Monday, November 1, 2010

Tis the End of the XC Season on Halloween Weekend

Site of the Colorado State Cross Country Meet
Gotta love that view, eh?
(Mt. Evans is the highest of those peaks, a 14,055' peak- there is race
up that in late June: The Mt. Evans Ascent, which is run on all road.  I've done it
twice and it's nothing but spectacular!)
I'm back from New Mexico (miss me?)...and a big YES to all those who commented they thought the "Land of Enchantment" is a bit of a stretch for this pretty dry parcel of land - that is a big affirmative.  There are some pretty pieces to NM, but trust me when I say those stretches of pretty are nowhere along the I-25 drive.  Anyway, glad to be home, for sure, but crazy busy since my return - the highlight being yesterday's state cross country meet.  My school was the host for the grand event this year, so there was a lot of work to do by the coaches and the volunteers to get ready for the big day.  The kids did great, our school is class 5A so we have some stiff competition and as the day progressed, a significant amount of wind affected the later runners (our boys) ... along with my allergies, and though I bitched and moaned was beyond tired after standing on my legs for a billion hours, it was a very fun, and action-packed, day.  The boys placed 7th overall in the 5A division and the girls placed 12th.  Here's a few pics of the day!

Yours truly being a Course Marshall ..... and hogging
all the camera action.
Note the black jacket I'm wearing: freebie from the race - yay!

Smoky Hill boys and girls gathered under the tent in
total teenager mass destruction.
(yeah, our school colors are red and green.  We're always ready for Christmas!)-

Bald heads make you speedier - more aerodynamic. 
Especially that mohawk!
Smoky Boys group together for a quick pep talk
Vast openness of the course.  Windy, dry and full of prairie grasses.
Are you sneezing yet?  My allergies were totally in
party-mode out here.

Mile 2.  Duh!
The runners reaching my command post

The start of the girls 5A, Smoky Hill is there in the red on the left.

The finish, with a Smoky Hill guy coming in (green guy).

Mobs of people at the end to check out the results

The weekend ended with Halloween, of course.  We in Denver trick-or-treat on the actual All Hallow's Eve Day so extra rushing as the day closed.  Here's the difference between those younger years where I made all my kids' costumes and they were just so dang cute and the too-old-to-be-trick-or-treating ages of my now older-aged kiddos (I must learn how to use my scanner and scan some pics from their itty-bitty days...that's being added to "the list" of things to do):

My boys and their friends:
Front: Detective, Mountain Climber (Brendan)
Back: Skier (Ryan), Mountain Climber, Mountain Climber
(guess who the mountain climber freaks are?? And why yes, that
is a real ice axe Brendan owns.  Only child I know who asked
Santa for an ice axe and climbing rope last year)

Abbey: Colorful Paint Pallette
Abbey's boyfriend: Guatemala (the entire country)

Perfect Christmas Card Pose!

October's end stats weren't exactly where I had hoped (I know, this is becoming a broken record comment each month) but I did have a great run today (again, slow - blahhhhh) and decided it was time to make some changes starting tomorrow, such as stop eating like I'm running 60 mpw and get back to the strength training and swimming on a regular basis.  I miss the body tone I once had and need to get that back, stat!!  Ended the month at least in the triple digits with 109 running miles....which is pathetic but that's what the hell heel is allowing.  I have a crazy week back at work this week, with a possible interview for a new position at school....which will, get this, get me insurance.  Whoooa, crazy huh??   I'll be a real person in society but more important, a step closer to a heel diagnosis.  Fingers crossed: I'm one of 98 applicants (argh).  If this new job doesn't pan out, which let's be honest, one of 98 applicants is pretty slim chances, I did find out last week that I will be able to purchase some school insurance, at an absolute ridiculous rate, but insurance nevertheless (the new position's insurance is paid through the district.  Current position means I GET to pay myself.  Reason?  Cuz I work 35 hours/week instead of 40 in my current position.  Lame, I know!).  How many months has this insurance disaster been going on?  If you knew how little patience I had for the ignorant in this world, you'd be in awe that I haven't slit my wrists waiting for all this insurance stuff to pan out.

Anyway, that's what's new with me.  Wednesday or Thursday will be the big giveaway along with my first, official, coachy tip (pressure's on - yikes) so check back soon!

A huge GOOD LUCK hug to Meg (, my Boston roomie this year, who's running NYC this coming weekend.  It's inside you girl, I know you can do it!  And best wishes to her friend, and my other Boston roommate, Runway Girl, who's running NY, too.

Happy Miles....


Kovas Palubinskas said...

What a lot going on! Good luck on finishing #1 of 98!

Christi said...

Good luck to both of your friends! I hope the NYC has great weather on race day!

marathonmaiden said...

i still think it looks like it was a fun trip :)

Teamarcia said...

Why did I think your boys and their friends were Chilean Coal Miners?
Fingers and toes crossed for the new gig!
Love the 'holiday photo'!

Karen R said...

I really like all the pix! And Halloween looks like it was a blast :)

C2Iowa said...

Think positive about the new slot! With only 98 people -- start out real strong and show them the pace that you can maintain!! Bury the field early.

The pics are way cool.

misszippy said...

That x-country course looks amazing--I want to do it!

Keeping my fingers crossed for you with the job/insurance.

Meg is gonna rock NY!

funderson said...

Very cool. Your kids are goooood lookin'!

Black Knight said...

Mt. Evans is impressive, I like that pic. But all the pics are fantastic: a beautiful race on a soft ground. Now I know because I am a slow runner, I don't have a head like that!
Thanks for wearing the black jacket, the Black Knight Army is proud of you.

Slomohusky said...

gotta like someone who wants to be all of guatemala for halloween. good luck with the job process. great pix as well.

HappyTrails said...

I am SO behind on blog reading - did I miss - were you in NM for FUN???!!! Sounded like fun. You are looking good as an XC course sheriff. And hey, triple digit mileage for the month - woo-hoo-we have to take and be thankful for all we can get! Fingers crossed on the job/insurance hookup. Have a great week!

Staci Dombroski said...

The Halloween pictures are hilarious!! I think that would be a good Christmas picture :) Have a great week!

Emz said...

The photos..

Amazing mountains!

Love the costumes.
Happy you made it back safe from the "enchanted" state.

Jenn said...

Ooh Fun! I love high school CC meets. Just always reminds me of how I'm not in HS anymore! What a fun opportunity to be there!

Way to be in triple digits. 109 miles is not pathetic and be thankful for that!!! I am so praying for an answer to this insurance mess you have going on! I know it'll get worked out and you'll get fixed up!

Looking forward to the coachy tip!! Great pics Jill!

Marlene said...

Awesome pics from the XC event and YAY for Halloween fun!!

lindsay said...

Our state meet is this coming weekend! Always fun times, although our boys are slated to lose their title dynasty ... Oh well. Hey 109 is excellent! I don't have heel pain and I ran like, 3 miles more haha. Woo!

ERG said...

Great course photos and costumes :) Guatemala=very original! =D

Hope you get that job and the insurance. It would be nice to get the heel fixed, huh?
Looking forward to reading your coachy-post :)

Adam Culp (Crazy Floridian) said...

Love the open fields...I could run forever there.

Running and living said...

Love the pics! So beautiful! And I hope this insurance mess gets solves and ALL the pains leave your body!

DRog said...

Now THATS some good XC running! great job runners AND field marshall:)

Good Luck - you freaking got that interview nailed! Hope you get it...

Kate said...

Love the pictures, both of the Halloween costumes (my older boys, freed from the family costume commitment), went to school as Mario from the video game and a cow...complete with its own plastic udders) AND of the XC meet. eyes are already itchy now!

Gooood luck with the job interview! You are 1 in a million, so 1 in 98 will hopefully be no problem! :)

Aimee said...

Oh...those pictures of the state meet totally brought back memories of when I was in XC in high school! Congrats on your team getting 7th!
Good luck with the new position! I'll keep my fingers crossed that you get it! :)

ajh said...

Gorgeous first picture! Glad you scored a jacket for your time! Hope to hear good news on the heel diagnosis soon well the insurance first! I hope you get that new position. You must be the BEST candidate. Can all your blog followers vouch for you?

Julie said...

Hi Jill,
Oh my goodness, I love those cross country pictures! It makes me miss watching Kay run at her meets. The pics are very similar to what you would see here other than the course.

I love the Halloween costumes! Umm, where is the picture of you and your costume?

Good luck with the interview for the new position at school. All you have to do is be yourself and charm the socks off of them:) Take care Jill! Hugs!

Jennifer said...

Great pictures! My niece runs XC and I have many great memories of days spent out on the course, watching the races and cheering. Gosh some of those kids are so fast!

Anne said...

Such a beautiful setting for a xcountry event!
Hope it all works out for the insurance...fingers crossed XX

Go Meg :)

Kathleen said...

New job and health insurance! Keeping my fingers crossed that you will be the proud "owner" of both very soon.

elaine said...

Need a reference? I'd be happy to say you're one in a million, let's see that gets you into 1:98 pretty easily, doesn't it?

Chris K said...

Nice picture tag lines. And I thought you were a non-techie. Great pics. Guess what? Meg lives <10 miles from me. One of these days we're gonna do happy hour.

Petraruns said...

There is so much to be said for sarky teenagers! Love it. Will reply to all your lovely posts very soon - I promise!

Big kiss, me

Robin said...

DUDE! I'm soooo shaving MY head if that's what it'll take to be aerodynamic! Do you think The Hubs will go for it? BTW: That IS your 'coachy' tip of the week...LOL

Love the pics of the students, your kiddos, and you (ha hog!). Awesome!

As for the monthly 'broken record,' I'm so there with you. Being sick and low miles stinks (though your triple digits put mine to shame). As for insurance and the job interview, sending you the BIGGEST 'you've got this!' vibes from Orlando.

*hugs* from Orlando!

Johann said...

Ok, so now I have Mt. Evans on my ever growing bucket list as well. I ran cross country at school some donkey years ago. I broke my arm once in a stream crossing. Good to hear your training is coming along well.

Molly said...

109?? That's it?? I joke. That's about 99 more than me. Fingers crossed for the new job....

Katie A. said...

Whoo hoo for tripple digits! I'm crossing my fingers for that position, I know you got it!
Let's chat soon! Miss ya!

Anonymous said...

Love the XC course, great background with the mountains! Good luck with the job! Bubbles

Matty B. said...

You've got such a good life and you've got so many comments it took a while to scroll down through them all!

I think that you're too hard on New Mexico. Really, it's doing the best it can. It has Carlsbad Caverns, Santa Fe and Los Alamos; almost all right off of 25! At least you don't live in HOUSTON!

Have a great week!

Meg said...

THANKS JILLIE!!!!! I'll pass on the love to Runway.
I LOVED these pictures. I had to show Steve the cross country course, he was drooling...he used to run cross country and it looked like so much fun.
I'm thinking GOOD thoughts for your job and heel and I can't wait to read your goaching advice.

Candice @ I Have Run said...

LOVE the pics. Your kids' costumes were great!

And oh the joy of insurance. My fingers are crossed that 97 people whose blogs I don't read are soon disappointed.

Bethany + Ryan said...

wow! that is an incredible view!!! How do you get anyhting accomplished out there? I'd be staring at those mountains all day!! :-)

Irene said...

Holy moley, I have a ton of catching up to do! Thanks for taking the time to read through my rambles on my blog!

You got a jacket from the race for being a course marshal?

Great photos of the run event AND Halloween! It looks like they had a great time.

At least you have October stats. I suppose I do, too, but they're not all that impressive. It's time to kick November into gear!

I'm looking forward to your coachy tip.

William Plock said...

That was such an awesome event, I had never been to the high school cross country championships! Wish I had known you were there, been nice to meet you! My nephew races for Poudre.

Jamie said...

That is a way better xc course than I ever got to run :) hope you come out top dog of the 98 applicants. Good luck!

smartwool said...

Great race... thanks for the post. keep posting

shellyrm aka jogging stroller mama said...

My S'ghetti girl has the SAME skirt as your Abbey!!!!! That is soooo funny. I can't wait to show her, she loves "reading" along on some of the blogs with me. (I only let her read a few, very few) She already loves the "name" thing. Now she'll feel more connected!

That race was amazing! And your views are gorgeous. I don't know how you did it with allergies. You had to be highly medicated to keep it under control.

I'll be praying about the job for you. You will do great, don't second guess yourself!

Adam said...

LOVE the halloween costumes. Those boys were REALLY decked out in mtn climbing gear.

Hopefully you'll be able to get some insurance one way or the other. You need a healthy heel!!