Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Get Your Ass Over The Pass / NB Trail Shoe Review

Well, if I weren't completely exhausted from the whole Mt. Whitney ordeal upon my return home, let's add a 200 mile, 2-day relay to the equation and learn what REAL exhaustion is (or, perhaps it was yet another hike up Mt. Whitney with dear Kate?  Read here for a great laugh).

I DID get my ass over that damn pass though. 


I always think that elevation profiles and maps mean nothing to readers; unless you've just lived the whole 2-day ordeal, it's really hard to wrap your head around what the profile crap really means....but I know what it meant because I got the "pleasure" to live. I'm including it for my own reference  - so when I'm 99 and look back and read this post (if I can read by then) I'll think, "Holy Sh!t, did I just do that??  I was BA!!" :)

16,257' elevation gain.  I'm pretty sure I ran all of that!

That long, solid, white line at the top of the map is the Colorado/Wyoming border.
Lame-o me just thinks that's pretty cool the race crossed into another state.
Okay kids, here's the scoop in a nutshell, just some random few brain-dump sentences as that's all my brain can really compute right now: 
  • I am dog tired; I slept 1 hour in the 41 hours I was gone (this included drive time to and from).  I can't seem to get caught up on sleep no matter how intimate my pillow and I have been upon my return. 
  • It took our team much longer to finish than we predicted - we can thank my sorry, out-of-shape butt for some of that. 
  • It was ungodly hot. 
  • It was ungodly steep. 
  • It was ungodly windy. 
  • It was ungodly dusty. 
  • I got to run in Wyoming (I think that's a first, despite having spent 6-weeks there for geology field camp a hundred years ago) on my 2nd leg at 2am; coincidentally, this was also my fastest of my sorry-ass slow legs. 
  • My heel and ankle did surprisingly well (a noticeable limp after the run and whenever I would sit too long in the van, but running my short legs felt good!).
  • This was the first real "speed work" I've done in well over a year; my pathetic quads are reaping the consequences of that. 
  • I got to lay my sleeping bag out on the grass by the river in the crazy big town on Jelm, Wyoming (go ahead, Google it) for about two hours and watched an incredible meteor shower.
  • Site of meteor shower viewing, before the sun went down (obviously)
    Aside from a little cafe to the right of this "post office and general store",
    this is Jelm, Wyoming
    I have no idea what this "Woods Lakes Dance Hall" sign says,
    It said, "Wyoming" and that's all that mattered
  • My 1st leg was about 4 miles and gained about 10,500' in elevation - or so it seemed; ridiculous how really only a 600' climb can seem like a mountain when your cardiovascular system is hovering around the bottom of the fitness scale.  At least I "look" speedy?  And bonus points that I'm not heel striking! 
  • My 2nd leg was exactly 12-hours after my first leg and I ran by the light of a full moon - incredible! 
  • My 3rd leg was the absolute worst of all 3.  Lucky me wasn't feeling so swell with some stomach irritations - let's also add some ridiculous wind, lack of sleep, and my leg starting at 9426' and climbing even higher.  My disposition really started to tank here, what was left of it. Kinda cool to start on the Continental Divide though.
  • "Slept" about a hour at the equivalent of the Roach Hotel in the hopping town of Walden, Colorado (yeah, Google that one, too...); thank god I had a sleeping bag to lay on the "love spotted" bedspread.  Ewww.
  • Ran though some very remote, yet incredible scenery
  • I knew one person on this team before the start but finished having 9 new, incredible friends.
  • The Chicks - and my lopsided body
    The Dudes
    The Team.  Done.  30:28, 58th place out of 116 teams.
    Despite my sleep deprived, sorry state of conditioned running body, I had an incredible time; there is nothing like a little sleep deprivation to make you constantly laugh at the stupidest things, and that whole camaraderie thing is a pretty amazing experience.  If you've never run a multiple day endurance relay, you really should consider it just once.  It's grueling, yes, but immensely rewarding.
    This relay was hard for me, humbling hard.  (I really hate blogger right now and not going to bother trying to fix the indention problem!!).  But you know ... I think maybe it was just what I needed.  I realized how much I missed the massive quantities of sweat that comes with hard workouts.  I miss the mileage my body used to love.  I hate to admit this outloud, but I even miss the strength training workouts, which have always given my muscles a clean, toned look.  I recently came across this quote and I couldn't help but insert myself....
    "God does not give us overcoming life, he gives us life as we overcome.  The strain is the strength.  If there is no strain, there is no strength.  Are you asking God to give you liberty and joy?  He cannot, unless you accept the strain.  Immediately you face the strain, you will get the strength."
    Reading this at the right moment after the relay gave me one of those know, the ones that stop time and take you to a place where you know it's time to make some changes.  I've been afraid to push the parameters with my running, fearful of a major heel setback ... fearful I'll get to the middle of some training program only to be slammed back to the start and what that would do to my already fragile psyche.  Had I read this before the relay, before I knew how sucky my current fitness level is, I'm pretty sure it wouldn't hold the same meaning.  The relay showed me exactly what I need to do...I think it's time to push the envelope a little with my running and enjoy a little strain to find the strength I dearly miss.
    New Balance MT876OR Trail Shoes review at Grays and Torreys 
    The weekend prior to the relay, I got the opportunity to summit the 14,000' peaks of Grays and Torreys with the cross country team.  Grays and Torreys are essentially two of the "easier" of the 52 14,000'+ peaks in Colorado to climb - that being the trail is not a scrambled mess of loose rock, and the 4 mile one-day distance and 3100' elevation gain is minor compared to most.  But the benefits of this make it also run-able in most parts, which at that elevation is a strenuous workout none-the-less.  The abundance of rain the state received in July left the valley in a blanket of wildflowers... provided my son a pair of their rugged New Balance MT876OR trail shoes to test out for our awesome adventure and see how they'd hold out and perform for him.  He had a blast running far ahead of me....and smiling the entire way...
    Though the trail is not highly technical, it can be a challenge on your feet as your climb and hit loose patches of rock and reach steep inclines.  I'm a firm believer that the shoes you were on these trails can make the difference between a great or a lousy experience.  Trail shoes are designed to protect the feet from the rugged, rocky surface and to maximize forward motion by gripping the trail to promote traction.  The thicker sole is nubbier and the added density provides more stability on uneven terrain.
    Because Ryan is a fairly minimalist road shoe wearer (thanks to his mom's persistence), the shoe was a bit stiffer than he is used to and bothered him a little at first where the terrain is soft and dirt-packed.  But as he gained elevation, he had absolutely no problems with them on the trails and his feet were comfy and free of blisters, black toenails, or any ankle twists.  Success!  We both reached the summit with feet feeling fantastic!
    In finding the proper trail shoe, make sure it fits your foot and don't make your foot fit the shoe.  The New Balance MT876OR is a great shoe for hitting the trails and making your trail running experience into a happy adventure-seeking run.  For this guy of mine, he can't wait to get out there and give them another trail run.  Thanks, - you made our adventure up Grays and Torreys a great one.
    Ryan in his coolio New Balance MT876OR trail shoes, posing after
    he reached the summit, and back down, of Grays and Torreys
    Run strong, my friends!


ShutUpandRun said...

You're up early!!! You should really get off the couch and get out to the mountains more. Hah! Dang you've done some cool stuff this summer. The relay sounds like a relay: brutal in that the van smells and you don't sleep enough, but amazing in the scenery and bonding with team mates. Great job, what's next???

Jamoosh said...

You said "geology field camp." Nerd Alert! (whispering) nothing wrong with being a nerd.

Great scenery by the way.

Tri-Living said...

Like Suar said.. You do have the most amazing summers! Geez!!! We need to do the incline together before it gets cold, after all you are an expert climber now. What wonderful views!!! We should get Julie and Beth to come and do it with us.

Johann said...

Sounds like the best way to not get sleep time. Awesome Jill! Despite the "negatives" I think your running is really getting back on track. "love spotted" bedspread...oh my... Running with the full moon is certainly great. I'm a NB trail shoe believer. Rest well!

Anne said...

Wonderful photos and what a great experience once again! How fantastic that you got to run a relay :) You are one strong woman!

Christi said...

I am so excited for you. It sounds like you had a great experience and are ready to conquer more!

Go for it girl!

Karen said...

You ARE BA! (now you don't need to wait until you are 99 to hear it) :) sounds like a geat experience!

Kandi said...

That relay looks intense and awesome. And that quote is just what I needed to read today but for entirely different reasons. So thanks for sharing.

Amanda - RunToTheFinish said...

i loved every minute of wild west relay. granted it was not hot the year i did it, but having never enjoyed CO in the summer it just blew my mind...loved it.

you are doing so many interesting things and i'm really jealous of all that beautiful nature!!

Big Daddy Diesel said...

Do I dare say, that looks like fun!! and I want to do it?

misszippy said...

What an amazing adventure! So happy you got to go do this (and jealous too). The scenery looks amazing and challenging. I think you've got some mojo back in a big way!!

Julie said...

What a great way to watch a meteor shower!!!

I love all the pics, but especially the wild flowers.

This quote:"God does not give us overcoming life, he gives us life as we overcome. The strain is the strength. If there is no strain, there is no strength. Are you asking God to give you liberty and joy? He cannot, unless you accept the strain. Immediately you face the strain, you will get the strength."
THANKS FOR IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Marlene said...


(not that there was ever a doubt)

Sounds like a pretty awesome experience - lack of sleep, roach hotel and all. Definitely on my bucket list!

Christy @ My Dirt Road Anthem: A Runner's Blog said...

AWESOME JOB! Sounds like an incredible experience and ew to the love spotted bed.

Love all the beautiful pictures!

Adrienne L. said...

I just may have to steal that quote mid post!! Relays are awesome-awesomely tiring too! :)

BTW...of course I will be coming to CO sometime-don't know when, but you'll be one of the firsts to know:)Same thing goes for you and TX!

Kenley said...

Wow, that is more than incredible Jill. Thanks for sharing your experience. The spotted bed? Oh my, Im not asking. Love the pitures too as well. Have fun.

Kenley said...

Wow, that is more than incredible Jill. Thanks for sharing your experience. The spotted bed? Oh my, Im not asking. Love the pitures too as well. Have fun.

Morgan said...

Yowzers that's a BA elevation map!!! So that equally makes you BA! Well done and so glad you got your ass over that pass! :) Aren't relay's the best?!?!

Julie said...

AWESOME!!!! You are far stronger then you give yourself credit for. You have come so far from the PT video you made just a few months ago! It won't be long and you will be where you want to be. What a great summer!

Terzah said...

Jill, your photos are so beautiful. I can't wait until my kids are older and we can start enjoying Colorado for real again. They already like to hike. I just don't like to *drive* long distances w/ them. And "long" means anything over 1/2 hour.

Can't wait to see where your need for the strain/strength takes you next. I totally understand!

Shellyrm ~ just a country runner said...

You photos are always the best!

I love that you got to run in the moon light. I have been loving getting some night miles in with the full I got to run some in the moonlight and rain. Super cool running!

What an amazing race. Congrats!

Liz said...

Running by moonlight - sounds like a great idea! Something to add to my bucket list!

Raina said...

So...each of your boys got a special adventure with mom for their birthday? Am I getting it right?? I love it! I bet you did too. :)

The photos of the trail run leave me wanting to go there...or even someplace a little closer like the 3 Sisters , and do some alpine running. Make your lungs bleed running.

The relay sounds like such a FUN time. I have never done a relay. Maybe one day I will get on a team to run hood to coast. You sound like it was a very fun way to be sleep deprived.

YES! SPEED WORK! A year?! You must have been thrilled to put in that kind of work. And being beat up afterwards must feel great- especially without injuries. Awesome!

Paul said...

You are getting better and better with the injury...really seem to be able to do more and more!

Wow..the relay. looks. amazing. Another experience for the bucket list (added!)

Plus the big hike...oye!

lindsay said...

I'd comment but you said to go google Jelm so that's where I am...

Heather said...

Wow, those photos are gorgeous! Sounds like a great relay experience.

Char said...

Can I say Ewww to the "love spotted bedspread"? Gross!!

But the rest of the relay sounded great. I'm doing one in November and I know it's going to be a tough weekend BUT so much fun.

Vanessa @ Gourmet Runner said...

Your adventures make me want to tackle some new challenges like these! Great job--and that elevation? WOW!

Teamarcia said...

Holy cow that looks like one tough adventure i missed. Dammit! Would have been fun.
I love that quote. The kick in the pant I needed too I think.

Aimee said...

Woohoo! Congrats!! That relay sounded tough and incredibly amazing!! Yay for not a lot of heel pain! :)

Kate said...

"Love spotted bedspread". Ewwww is right. What an apt, but revolting, description.

Your pictures are amazing...except for that elevation profile, which is just plain ugly. The relay looks like a fantastic experience, and probably one that will only get better and better with distance. Congratulations on pushing through some pretty BA stuff! (For real)

ajh said...

This sounds like an incredible experience. You did great my friend! How neat that you were running and racing and seeing incredible scenery and making new friends. But i think you make friends easier than anyone else in blog land. You are a great sincere person who quickly makes others comfortable.

Also congrats on almost summiting Mt.Whitney again. Truly awesome.

termite said...

jill -- you are working much to hard at this running gig. stop making us look bad.


Alma said...

I bow down.

XLMIC said...

What gorgeous scenery! Wow!

What a gross hotel! Ewwww!

This is really inspiring, Jill. It is making me even more excited about my upcoming relay :)

Glenn Jones said...

Wow! What a tremendous race. All the more reason for me to get back in shape. Let me know if you're doing this next year!

Happy Feet 26.2 said...

I'm mostly jealous of the couple of shots with long sleeves, but the scenery is beautiful too.

Sounds like a super fun trip.

I'm running a 5k this weekend for the EXACT same reason. (last one was June - a long time for me) I'm nervous because I know I've lost the tiny ounce of speed that i had, but I need to run it. When I run a BAD 5k, it HIGHLY motivates me to get my butt in gear and get back to the tough workouts. I miss it! I have track fever after reading AM's crazy 400 workout. I'm ready! Let's do it!

Cory Reese said...

Your pictures are beautiful!

That relay sounds fun, and miserable, and hard, and exhausting, and more fun.

Great job - that is amazing!

C2Iowa said...

I really really like the map elevation. Looks like a major challenge. Sorry it turn out the way you had hoped. I still say Great Job

The pics are great.

You get to go to some great places!!

Jenn said...

Jill Jill! I'm behind again but I did read this post and then forgot to come back and comment!!!

OK-this was just plain funny. I thought you were serious and I'm all how the hell do you climb over 10000 ft. in 4 miles and then of course I read the rest! 600 feet is still a mighty b*tch and you DO look speedy:)

Love spotted bedspread!! NASTY! Laughing again. Congrats on the race. Once again love all your pics. Yay for meeting 9 new incredible friends!!!!

I am constantly sleep deprived. Is that why I'm laughing at this post....Hmmm....Nope, it's just that funny Jill is back now:) I really understand that feeling of missing the massive quantities of sweat that come with hard workouts. I was desperate to sweat last fall. I'm riding the pine again now with another setback and desperate to sweat AGAIN and not in a DAMN pool.

OK-my comments are so dang long. Hope you have a wonderful weekend. Smiled big at the text from Amanda of you with the running dress-You should add some of those to your tempo collection! Yay for pushing the envelope a bit girl:)

The Green Girl said...

Wow. Way to really push yourself, girl. That is some serious elevation.

It was really good - as always - to catch up with you. Good luck this weekend, I'll be thinking of you.

Abby @ Have Dental Floss, Wil Travel said...

Man, what a beautiful course. I'd love to do a relay in the Rockies, for the scenery alone!

Mark said...

Loved you post, Jilly!!!

Molly said...

wow, oh wow, oh WOW!!!!! Running by the light of the moon? What a fabulous experience, congrats, I love it!!!!

Bubble Boy said...

Is geology field camp sort of like band camp?

You are BA, that relay is impressive!!

See.Kate.Run said...

You are mega impressive- What a race!!!

Black Knight said...

Running with the moonlight, what an experience!
Great post and great adventure!

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