Sunday, September 19, 2010

They Did It! / Week 36

Before I get into how my attempt to build mileage this week unfolded poorly, I have to do a wee-bit of kid bragging....

It was definitely a weekend of milestones for the boys in the Jill household. Ryan's goal for this season in cross country was to hopefully run under 20 minutes for the 5K, or as least close. We had no idea if he could reach this goal; leading into the pre-season this summer, he was running around a 24 minute 5K. He's run only one meet this year (his first meet left him with a asthma attack at mile 2 as he ran through a dust storm kicked up by runners around him and out had to bail on the race), and that was a 22:14, so he was hoping by the end of the season, he'd at least get close to 20, or at least 21.

Well come Friday night, he's now officially a sub-20 minute 5Ker: 19:42!!!!! SWEEEEEEET!

This PR was run on what's considered a "fast" course so next week he may not make that mark, but honestly, he has far surpassed my wildest expectations - I am so excited for him. I'm sure as he matures and grows and develops muscle strength and increases his cardiovascular, he's going to surpass even more goals in the years to come.

The other twin, Brendan, does not run. Which is ok - he's into the whole mountain climbing 14er thing, rock climbing, kayaking, driving me crazy with all his outdoor gear wants, and on occasion, he gets a wild idea to ride his bike massive amount of miles. Like all at once. Like he hasn't ridden his bike in 3 weeks but goes out and rides the bike trail from our house to the downtown REI and back, which is about 43 miles round-trip. He obviously doesn't believe in, nor understand the concept of, building miles. Oh to be young!

Today Brendan rode 62 miles in a the Good Sam Bike Jam bike ride in Lafayette (a suburb north of Denver) where he got to enjoy views of the Boulder Flatiron mountains, amongst a vast array of topography. Pretty, huh?

62 MILES!!! He'd been telling me for the past few weeks he was going to do the 62 miler and not one of the shorter distance options I preferred he do; after all, he confessed, "Anything less is just not even worth it." Oh how he touches my heart! Who knew endurance was a trait inherited to your children :)! Temps this morning were in the mid 40's when we woke, but were hovering in the high 80's when he finished, so I was a bit concerned if he'd make it. He had some bike issues around mile 45 when his derailer (?? I have no clue - I don't bike) broke and he had to have his dad bring him his bike so he could finish. But finish he did, with a big smile on his face.

Brendan and his friend, riding the entire 62 together

I will never underestimate the bravery of my "little" guys! I have been a mother to these guys for 15 years but when I try to think about my life before kids, I can barely remember it. And not because it wasn't a good life, because it was surely very good. I know I was happy and busy and living well. But life after kids shines for me, sparkles so brightly that my past life is dim only by contrast. I think it is so cool how people we know as well as our own children can still surprise us! My boys may never have the ability to land track scholarships or ride in the Tour de Whatever... but what they do have is determination and when it comes down to it, I think determination has greater impact than giftedness - it's what makes us all shine!!

My weekend didn't exactly end as victorious as my boys. Mileage-wise, it was ok, but everything else was lacking. Monday and Tuesday brought about 4 miles each day on the treadmill, Monday bringing a tiny bit of tempo. All body parts felt good, which is really the main goal these days. Wednesday is Swim with Jill day, as you may recall from the past two weeks....however when Wednesday rolled around, I didn't want to swim. I don't know why, just the thought of being wet and the entire process of the pool had me send Tara an email simply stating, "I don't feel like swimming." Neither did she. So we did an hour on the elliptical trainer together and then stretched for a bit. Thursday, my legs were dead, as pathetic as that is. 8.25 miles running and 5.5 miles on the ET and I have dead legs. I try not to get down about this but sometimes when I think about the numbers too much, I can't help but not. Nevertheless, I did go to the gym and did an excellent weight workout and ran a mile to shake out the legs. Friday, I did absolutely nothing. Saturday, 5.12 miles on the trails at the state park. So far, the heel and the knee are doing well.

Sunday - not so much. Today, I met my neighbor, Jim, who is doing the Denver Marathon in 4 weeks. He wanted to run some of the course and a change of scenery was screaming at me so early this morning we headed over to City Park, where miles 5-9 of the marathon are run. Jim wanted to run a mile more than me (11 for me) so he started further in the park, a mile behind me, and was going to chase me down. Oh dear god - this was giving me anxiety. Usually, Jim and I have pretty consistent paces but not lately, obviously. So I cut a half mile off so I'd have a 1.5 mile lead on him and felt pretty good about this tactic.

In true A.D.D. form, about mile 2 when I entered Cheeseman Park, with a goreous view of downtown and the front range Rockie Mountains,

I had a panic attack and couldn't remember putting my car key in my shorts pocket. What we had done earlier was park one car (mine) at the finish of our run and his car at the start - that way we could run as much of the marathon course as possible (wasn't that important to me, I was merely along for the ride, and to get away from the state park or my treadmill). I really didn't relish running the 11 to my car and then having to run 11 back to Jim so at mile 2 I check my shorts - no key. Check my water bottle holder - no key. Grrr. I was clocking a good pace here and my body felt really great. So here I waited for Jim to "catch me" for about 20 minutes (does it count if I got caught by waiting for him to catch me? Surely not!!). Got his car keys, ran back to his car way faster than I should have and yep, there sitting on the front seat was my car key. I grabbed my key and set off running again, only now I couldn't follow the marathon route because I'd have about 16 miles. I took off in the most direct route back to my car and suddenly, my heel started yelling at me. So I shifted my foot strike to hit more in the mid-foot to take pressure off the heel and my knee hurts. ARHHHHHHH.

I made it back to my car, but it wasn't pretty. If fact, it was pretty awful and almost at a walking pace. I think I just got out of the great rhythm I had gotten into before the key incident panic attack and just was all out of sorts. Everything was now labored and I found myself looking at my watch c.o.n.s.t.a.n.t.l.y - a place I hate getting into because when it's a battle between me and the watch, I generally lose.

My heel's been acting up on me during the day lately if I sit too long at work or home and then get up to move around but thankfully had been behaving while I was running. Today it let me know loud and clear that whatever is going on with it is absolutely no better now than it has been before I took the time off and it's not going anywhere any time soon. Greaaaaat! No further progress on the insurance, other than I learned my doctor has yet again dropped the ball on this and when I called on Wed to inquire if she had written the letter, as promised to do "right away", two weeks later she still had not. My patience is definitely being tested....but I'm going to take a little lesson from my boys this weekend and not give up hope. One day at a time, I will eventually get there and I will shine again. I know I will.

Week 36:

Running totals: 21.24

Total for 2010: 1218.21
Swimming: big fat ZERO
Weights: 1 (ARGH)
HCC: 2
Pounds down: Afraid to look. It's a bye week :)

-My kiddos :)
-House MD Season premier tomorrow - yay!
-My ironing for the week is done.
-4 day work week (off work Friday. No idea why, never question why the schools give you a day off, just happily accept it)
-Zyrtec. While I'm NOT grateful my allergies are sky-high right now, I am grateful I can be drugged up and feel about 40% normal

Personal Growth Goals for the Week:
- Swim twice
- Wt train 3 times
- HCC 3 times
- In bed by 10p.m.
- Do not eat 500 cute, little, pre- packaged Halloween candy; though 1 package may not be harmful, 500 is.
- Listen to the heel and do not start a run if heel is being pesty.
- Ice heel and knee REGULARLY!


marathonmaiden said...

wow such awesome accomplishments for you and your family! congrats to all :)

and you're right: one day at a time. i'm still sending you vibes for the whole insurance deal!

HappyTrails said...

Wonderfully awesome for the boys! I am sure you are so proud! Bummer on the heel rearing its ugly side again - just remember, it will pass. Really. Isn't this weather we have been having absolutely spectacular??? Wow! Have a great week......

Anne said...

Those boys are amazing! How proud you must be :)

Really sorry to hear about the heel...I really hope that insurance situation gets settled soon so you can at least know what you're dealing with. Hugs ((()))

AM-GoalsfortheWeek said...

ooohhh! I'm so happy for you and your boys.

'when I try to think about my life before kids, I can barely remember it. And not because it wasn't a good life, because it was surely very good. I know I was happy and busy and living well. But life after kids shines for me, sparkles so brightly that my past life is dim only by contrast.'

love, love, love this...;-)

Jamie said...

congrats to your boys! i am sure you are so proud.

i hope this week goes better for you!

Irene said...

Proud mama, you are! Sub 20 is uber fast! I'm in awe. I'm also in awe of that bike ride. Wow. Both sons are so dedicated.

I have yet to lose or misplace a car key, especially while out on a run and trying to remember where it is, but now that I've said that it's bound to happen.

Sorry your heel is giving you grief! About your doctor's office... How about you type up the letter and bring it in for the doctor to sign it??? Just a thought. I don't know how kosher that is, but that office's staffers are slacking big time, and so is the doc... He could help expedite things, you know???

Jennifer said...

Wow that is am amazing 5K for the kiddo! Sub-20, not in my wildest dreams. And then a 62 mile ride for the other, my butt would have been screaming! Good boys you have there!

Bummer about the long run! Argh! Take it slower/shorter! Please. Hope you feel better soon. Hugs!

C2Iowa said...

Good post and pics! The kids are awesome. Must be good genes.

Bummer about your heel and knee. Like the new changes to the page. "a run-aholic, particularly a marathon-aholic"? Do they send to classes for that? ha ha

House is the only show I watch!

Christi said...

Congrats to both your boys!

Keep up the good work and I will keep sending positive vibes to the heel!

Laura said... and your family are amazing. Congrats to everyone.

Molly said...

That's very cool about the boys...congrats to them...and to you of course!!

Holy frustrating run Batman, try and hang in there!!!

DRog said...

It must be amazing to watch your kids do these things...I cant wait! Oh wait - I need to be enjoying these times now that they are little b/c as you said "Blink" they are older!! very cool things your twins are doing...a reflection on YOU!!! Def gives me a goal / standard to try an emulate with my 3 :)
Such a drag on your heel / knee ... great attitude one day a time and you Will shine again. The pool thing is normal. I never want to swim before I swim. But Im ALWAYS super satisfied after swimming.
Have a great week!

Johann said...

Great achievements by your boys! Congrats to them! I hope your injury will sort itself out soon. Good luck!

Andrew Opala said...

Firstly 19:42 is a great time and 1942 is a decent video game.

So - what happened to I'll be swimming for the next 16 weeks until my heel heals fully and I'm 100% superwoman again - never to run any distance further than from my car door to the porch?

Get back in that dark alley way!

Hang in there.

lindsay said...

Umm I thought it was no-sugar week? Halloween candy? Excuuuuse me?

Whew those boys have expensive hobbies! I'm glad I'm not the only one who just goes out for a 40+ mi bike ride haha. Won't be seeing me break 20-min anytime soon though :( Congrats to both active kiddos!

shellyrm aka jogging stroller mama said...

Congrats to the boys!! It runs in the family!

Booo about the heel. Still glad you were able to get some miles in. (the key thing would have freaked me out too)

Marlene said...

Wow, big congrats to both of the boys!

Sorry to hear that your run did not go as planned and the heel is acting up again. :(

Velma said...

Awesome - and so cool that they do their own thing. I love independent kids!!

I really hope you figure out what is wrong with the foot-knee. Nag the MD more often :)

Black Knight said...

Congrats to the boys and .. their proud mom. Sorry for the injury, get well soon.

Abby said...

I know it may have its problems, but I love the 'go hard or go home attitude' that you've instilled in your boys - way to go, Mom! :)

chris mcpeake said...

wow the boys rocked it.

Teamarcia said...

I have gained 10 lbs, no lie, eating friggin Halloween candy BEFORE Halloween! It is so dangerous!
So nice to hear the boys are doing so well--was just thinking about all of you this morning--need update on A and the BF!
Awesome on the speedy 5k and awesome on the mega-mile biker as well!
Seeing your pics makes me miss being there not to mention I am missing you being here for Chicago. :( We need to plan something for next year!

All Things Jaime said...

How exciting it must be to watch your children grow!! I have no doubt that you're a fabulous mother!

Jaime Runs said...

Congrats to the boys! That's awesome.

Hey - you're healing! That's such great news and you don't have to do the pool as much.

Happy Feet 26.2 said...

First - congrats to the boys on both of their quests.

Next - like the new pic and colors on the blog.

Finally - so sorry about the latest set back. Hang in there. I know it's so so very frustrating.

Katie A. said...

I'm sorry, but I was laughing so hard at the car key story! I love you Jill! And thank god you found it!

Your boys are getting so tall! And it's so awesome they are both in love with all things endurance. I HOPE I can pass tha on to my kids some day ;) Miss ya! Big huggss!

ajh said...

Wow! Your boys both were awesome. They don't look like boys in the photos they look like young men! Sorry about the @#$%% heel. I am icing mine as I write this and I have no idea why it is hurting. Forwards and backwards with the progress! I did the elliptical today. Puke! Should I say it again? Puke! Could use the word to describe your doctor too!

elaine said...

I love when you write on your blog! I am doing PT and was told today I need to ice my bursitis, where my hip connects with the head of the femur. Never thought of that.

Julie said...

Hi Lady,
Hey, congrats to the boys! They are doing so awesome! I am really enjoying watching Kay run too! She is not as fast as your studs but she is improving too! The boys are going to be great distance runners! Take care of yourself:)

Meg said...

You deserve to be a PROUD mama, your boys are amazing. Your son's running picture reminded me of my husband's cross-country days in high school.
I'm sorry about the insurance/doctor issue, that's SO frustrating. Don't they know you're itching to get our there and get better!??
I know it won't be long now, Jillie. Hang in there, you have some patience, girl!

Jim said...

Well, I see I'm not the only one with some aches & pains these days!

You get that heel straightened out and I'll see what I can do with this ankle!

Rad Runner said...

OMG speedy! That kid of yours flew like lightning!!! HE MUST GET IT FROM HIS MAMA!!!

brian said...

Congrats to your boys!!! Tough couple of fellas you have there!

I would be going "postal" on that doctor by now! What gives??? I would definately find a new doctor, someone that inept doesn't need to prescribing drugs and etc.

Kate said...

Ugh...allergies are kicking my butt these days too, and the medicine is almost as bad. :-/

Congratulations to your boys! What an impressive time! I can remember watching my oldest compete in his first XC meet, and watching him run literally brought me to tears. I had never seen him work so hard at anything.

I can identify with the "oh, to be young again" feeling, too. My non-biking 15 year old went on a local ride with me. We decided to do the 27 mile route since he never rides, but we got separated, he missed a turn, and ended up riding 42 miles. And, naturally, he wasn't the least bit sore the next day!

I hope your heel starts behaving itself soon!

Heather said...

You actually iron? I am so impressed.

Congrats to your boys on their big accomplishments - you have set a great example for them as an active mom!

Anonymous said...

Way to go boys! Chips off the ole block!

Hope the heel heals soon. Be patient, you will run long and far again!

Love the view from Cheeseman Park!

Life is Good! Bubble Boy

Adam said...

That is so great!! tell him congrats for me. It was probably mostly those bright shoes he was wearing. Those always help

Emz said...

That's amazing!! I love the shoes!

Bragging on behalf of family is the best!! :)

Tina @GottaRunNow said...

It's great that your sons like being active, running and biking! Great kids!

Bethany + Ryan said...

wow, your boys are doing such great things! i can see why you are so proud!! good for them! They seem like awesome kids!!!!

Amanda - RunToTheFinish said...

i love that your boys are so active and both in their own happy ways!

Tricia said...


zbsports said...

Great job guys! Congratulation!!! Nice keep it up!!!

Anonymous said...

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