as the Denver Marathons in past years (sort of) but first for an RnR), minus the Bengal tigers.
Now to get in: Article does not state, but I think it's just open and doesn't have a race cap.
Me: I wouldn't mind doing it, but there are others I'd do first over this one if I were paying for a marathon. I know some, like Adam, have a goal to run all the Rock and Rolls, which is way cool. I don't have that goal. I've been to Vegas a few times (used to go there on our way to San Diego, way back in the day when my kiddos were little. Did love all the cool pools at the hotel, but Vegas itself to me is just really filthy). If someone wants to pay my way though, or a bunch of friends were going, sure I'm in!

10) Running Festival
Bay to Breakers
Next Race: May 15, 2011
Next year will be the 100th running of the San Francisco's ING Bay to Breakers, perhaps the race that's most famous for everything about it that has nothing to do with running. First held in 1912 to raise money for the 1906 earthquake. Starts near the Embarcadero and finishes it's 12K course by the breakers of Ocean Beach. Recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records as the largest footrace when it attracted 110,000 people in 1986. This year the race attracted about 60,000. Famous for it's party atmosphere and and outrageousness. Many team up to form centipedes or groups of 13 tied together. Also famous for the tradition of wearing nothing at all.
How to get in: Registration for 2011 has yet to be announced.
Me: Believe it or not, I did this race in 1991 (ahem!). A group of friends were going, I had just had my first child and never been to San Francisco so I was in. I don't remember much other than that it was super crowded, super steep hills, full of centipedes, and yes, I saw a lot of naked people running - which is just weird to see body parts flopping around out there. I have no idea what my time was, would have to go way back to look up some hard copy journal which is probably in my attic. Would I do it again? Sure, if a bunch of friends were doing it and I happened to be living nearby. Doubt I'd make it a destination race and it occurs at the end of the school year when life is crazy in Jill world.
So there you have it, the authors top races for his pick of 10 categories. To each their own, I know, but I thought it was fun and loved thinking about these bucket list races he suggested. So here's a small bucket list I have, in no sense of priority:
-Austin Marathon - I don't know why, it just appeals to me. Saw the medal once at an Expo, and though I never run a race for the medal, it just was cool and it became a race on my list.
- New Orleans Marathon - I just think that city is pretty neat.
- San Francisco, Long Beach, and Surf City Marathons - Mostly because I want the cool swag you get for doing all three of these in a one-year span.
- Fying Pig - One of my girlfriends ran it and said it was a great course and I like the whole idea of a pig medal. A pink pig medal at that.
- Quad Cities Marathon - Run in my hometown of Davenport Iowa, and it runs in two states.
- Marathon Marathon - Run in the town of Marathon, Iowa. How cool is that? Very small race and run the end of June makes this a big challenge for me (I do not handle heat well, big hydration health issues) but if I took it super slow, I could do it. I think.
- Pikes Peak Marathon - I can't believe I said that. I ran the Ascent last summer and I swore to all the heavens above I was done tackling that mountain. But the year before I ran it also and got to mile 10 when we were turned back and had to go back down 10 due to adverse weather. So I ran 20 of the 26 and by God, I think I need to run the full. There's also a race called the "Doubler" where you do the Ascent on Saturday and then on Sunday do the full marathon. Yeh, I think I need to do that also.
- JFK 50-miler - Has always been the top of my ultra list. Not sure I can ever get the back to cooperate but I'd love to try to get in that kind of condition to do it. I think I'd like to run one, and only one, ultra in my lifetime so I don't want to dink around with a 50K, I want it a 50-miler :).
I'd also like to do a slew of distance trail races, as I really find I love the trails.
International marathons, which I'd love to do but probably will never have the resources to do include: London, Dublin, The Great Wall of China, Greece, Paris....well hell, I'd be happy to run any marathon across the pond, period!!
What about you? What's on YOUR bucket list of races to run. I just might find another one, or ten, in your list that I can't live without having to run also.

Happy Weekend....and happy running.


Runners Fuel said...

Boston & NY are on my list, too.

The Green Girl said...

I honestly don't really have a bucket list of races to run. I plan on doing New York at some point because that was the city I always dreamed of living in. My biggest obsession is the Dubai Marathon but mostly because I'm obsessed with Dubai in general.

I plan on running Boston at some point as a charity runner with the NF Endurance team but I need to be able to break a six hour marathon first. As a slow runner, this will be a challenge but I am determined to do it.

I am on the fence about Bay To Breakers next year. On one hand, it's the 100th anniversary and I want to do it, but the Angelman Syndrome Walk-A-Thon is always the same weekend and so is my mum's birthday so I am not sure yet.

Other than that, truth be told, I really want to snowboard in as many states and countries as possible.

Emz said...

This is an awesome idea. Excellent post!!

Jamoosh said...

Sure, I might be biased, but Houston is probably a better race for a PR. In 2010 both the male and female race records were broken and three of the top male finishers broke the existing record. The fact the course is mostly flat and there are far fewer people than Chicago, increase your chances.

Genesis said...

Hood to Coast is on my list, if only I could find a team willing to let me on.

Karen said...

I love the list! I did the flying pig. Yes, it was the pink pig mascot that drew me in. Loved the race.

Tara said...

Some of the descriptions of these races just make me tired (Western State Endurance...ummm no). I've heard of that Dipsea race in the Runners World, I wouldn't mind trying that sometime!

Boston is definitely on my "to do" list. :)

Your blog makes me smile. I love the picture at the top.

Angie Bishop said...

I will be working at the Quad Cities Marathon expo womaning the nuun booth :) If you are there please come and introduce yourself!! I wish that I could stay over and run the half :)

ann said...

I saw this article too....I've been thinking about it and trying to compile my list. I like that you did this!

Christi said...

My bucket list has Boston, Austin, Ascent, London and San Diego. I am sure I could add more but these are the ones that come to mind right now!

Leah B. said...

This is awesome! I have a few ideas in my mind of what I'd like to do but writing them down would be an awesome idea! Way to go setting goals :)

Teamarcia said...

My list is fairly short:
Nike Womens
Marine Corps
Maaayabe Big Sur
then something exotic like London or Paris or Dublin

that's a big IF I don't retire completely from all this shitty running.

Marlene said...

What a fun list to read! So many great races out there. I feel like I could plan every vacation for the rest of my life around a race. Ca-razy!

On my list: NYC, Chicago, Boston, Big Sur, Great Wall, Blue Nose (Nova Scotia, Canada)

Abby said...

I love this post! And I feel similarly about NY. The frenzy and the logistics just doesn't appeal to me, even living just a couple hours away.

As far as my bucket list, I'm a little ambivalent about marathoning these days. I'd still like to BQ, and I know that I will when I train for it properly. In the meantime, I'm pretty focused on next week's 72-hour adventure race :)

Mark said...

Great post, Jill!

ajh said...

I am so impressed with all of your marathon experience! And you put Pikes Peak and the Double on there! Wow! I love this post. I like seeing what marathons people consider wonderful. Big Sur is at the top of my list. I would LOVE to do NYC. I think NYC is one of the best places and to run in all 5 boroughs and cross the bridges and all the crowd support. Some year.
I want to do the Dingle Marathon in Ireland - scenic! I also want to do the Quebec City marthon - scenic. And Mt. Desert Island. Dragged my feet too long and didn't get in this year - next year and the heel will be ready too!
I'd also like to do Disney World and maybe even the Goofy challenge. Part of the problem is so many don't work with being a teacher!

On another note I am going to stop running for a bit to help my heel. Someone loaned me one of those boots to sleep withl.

Back to marathons- I do want to BQ but don't see it happening this year with my heel or next if I do Mt. Desert Island. But I gave myself a 10 year window to qualify and I have a lot of time left.

Julie said...

Hi Jill,
This was an awesome list full of great races! I want to do Chicago, New York and I will hopefully doing R & R Las Vegas in December:)

Enjoy your weekend Jill!

Happy Feet 26.2 said...

Now that my BQ OBSESSION is finally over, I would like to do some hilly races. I've been running "flat and fast" desperately trying to get to Boston. So HIGH on my list would be Big Sur, and Mt Desert. Others... Marine Corp (although I'm not a big fan of the biggies, I would like to do this one), San Fran, Memphis, and Huntsville this Dec. So many marathons so little time, $$'s , and the recovery is too long.

Rad Runner said...

OMG Jill! Such an awesomely amazing post! Green Girl told me about it today and I was like no waY! So then we were chatting about our lists..

YOU BETTER email me when you wanna do the hood to coast! I want to do big Sur too! And Boston and and and New York and Japan and the SF Nike womens race- HELLO TIFFANYS necklace! Yes please... I really want to do one of those damn skirtchaser runs! I voted for them to bring one out here! I hope that counts!

I hope everything else is happy and great!
xo- Rad Runner

Christina said...

I don't have a Bucket List per se, but I am contemplating about doing the RnR in New Orleans next year. I think running down the Strip in Vegas is kinda cool, and after reading this post, maybe a shorter race of the Big Sur. I drove along Hwy 1 last year all the way from LA up to Sonoma, it is just a beautiful, beautiful sight. I wasn't a runner then, but I did imagine running or walking along Hwy 1 instead of driving.

DRog said...

I loved reading your comments and learning more about your past few years....St George! Big Sur!

You could Craigslist out your bib for Chicago? it closed out in like 50days and many got left out (including me!) a friend of mine got into TC last year that way.

Also for NYC if you enter lottery 3 years in a row and get denied each you automatically get in the 4th year. that was my first 26.2 back in 00'.
Would love to get back there plus:
-pikes peak
-any trail marathon
-big sur
-whidbey island marathon
- St George (for the downhill factor) I almost did this one this year

Have a great weekend!

Jamie said...

I was just reading this list in my competitor this morning! If I was around Chicago on 10/10 I would definitely take your bib. While crowded it is one hell of a race. After my friend ran vegas as her first marathon I don't think I will ever run the full but the half was a kick ass time. You should definitely do NOLA - so.!

Glenn Jones said...

You didn't hear this and I will disavow any attempt to link me to this statement. Western States is on my bucket list. There. Now you have to burn this blog.....

Molly said...

like so many others, I have NYC on my list, mainly because I'm from there, and my Dad has done it. I did the lottery this year but no go....I heard after 3 bids in the lottery you automatically get in year 4, but that might be a rumor.

Johann said...

Great post! I'm not from USA so my list is obviously different except for Comrades. I have 25 races on my list.

Megan said...

I don't really have a bucket list of races. I just want to travel to a race once a year and run with friends. Well, I say that but my sister ran a half in Miami. I'd like to run that one. It sounded fun.

I'm either running or volunteering at the Mardi Gras RnR from now until the end of time. I've got a spare bed with your name on it if you want it.

Jennifer said...

Wow! What a list. I am still too new at this to have a real list yet. I know NYC and St Georges UT are on it and I would like to do Big Sur, but I am still deciding what I like to do!

LMC said...

I am always impressed by your running experiences and grateful that you share them with us. I'm sure you'll get all your running bucket list items checked off! I think Ill create a running bucket list too. It'll be fun just thinking about it. Thanks for sharing the article and especially, for your perspective. Hope you're doing well, despite not running right now (and have fun when Marcia visits)!!

Petraruns said...

My mind is BUZZING after this post. You've inspired me and you've challenged me and all that good stuff. OK. First off. Have already booked my room at the Marriott in Boston for next year - yes I'm anal but can you blame me after this year? Forgetting to book is NOT going to be the reason I don't go to Boston in 2011. So - if you want to be roomies, let me know. Everyone in my family is prevaricating as to whether they will come or not (yadda yadda yadda) I know I'm going so if you're first in, the bed is yours.

Secondly. Love the list. Austin always sounds cool to me, so would be up for that as long as its not too hot. London? Have free accomodation for ya there sister so make that a point in favour! New York was my first and I love it. Loved it. Would do it again - am eyeing it up for 2011 to celebrate 40.

Keep up the inspiration girlfriend!

misszippy said...

Wow--you've done some great races over the years! And I love your commentary on everything. Comrades? Are you serious! You're a maniac!

I think I'll do NY one year, but do it knowing it's not a PR race. I'll go back to Boston again, just not sure how soon. CIM in Sacramento--I want to do this one! Big Sur I'd like to do for the scenery, again obviously not a PR attempt! An ultra--I'll do one some time, just not sure how soon.

I have a good running partner who just got into JFK for this year. We're planning to go down and crew for her. Can't wait to see it all in action. Let me know when you come this way to do it--I'll cheer you on!!

Tina @GottaRunNow said...

You might like Marathon2Marathon in Marathon, Texas on October 16, too.
Thought of this since you mentioned Iowa.

HappyTrails said...

Oh my dear Jill! I am weeping profusely at your lack of wonderful trail events........ You know me........ :-)

lindsay said...

love this post, great idea! i'm going to have to put some thought into my bucket list, but hopefully i'll get on that sooner rather than later so i can inform you ;) i *ALMOST* threw my name in for this year's JFK but then i was like "lindsay, let's be real, you are NOT in shape for that, nor will you be by november" :)

Suzy said...

I love the list and your comments. I actually have only one on my list..I want to run Grandma's because I grew up hearing about it. I don't know if it will happen any time soon because it is usually the weekend before school lets out and it is 1/2 way across the country. Someday...

C2Iowa said...

Great post. I do not have a bucket list - for I will never die. lol If I did have a list, it would have to have (Polar Circle Marathon, Greenland) at the top of the list. Go figure - one with hills! I must finish a full before I start thinking about another - stupid me.

shellyrm aka jogging stroller mama said...

You have ran some awesome races.

JFK 50 is on my bucket list too. If I get to do the 50 miler this year it will probably be the TusseyMountainBack. Still no concrete word on support froms hubbs...and the leap from 50k to 50 miles is far greater than the 20 mile difference!! (I do love me a challenging 50k, I'm a wimp!)
Get that back to cooperate and we can do JFK together!!!! They say its a great course.

Katie A. said...

We will have to cordinate our marathons and def do Flying Pig together! That is on my list!!!

Oh and London, and Dublin....and you get it ;)

How's the heal? Miss ya!

onelittletrigirl said...

I want to do Big Sur just for the scenery!!!

I am in the NYC lottery and hoping for a 2012 spot...that way I can use Philly in 2011 as my first, just to know I can cross the line!

Kelly said...

I need to do a bucket list--thanks for reminding me! Paris, Petra, NYC, and the Great Wall are on mine. Great blog and love the variety of posts and subject your write on. I found yours through blog-hopping :)

ajh said...

Okay I am heading to the store to buy a ton of Ben and Jerrys so I can be in this heel hating club! I'll even let you be president.

I am discouraged as I thought a week with no running would show some improvement. My heel hurts like hell today and I just don't get it!!! Here is something I just read about PF. It does go with the - when you run a long time the pain increases bit. Who knows? Whatever it is I just want it to get better and never return. I don't like reading about people complaining about their runs as I would just like to be running. I may try it this weekend just to see.

The symptoms of plantar fasciitis are:

Pain on the bottom of the heel
Pain that is usually worse upon arising
Pain that increases over a period of months
People with plantar fasciitis often describe the pain as worse when they get up in the morning or after they’ve been sitting for long periods of time. After a few minutes of walking the pain decreases, because walking stretches the fascia. For some people the pain subsides but returns after spending long periods of time on their feet.

Tim said...

I really want to do Comrades some day.

I will certainly do NY Marathon some day.

Relays don't entice me too much b/c that involves interacting with other humans and I don't like people enough to do that.

Western States tugs at me but I don't see me being able to train for it considering I do too much biking and stuff, plus I have no big hills to train on. It would probably be a year long committment where I give up too much other stuff to do it.

Badwater: no interest whatsoever.

I liked the Chicago Marathon. I did the Flying Pig Half Marathon and would like to try the Full.

Also want to do JFK 50 miler and Big Sur, New Orleans, and many other marathons.

Bay to Breakers would be fun.

Shame on you for not having done the QC Marathon. Very good race.

Someone should pay me to just fly around to races.

Tim said...

Trivia: the year you did Bay to Breakers, I was still living in Berkeley. I was running a little at the time but not racing. I was doing more weightlifting still.

Robin said...

"Flying Pig - One of my girlfriends ran it and said it was a great course and I like the whole idea of a pig medal. A pink pig medal at that."

Jill ~ Me, too! :)

I created my Bucket List a few months ago and even gave it its own page on the Turtles blog. I love the idea!

*HUGS* from Orlando!

Scott Keeps Running said...

That obstacle race looks fun!

Adam said...

Cool list!!!! The mardi gras marathon is way cool. Make sure to do it.

Both pikes peak and M2M are on my VERY short list of bucket list races!

Anne said...

Thanks for this...perfect timing, as I'm looking for a marathon to do some time before the spring if possible. :)'ve had some amazing experiences!

DRog said...

OMG I came back to post a comment reply to a message on my blog look at all these comments you have miss popular! haha

BTW - I was at work and was going to leave you a message did google search "run with Jill" someone has that domain!!! how dare her

wanted to say GREAT JOB getting to the club...a great time for you to change it up without the running ... work hard, hammer workouts on the stairmaster / weights and core stuff?! eat lean! and those "uber fit" people you mention have nothing on you and your marathons notched. gimme a break! thought of you on the treadmill Wed. - I love that thing now! have a great weekend

Black Knight said...

A bit late congrats on your good finishing time on the marathon. Very interesting post, I like your list. When I began to run, in 1985, I dreamed 2 races: Boston and Big Sur (at that time I had a RW magazine US edition subscription): both are in your list.

Mendel Potok said...

Congrats! I love the list you've made, I can only hope to do one of those (unless I improve with age :p).