Monday, February 9, 2009

Officially in Boston Groove

10 weeks to Boston! I pretty much blew last week off with my training due to my class/test (and as a consequence, sabotaged my body fat due to sitting in a chair for 30 hours...egads!) and so now I'm officially focusing my mind on the major task at hand: Boston. I love this video from YouTube; it depicts everything I have dreamed of for so many years (yet never had the drive until a couple years ago to actually pursue) and the sacrifices I have made to get there. I fear Boston, as I do most anything that is a challenge for me. I don't particularly enjoy running the marathon; my mission is the desire to conqure the test.... and I enjoy the training. The race itself: it's hard on my mind, emotions, body, sole and occasionally spirit. Yet I will continue to do it until I get it right; until I mitigate the fear of it, and run it without having a nervous breakdown weeks beforehand (indicative by wanting to vomit most of what I eat and snapping at everyone around me [I apologize in know who you all are]); and that I run it well (or until my knees won't allow it). I will have a blast at Boston, I am sure, but I want to run well and whenever I want to run well, I get very stressed. I want to come home from that race with a big smile on my face (not the sorrow I felt from Big Sur). I want to qualify for Boston '10 at Boston '09; just in case I desire to run it again. (I really don't want the pressure of running another marathon in '09 strictly to Boston Qualify; THAT is really, turly, not a good place for my head to be). If I do another in 09, it's going to be for the experience alone and quite possibly.... to have fun??). I'd love to PR at it (but know that it's a much harder course than St. George and the crowds will also dictate a lot of my first few mile pace, if not all? I have no's the fear of the "unknown"). As the video states: I would rather be at the start line of Boston than the finish line of any other marathon. It's time to get my head on straight, get my training going strong, get my nutrition in order, and pray for no injuries!

Met Rob for weight training and a couple miles of tempo run. I felt good, it was short so not too demanding; it's just hard to really focus on the task at hand when someone is standing there monitoring. Thankfully, I brought my iPod so I could not think about him there and focus on my running. A busy week of intervals, hills, and a long, long run.

And so I begin...

3 miles temp run

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Tim Smith said...

10 weeks? Really. Ack....well I'll start realllllllllly getting into it next week. Go Jill go!