Sunday, February 21, 2010

Week 7 2010 / PR's All Round

Week 7 2010:
Week’s Running totals: 45
Running Total for 2010: 300.45
Weight training: 3
Swim: zero

Don’t get too excited, this isn’t the PR that most of you will wish you earned.

With (more) snow on the ground when I woke up Saturday, I knew I didn’t need to chance an accident and land me with more time off from my training; I’ve missed enough as it is and any more time off, I’d probably just have to resort to walking Boston. I checked the state park near my house and it looked snow-packed in places ... enough for me to go to plan B.

Treadmill time!
20 on my plan. Yep, 20. Still not felling that well but after yet another sick day off work on Friday, I went to the doctor and got an antibiotic which was starting to kick in some - yet another reason to not attack the great Arctic Tundra; I was fearful of some lung/sinus attack mid-run and would choke to dead as I hobbled 10 miles home. In the freezing cold. So to play it safe, the treadmill had to suffice.

I recruited people to help me, which isn’t an easy task. Jim, my neighbor whom I paced some of the Denver marathon last fall, was willing to go the first half of my distance and keep me occupied. Matt, whom did the Tucson marathon with me, agreed (reluctantly) to do the second half. Both wanted the miles and neither was too keen on ice either.

Off to the gym at 11:45 where I met Jim. He had already started running and scored me a treadmill next door to him. I decided I’d break up the 20 in increments of 6-7 miles where I’d then break and get more water and use the facilities. We chatted up a storm and time flew, I couldn’t believe I had just finished a little over 6 miles when I got a call from Matt, he was at the gym. Matt doesn’t live near me and is not a gym member at my gym so I used my charm (ahem) and got him in for the day. He is coaching diving at the Catholic high school near me so was in the vicinity. Anyway, I couldn’t believe how drenched I was - totally soaked! I had the basics of Hammer Gel and Perpetuem with me and thought that would suffice to get me to the end but I could tell I was weak due to the excess liquid escaping my body and probably from all the medication I’ve been on all week .. or two, so I bought some zero calorie Power Aid (I have problem digesting the sugar in anything when I’m running…major stomach owie), which if you haven’t had it before let me just tell you it tastes like total crap. Ok, whatever, I needed some electrolytes in, it will have to do. Back on to the treadmill where we scored another on the other side of me and now I’m sandwiched between my two posse and off we all go.

Suddenly, Matt’s talking to a chick on the other side of him. Remember, he knows no one so I am a little puzzled. This girl’s been running since Jim and I got there like over an hour and a half ago. She’s just running and running and running. Me, I’m running and stopping to drink water and checking my cell phone and getting gel and then run a little more. No, she’s just running. And running STRONG! I mean, she looks like total runner chick here; totally upright and perfect running posture and sporting less than 2% body fat and not sweating a drop. Me, I’m drenched! I can’t hear much of the conversation other than 50-miler, 100K, 7:30 pace. Oh Lordy! She’s not only running, she’s a total running stud!!

She exits the treadmill when I’ve done about 9 miles and starting to feel like I ran 20. Matt’s tell her about the running group he runs with downtown at noon and invites her to join them (Dennis, if you’re reading this, if some tiny little thing shows up to run with ya at noon, this is her. Careful, she’s fast!!). Being’s I missed most of the conversation but heard enough to intrigue me, I asked Matt what was up with her. Okay, get this: she is running a 50-miler in April in Madison, WI so needed to get in “some” mileage and also didn’t want to endure the nasty elements outdoors either so she ran 35 miles on the treadmill (cough!!). 35 miles??!!!?? And… at her “100K pace” of 7:30 (she figures she’ll run the 50-miler at about 7:20’’s)!! Good Gawd! I can run 1 mile at 7:20…two if I’m lucky! I told Matt to stop whining about the 2-hours he was planning on doing (he detests the treadmill…who can blame him!). Honestly, when I saw her finish, I thought she looked amazing. I’ve now finished 9 and look like a drowned rat.

So I stood up a little taller and I jacked up the tempo and I am now totally inspired. If she can do 35, surely I can do 20. But I’m starting to not feel so great. Keep going, Jilly! Jim departs at this point, too; he’s done 12 and since he’s never run on the treadmill more than a couple miles, he’s met his match and time to go. So I’m left with Matt and feeling totally inadequate after runner chick exits. I vow never to eat again – she looked so incredibly muscular and abs of steel! Mile 14 hits me and my back’s hurting. I know it’s my posture on this beast. Matt’s not very chatty and I’m really struggling. Just keep moving, just keep moving….thoughts of that movie about that fish (Nemo Something??? Gosh, it’s been so long since my kids have watched those, us A.D.Der's can't keep that stuff in our memory data banks for too long….) enter my head and it becomes my manta for about a mile. Put on my iPod, watch TLC’s “What Not to Wear” and get wrapped up in that awhile (since my daughter always used to swear she was entering me on that show) – doing whatever to pass the time. Exit treadmill, need more water…I’m downing so much water like it’s a thousand degrees. Cuz I think it was. Decide to do some downhill running now, complete opposite of what Boston’s like at the end. I really don’t care, the purpose is to keep on my feet running for 3 hours and that’s it. Matt hits 16 miles and says he’s done, I’ve done 19 (obviously, he’s running faster than me). He told me to keep going, he’d be right back. Huh? I run a tiny bit more but my stomach hurts, it feel like the insides are being punched around and my legs are aching and I decide 19 quasi-sick miles on a treadmill are pretty much equalivalent to 20 on the road. I'm done.

I don’t know my end pace, I varied it a lot and never really kept track. I kept all the miles under 9:20 and many were under 9. I varied the incline a lot, too. It felt hard, it felt forced, it wasn’t all that pretty. But I did it.

And that’s a treadmill PR for Jill by 1 mile, thank you very much! Last year, a few weeks before Boston, I did 18 (which felt better than this at 18. Oy!) .

Matt’s previous treadmill PR was 12, he PR’d by 4.

Jim’s Previous treadmill PR was 2, he PR’d by 10.

And runner chick next to Matt definitely gets the treadmill running award of the day (heck, I’ll even give it to her for the year): 35!
Who knew when we woke up this morning that so many PR’s would be broken by mid-afternoon. Matt and I celebrated with a banana blueberry protein smoothie. Ahhhhh, that was the best post-treadmill PR treat ever!

I woke up today with the hip flexors pretty sore. I’m sure it was treadmill’s fault. Also had a horrible sore throat. Errrrrr!! I went back to the gym and spied on the guy who was now invading my home for over three hours yesterday …. grateful I wasn’t there again today but kinda felt he was invading my territory. Ha! I warmed up with a couple extremely slow miles then spent well over 20 minutes stretching. Man, that felt so good! I got Mr. Foam roller out and just rolled out the sore hips flexors , which was about as excruciatingly painful as Nazi physical therapist used to do – with the added perk of being FREE! I felt so much better after…I am so glad I purchased one of these things when I was home sick a couple weeks ago! I then did an awesome core/glute workout and exited my beloved (cough cough) gym. No swim today, I was just too, too tired.

Let’s see if I can get in the actual miles and runs in this week as I hopefully continue to improve with the health.

Hoping y’all PR with something this week….anything. I think I need a no-sugar PR this week…… and a big "Run Matt, Run" as he enters his first 50K this coming weekend in Alabama!

Week’s End Gratitude:
- Awesome friends who will go to the gym and endure a sucky treadmill just cuz they know you need support.
- The ultra running chick at the gym because she has totally motivated me to push just a little harder. And get a little leaner. And run a little taller. And never whine about 20 on the treadmill.
- Team USA just beat Canada (well, I personally don’t really care that much about hockey but it's on tv right now I am happy that they are happy!)
- Banana blueberry protein shakes. They’re so amazing.
- Mr. Hard Foam Roller. He's definitely my new best friend!
- That I was tagged for a lot of sunshine this past week for the sunshine award! I will post on that later this week. Thanks to all for thinking my blog is so sunshiny :)!!!


Running and living said...

You are one tough woman, Jill. And you made the right decision to run indoors. Congrats on the PR. You are as tough as the 35 mile chick, that's for sure. Hope you have a great week and you get back to 100% healthwise.

AZ said...

Hey, I just saw team USA win too. Cool.

You've inspired me to set a treadmill PR of my own tomorrow. We'll see if I get there.

ajh said...

Wow! I agree with Julie. You are tough. And what great friends you have. I cannot believe andone would run 35 miles on a treadmill. Wow!

Anne Marie said...

omg, I can't believe you ran 20 miles on a treadmill! and i can't believe someone next to you ran 35. WTF?!!!That's just crazy.
and what a cool idea to solicit friends (good friends!) to run with you.
glad you're getting back to health;-)

Anne Marie said...

okay, i had to share your story with my DH, and we're both still shaking our heads that you ran 20 miles and that randomly a chick nxt to you ran 35. ay, ay, ay! incredible!!

Kerrie T. said...

Holy PRs Batman! That sounds crazy. Great job!

Meg said...

I think you were cute as the drowned rat but where did you get that tiny life preserver or is that a floaty?
Girl, again, how in the WORLD can you even run ten miles on a treadmill? If I had to do more than six miles, I'd quit running and take up golf(not). Again, get the heck out of Colorado and move here, you have too much snow!!
Higs from your goach,

Jamoosh said...

20 miles on a treadmill... I am so glad I live in Houston.

Run Jess Run said...

Good for you!!! I could never do 18 mi on the 'mill.


that is some serious treadmill running! way to stick with it!

C2Iowa said...

20 on a TM totally sick.. you are made of steel as well. There is something to say about grit. I read a blog once that still speaks volumes to me:

"What makes our stories great are their conflict and their grit. Don’t run away from the work– run until you puke, make the sacrifices and make it count."

Way to stick it out Jill.

Julie said...

Good morning Jill,
Respect is the word I have for you!! Oh my God you crazy lady!!! Way to rock 20 miles on your treadmill:) The most I have done on that thing was ten and I was about ready to fall over:) I am glad everything is going well for you!! Cheers to treadmills and PRs!! Jill I hope that you have a great week!!

Marlene said...

You are ALL amazing for logging so many miles on the treadmill. Way to get it done!

Psyche said... had to go and put the treadnill in terms of "PR" didn't you? That changes everything now that I know I only have to run 8 miles- at any pace- to PR!

Jamie said...

dang! 18-19 on the mill is crazy...Don't get me wrong, I actually like running on the treadmill and I've tried to go over 15 on there, but I could not do it...

Many Kudos for that one!

Jocelyn said...

Wow. Thats a crazy long distance on the treadmill Great job. Glad you had some people to keep you company

Tricia said...

I am SUPER impressed

Glenn Jones said...

I live just up the road from Meg. Listen to her advice. We don't run when it rains around here because we know (hope) that the sun will be out the next day.

What inspiration though. 20 miles on a treadmill!

ShutUpandRun said...

I seriously STILL cannot believe you did that. You are as stud. Runner chick has nothing on you. Hope to see you this weekend. If we can't run outside, I'm not doing 20 on the treadmill beside you. I'm just warning you...

Katie A. said...

I love your commentary! You have a gift of writing!
19 miles on the dreadmill is amazing! Pat yourself on the back! I've done 18 and 20 once and they were hellish! You are so smart to recruit some peeps to go with you - if I lived closer I totally would have gone with you! :) I can't believe you gym let you guys stay on that long - along with 35 miler chic! We have mean old gym monkey's that yell at you if you are on a treadmill longer than an hour!!
The pic of the little mouse in the innertube is so funny, too!
Way to go on the miles this week! I am freaking out a bit myself! 8 weeks girly, 8 weeks!
Happy Monday!

shellyrm aka jogging stroller mama said...

Great job! 20 miles on the treadmill, you rock (and sweat!) Way to use 35 treadmill miles runner stud chick as a motivation and not let her intimadate you. You are just as determined as she is. She is on a journey to a 50 mile race and you are on a journey to another marathon. Good for her. Good for you.

I know that most distance runner can do any distance if they really want to. You just proved it. and on a treadmill no less. Pat pat pat pats on the back. Well done!

Megan said...

I was wondering how you would get thru 20mi on the mill. Its nice to have company. Good for you for not letting the sickness keep you down

The rat in the floaty is still cracking me up.

Velma said...

You should get a prize for that run - I hope you are feeling better!!

HappyTrails said...

You are all crazy for running that much indoors on a treadmill!!! 19 for you and 35 for Ms Runner Studdette??? Yikes. One good thing about the Front Range is that IF we REALLY want to get out for a run, it is usually do-able. I didn't feel like braving the cold and snow yesterday, either, so I sat on the trainer for an hour - that's almost as bad as running on the treadmill, not quite though! :-)
Feel better,

runningcommentaries said...

WOW. I can't handle 5 on a treadmill, let alone 20 so major props to you. Congrats on getting it done-- I would probably have wimped out or something. Spring is coming! Hopefully!

txrunnergirl said...

WOW, you are making me glad I live in TX because I don't think I could ever do 20 on a treadmill (and I run on the treadmill a lot)! Way to go though!!!

Robin said...

20 on the tread AND standing strong next to a studly runnerette?? You go, girl! You and Meg both mentioned foam rollers in the same week. Oh kindred ones, I need to get my own and join the ranks! :-) And PRs all around?? Rock on!!

Hugs from Orlando!

Tara said...

35 effing miles on the treadmill? Can you imagine? And at that type of pace too. I would die...literally.

Congrats on your 20 miler ON THE TREADMILL! Way to go girl! I would have helped! You can ask me next time. We can race and you would beat me; it would make you feel strong and powerful. :)

I sure do hope you kick this sickness soon. I feel much better then I did this weekend. Hang in there chica!

Adam Culp (Crazy Floridian) said...

Wow, I can't imagine doing that many miles on a treadmill. I have never done more than 3 on a treadmill. My wife has done 9, and I thought that was awesome. (last June)

Anne said...

I would have given myself even more credit for treadmill miles vs. outdoor miles. You're amazing. So's the ultra runner that wasn't phased by an easy 35. I need to grab me some of her inner Om.

Tina @GottaRunNow said...

Jill, I don't know how you ran 20 on the TM! I just don't!

Mark said...

Great post, Jilly!

Anne said...

Wow! Good for you...19 miles, that's a lot of miles on a treadmill and sick, actually that's a lot of miles period. I guess it's true that you can never win, so it's no use comparing :) ...see for me anyone who does 10 miles is way ahead of me...and then for you, we have Miss 35 miles no sweat!

Abby said...

Nice work! I've never come near that on the treadmill (I think longest is 13 or so), but I did once do 18 miles on the elliptical when a sprained ankle kept me from a long run. Not so much fun as it was happening, but worth it in the end.

Hope you're feeling up to snuff soon!

Teamarcia said...

I am so sorry you are still feeling like crap girlfriend! Way to rock the TM for 20 freaking miles. My hubby was plagued by a sinus infection for a whole year until an ENT doc prescribed something. Say the word and I'll get details on that.
Until then, hey if we're walking Boston we're walking. But I'm still holding out strong hope that we'll both be running! Hang in there!

misszippy said...

Just wow! I am bowled over by your ability to endure that kind of time on the treadmill. And do it when you're feeling sick too. Amazing! And ok, we need to hate trail runner girl who ran 35 freakin' miles on that thing!

Tracey Kite said...

Way to go, 19 on the mill. I did 10 and thought that was a lot. I am in shock that runner chick did 35, wow that is just crazy.

Danna said...

Yout blog is a total crack up- "I vowed to never eat again". Love it! I can't believe you put in that kind of mileage on a treadmill. Amazing. I think I would have been trash-talking 35 mile girl ( in my head). You are far too positive for that kind of a run! Danna

lindsay said...

lol love the treadmill pr's all around! esp your friend who went from 2 to 12 :) i've done a 20 on the 'mill, so i know your pain. 19 is solid - esp considering you might've opted to take the day off w/ the crappy snow/ice.

umm that girl is crazy nuts. 35mi? yiiiikes.

Danielle said...

We've been on vacation for the past week and
I'm finally getting caught up on blogs. Glad you're feeling better....I'm tired of being cold and don't know how you do it w/ all that snow! And the "dreadmill" makes me feel like a hamster...I'm hoping one day I'll get the hang of this running thing...soon...and I am starting my runs again as soon as the weather will cooperate around here.

Adam said...

TWENTY on a treadmill!? TWENTY!?!?!? Wow, that would take a lot of planning to stay sane as you can stay while doing TWENTY on the treadmill. Yowza.

Hope you are feeling better.

Jennifer said...

No Way could I run that far on the TM. Maybe 6 is the most I run. Love the picture of the rat! You are sooo funny!

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