Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Week 1 2011 / Total useless thoughts

Totally random thoughts of great stuff post!
  • Yes, I am still going to write some coaching stuff (ahem Jenn :) ) - I just gotta organize my life.  Any topics of interest are greatly appreciated.
  • I didn't do a long run Sunday.  Made it to 6.25 miles and my heel hurt the entire time.  But it wasn't paralyzing hurt, it was just annoying hurt.  That's huge progress on the hurt scale.  Nevertheless, my legs were just dead, and I just didn't have the run in me.  I need to get outside and run and off my stupid treadmill (Awk!  Did I just say that???  Sorry treadmill, I still love you)!
  • I applied for new insurance mid-December.  For all who were not fortunate enough to be with me in early fall, I have an insurance fiasco which would make your head spin, therefore my heel has been unprofessionally diagnosed (unless you count my WebMD degree).  I have self-diagnosed it with at least 5 different things; currently I think it's neurological.  I could go into much detail why, but I'll spare you.  Email me if you want the full-blown explanation.  Anyway, insurance on "hold" because the new insurance company wants my medical records.  Here we go again; I'm totally prepared for the final "Denied" - and if that is the case, I am going to use the pre-paid money insurance money, which I will get reimbursed, and go seek advice for my heel from a real, live podiatrist.  I know, I can hardly believe it either - I may actually be able to see a breathing human with a degree in foot medicine before the turn of the century!
  • Beginning of the year began season 2 of The Biggest Loser where I work.  Somehow, I got roped into doing it with the computer graphic teacher at work, which basically means I'll be manning the entire project by myself.  I spent 2 hours today organizing everyone into brightly colored folders, according to their personalities (plain manila sufficed just fine for some :)).  Everyone chipped in $10.  I have 45 contestants.  Student council matched our contribution so I have approximately $900 to play with.  It was heavily voiced to me that we do separate male and female winners, which is fine, but last year the top winner made out with $600.  This year we have less contestants and therefore less money and divide that in half, we're talking maybe $200 for the overall male and female winner.  Oh, we have to have weekly winners, too.  If one person complains to me, I quit; I'm very stressed about it already.  Any advice how to divvy up the cash?   Maybe a plane ticket to Cabo for Jill?
  • Oh, and btw, I signed my sorry out-of-shape, over-weight, body up, too.  I figure I may have an advantage over several of the females - ya know, since I run and all.  I guess that would require me to actually RUN???
  • I'm going to go back to logging my weekly running on this blog, something I actually used to do way back in the day when I used to RUN a lot; that way I will be less slacking.  Heel permitting.
  • No, for those who have asked if I have any races on my plate.  The goal is to get the miles racked up with as little heel problems as possible, lose the excess weight, strength train galore, and feel good.  If I can get to that place, then yes, I have a few races I'd like to tackle, the first a trail marathon in April and of course, that 50miler which I SO WANT TO DO THIS YEAR (please heel, please let me do it!).  I have my sights on which 50, but not going to jinx it by yelling it out.  It's in October.  Or September.  I can't remember, but either way, I have my work cut out for me.
  • I think I'm Boston'd out; the high of that race has fizzled for me.  Maybe I'll get it again, in time, but as I sit here and look at my two Boston Marathon medals sitting on my dresser mirror, the race no longer tugs at.  I'm proud I pushed my body well beyond it's comfort zone to earn those two, but now I'm ready to push my body to something else.
  • This summer will be my 30th class reunion in Iowa. Crazy, since I'm only 31.
  • DU #2 this weekend.  I've been on my bike exactly once since the last DU.  It snowed about 10" yesterday - I am therefore going to wipe out and kill myself.  Which will alleviate the girl parts pain problem I had last time.
  • I have $7 and some change on my CSN gift card I won way back whenever.  Anyone want it?  Gotta be used by the 17th.  Looking forward to not getting anymore email reminders to use it come Jan 18th.  First to holler they want it it's theirs!
  • I am off work on this Thursday and Friday and the following Monday and Tuesday for finals.  Why yes, I was just off for 2 weeks over the holidays.  No hating now!  I will use the time wisely (ha)  and get my coaching website up and running.  HELP!
  • I so need to stop using so many exclamation points when I write!!!
  • And the most exciting news of this entirely boring post, I was just asked to be an "ambassador" for Fitness Edge Sports.  Not as impressive as Beth's Athena gig, but I get to do some writing about running for them on FB and their website so I'm very excited about that.  And I love their product.  I'll write more on that later this week as I have a giveaway and product review to do for them.  Yay me.

Week 1 of 2011 

Can't say the week went according to plan, but it's done so no boo-hoo'n it.  Here's how it shook out:
- Monday: 1000M swim.  20 minutes of lower body weights (hardly worth the time, but oh well, it was all I had time for with the swim).
- Tuesday: Ran 3 miles at some pathetic slow pace.
- Wednesday: 6 miles. 1 mi wu + 4 miles of Short Interval Cardio (*SIC for short) + 1 mi cd.
- Thursday:  3.5 miles at an ok pace.  Weight lifting class.
- Friday:  4 miles at MP (8:24 MP??  hahahah.  Ok, sure.  Maybe in 2009, definitely not in 2010.  Doubtful in 2011.  We'll see.).
- Saturday:  Weight lifting class.  Adam's Virtual 5K race (4.5 miles total with all prep work).
- Sunday: Dead tired.  Imagine.  Long run (bahahahahahha) of 6.25 miles at some incredible bad pace.  With much heel pain.

Total 2011 run miles (with 11.5 miles from 1/1//11):  38

*SIC: Short Interval Cardio.  I do these right now about once a week (sometimes twice a week).  Great for reducing weight and body fat.  Warm up for a mile. Then 1 minute at an insanely fast pace @ 0% incline, followed by 1 minute walk.  Repeat 10 times but up the incline 1% every two intervals until you reach 5%.  Do NOT change the pace.  See how much fun it is!  But oh so good for your lungs.  And reducing your weight.  And body fat.  And they make you speedier!  There's your coaching tip for the week :).

That's all I got for today!  Run strong, Friends!!


Adrienne said...

Those sic's are brutal. Been there done that. Repeat next week. I've been slacking on those for a while, guess I should add them in to the routine. Hope your heel gets better soon, totally sucks you haven't been able to get it checked out properly.

Laurie said...

I hate insurance... good luck with that. I don't envy your Biggest Loser task... but I do love the plain envelope comment, funny stuff. I say embezzle the prize money and get on that plane!

Christi said...

Hey Jill, do you need help with your website? I actually do that for a living and would love to volunteer my services. Just email if you are interested.

FYI, I hope the insurance thing is more fruitful this time!

And I think the Cabo idea is excellent. Can I come along? :)

C2Iowa said...

Topics? Mental attributes for training and running topics are my choice.

31? I figured you for early twenties; interesting.....

Most, if not all, of my thoughts are totally useless: that make this post geared for people like me.

Jason said...

Any advice how to divvy up the cash? You mean outside of dividing it in two, putting your portion into your pocket and the other portion into the Buy The Bakery fund....just sayin'

Petraruns said...

Those are NOT useless thoughts. Rather good ones. Good luck with the *(&&^&^%&^% insurance people - they are )(*I&^&T in the UK, and it sounds the same over there! Nice going for a not good week girl - 38 miles is not something to sniff at. Your workout on the treadmill sounds NASTY though. Not going to do that. Might have to embrace my fat waist instead...

TNTcoach Ken said...

I agree those were not useless, I though the photo was funny!!!!!! Oh sorry about the exclamations............HA

Aimee said...

Ugh...I'm so sorry about the insurance fiasco! I really hope it works out for you soon!!

The Biggest Loser thing sounds fun, but I could totally see how that would be a lot of work! Oh, and I think $200 as a prize is a huge amount that I think anyone would like to have!

Good luck with the Du this weekend! It's supposed to be in the 50's (woohoo!) so hopefully a lot of the snow will melt for you before the race!

Emz said...

insurance drama sucks. feel for you.

loving the exclamations!!!!!! :)

Kovas Palubinskas said...

Make it $70 and I'll take the CSN card. Excited about pacing you for your fall 50!


ShutUpandRun said...

Yes I'll take your CSN $7. I can add it to the $35 I won from Kovas and make it an even $42.

so much going on in this post, don't know where to start, but suffice it to say that the insurance crap sucks. I am going through it too with my hip.

Week #1 looked good even if you got tired with the LR. You had a great week!

XLMIC said...

Exclamation points are critical to conveying one's enthusiasm and excitement for life! Use them liberally!!!

So much going on for you! I echo the "insurance sucks" voices.

I love the snowball-like things on your page... or am I hallucinating?

Suzy said...

Well, your coaching tip sounds wonderful except that is it a torture device disguised as a coaching tip. ;) I love the exclamation points. I hope the insurance gets figured out. I'm looking forward to your Fitness Edge Sports reviews.

Anonymous said...

ugh. i can't believe you're still dealing with that insurance crap! good luck with it! and good luck with the heel. that 50 sounds like an awesome experience

Marlene said...


Marlene said...

Okay, I was just kidding about that. Are you one of those people who can't say no? (I think you are) I hope you can have fun with the BL challenge and that it isn't too overwhelming.

I heard of a BL chanllenge recently where first place won 60% of the pot, second place won 30% and third won 10% (or something like that). Kind of nice when there is incentive for more than one winner, even when the overall winner walks away with less.

Teamarcia said...

That SIC sounds like it'll make me sick but I can't wait to try it. Wait yes I can.
Congrats on your ambassadorship!

TutuRunner said...

wow. your crummy running week way out does my actually-trying-and-i-have-a-1/2-at-the-end-of-february running week.
nice work!

Shellyrm ~ just a country runner said...

Some running is always better than none. Still praying for no pain. I'll add great health insurance to the prayer list too!

Can you "charge" Biggest Loser players if they gain weight? You could maybe increase the "pot" that way. Are you having weekly challenges aside for weight loss? You could penalize the loser with a cash penalty. (of course telling everyone that all money goes toward making the prizes bigger. Just some ideas. Good Luck!

Enjoy your days off!!

And don't worry I over use the exclamation point too!!! just a little.

funderson said...

HEY! That "some pathetic slow pace" probably is my balls out pace.. :)
Oh, and I had to steal your wonderful weather thingy over there because I feel like I should share some of my pain... I told my son today that if his nostrils freeze closed when he steps outside, he should ride the bus home rather than walk.

Ewa said...

Insurance stuff sucks!
Heel better gets its act together.
You will be running long and fast in no time. Oh, wait, you are fast already.
Congrats on Fitness Edge gig.
You mean you cannot bike in 10" of snow? :)
And speaking of snow, your bloggy snow is bigger than my bloggy snow. Not fair. :)

ajh said...

Hey when you are being an ambassador and they want you to give away some stuff don't forget your fellow heel sufferers!

Hope all works out on the insurance front finally for you.

That half that I signed up for YESTERDAY closed today. Thanks for the push!

DRog said...

Congrats on the Fitness Edge Sports!!! thats awesome they are lucky:)
good luck on the ins - the self diagnosis not working time to go see the doc.


2 Slow 4 Boston said...

You are not posting 'useless thoughts'. How do you have time to even write your blog with all that stuff going on? ...And your not even running that much ;-(

Running and living said...

I am with you on Boston, it's gotten old...onto new and more exciting things. I can really see you doing ultras, and doing ultras really well. If only the heel would get to 100%. Must be so frustrating!

Jennifer said...

Hey Girl! Happy to here your feet's is feeling better! And I am with you on the exclamation points, If I converted all the ones I use into real-life actions I would look like a stark-raving mad-woman!!!!

Molly said...

yeah, I don't know if I could handle being the BL organizer. All those folders. And whenever I read "manila" I think vanilla. Then I think of cookies. Never mind.

Hoping that podiatrist becomes a reality very, very soon. : )

Happy Feet 26.2 said...

Insurance or lack of it stinks!

Glad you are back to logging mileage, etc. I like that stuff, wish more posted it.

SIC sounds painful - I like it! Maybe I'll try it, or maybe I'll continue to like the thought of it, so I don't start to hate it. :) Seriously, keep the tips coming too. I love new, fresh, or reminder ideas. Thanks!

Happy Feet 26.2 said...

congrats on the Fitness Edge gig! Nice!

Beth said...

WOW, so much going on, good luck with the biggest loser, and your insurance, DU and Fitness Edge sports. Your week one looks great, will miss you at Forsty's Frozen!

Karen R said...

That is so great about your new writing opportunity! Yay!

PS - see? I can use lots of exclamation points too!

HappyTrails said...

Ok, maybe I am having some brain fade but which TRAIL marathon are you looking at for April???!!!
Are you coming over to the dark side of TRAILS???!!! :-) Stay warm...... I am not going to unthaw until June......

Chris K said...

Look at that math wiz Beth.

Regarding the money, there is a beautiful lime green Nike long sleeve tech shirt sitting in a store in Denver that needs to be purchased and sent to you-know-where.

As for Boston....I'm buying you a beer in 2012, remember?

Amanda@runninghood said...

Jill!!! I am so glad to find a new post!! And I love your exclamation points! Wow, you sound busy...so much going on. I love your last fitness tip about those intervals...so helpful. Hoping for your insurance situation to get ironed out and hoping you can get some help for that thing...self web diagnosis is no good for anyone...might drive a girl nuts! Um, the Biggest Loser thing sounds awesome! I'm watching the t.v Biggest Loser right now..love it! Hope you are having a good week Jill. A DU coming up? wow, you don't rest. :)

Anonymous said...

As for the Biggest Loser cash go with the 90/10 rule. 90% for you 10% for the others. That way you can go to Cabo and they can complain all they want. By the time you get back it will be water under the bridge. I have my fingers crossed and I am saying heathen Catholic prayers that you get your insurance! Happy trails until we meet again. Bubble Boy

Andrew Opala said...


I'm a man ... I sort of veer off after the first sentence couldn't you post more often with less stuff. Then my lack of reading would be more noticeable.


- divvy up cash by having each contestant have to eat through a plastic bucket of live centipedes and then bounce on the 4 wipeout balls without falling into the water
- you joined BL? why? Both Adam and Chris have said you are a fit chick!
- good for logging your running ... I feel we have a very one-sided relationship
- class re-unions are great, you get to see Cindy S. again (dream date from grade 12) and her trailer-park-owning husband and 300 pictures of their kids throwing water balloons at each other ... (never mind class reunions suck)
- good luck on DU #2
- SIC is from Hell.

Terri said...

I'm with the group that thinks you should go to Cabo, because nothing you do will make anyone happy anyway, right? So, if you go to Cabo, you will be very happy and ONE is clearly better than NONE.

Big Daddy Diesel said...

- I am a certified WebMD doctor as well!!

- Good luck at the BL contest

Tara said...

Ok, so YOU are going to win your biggest loser and use that cash to pay for a doctors appointment to see what the hell is up with that heel!!! Try and convince more people to join that way you would have more the the $200. Can you imagine if you won $900? You could get an MRI too! Ok, now I'm just dreaming. But you are going to win!

You are 31? Su-weet.

misszippy said...

I'd say you are making heel progress! But if you have a setback, yes, I would love to join the angry injured runners club!

Hmmm, first you organized the uber secret santa exchange and now the biggest loser club at work. I think the word "no" is probably not in your vocabulary!

A BIG congrats on the ambassador position--what fun!!

Amanda - RunToTheFinish said...

you have a WEBMD MD too? That's crazy, I guess they'll give them out to any of us.

Glad the heel is making steady progress

lindsay said...

31 huh? I hope you didn't give Kovas the $7. Good luck with health insurance. Isn't it all fixed now that the bill was passed? You shouldn't be having trouble anymore gah

Jenn said...

From the bottom up!

I like when you log your running etc. I'm a junkie for stuff like this and I find it incredibly interesting! OK-thanks for the SIC tip. I am going to try this at 5 am tomorrow morning. Hmmmm-insanely fast pace at 5 am is sometimes around 8mm for me. I struggle with speed in the morning....Anyway, I'm really excited to try this!! (I also love exclamation points!!!!)

Congrats on the Fitness Edge Sports Dealio! I'm sure you will make an awesome ambassador!

My sister heads up a biggest loser competition every year. It is A LOT of work! I did it last year and gained 1.2 pounds.....I should do it again. I still have a nuisance 5 pounds I eventually need to take care of here... (I'm eating chocolate chips as I type this....)

The damn heel. A real live podiatrist. I'm afraid you might kiss him or sit on his lap or something....unless of course he's a she....Really hoping you make some progress with this mess soon.

This is the longest ever comment. I better quit. Good luck with the DU! I will be getting together my topics of interest:)

Rose said...

Jil, you should *not* encourage me to go shopping at Lululemon. Any excuse. As much as I hate shopping, everything at Lululemon fits great, but oh man it's way too expensive. My husband laughs and laughs at me when I go there, since I usually complain about spending more than $10 on any article of clothing.

ERG said...

Do people really compete at work to lose weight? I.AM.SO.OUT.OF.IT Haven't been out of the house for 7 years...wow.

Great workouts you have going on. I too hope that the insurance gets settled soon for you.
BTW...I will be moving my blog..no more Elkton Runner. - once i get the new one organized. Suspiciously like the old one.

Johann said...

I really hope you can get to that 50 this year. That would be amazing! Have a good weekend!

Joanne said...

What a great goal - a 50 miler. Wish I had that kind of endurance in me. I'm training for my first Boston in April and you've already done 2. Lucky you. I think I'll do it one time them move on to another marathon. Just like reading the same book twice, I don't want to run the same marathon twice. :)

Jamie said...

I hope the insurance works out this time around. it would be nice to finally have an answer. you could always take the $ and head to the podiatrist :) Congrats on the ambassador program! Very cool stuff!

Nej said...

Andrew @ Running Man Wannabe sent me your way.

Had to look at that sign twice....LoL. :-)

Hope you heel gets healed (no pun intended) soon!!!

(fellow !!!! over user, and Iowa girl)