Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Day 2 of work: I left early!

I had a headache today like you wouldn't believe! The whole ordeal of post-Park City has left me wide awake at night and not able to really get the rest I desperately need and wow, my head is pounding! I got up early this morning to work out with Ann, whom is an amazing client, and then went directly to work. About noon, I had a mini meltdown and had to go home. Day 2 and I had to go home about 2 hours early. This is not a good beginning to the school year.

I got a great nap in this afternoon, though. We had this huge thunderstorms roll through Denver and dump a load of water on my quickly drying up yard (yea) and some hail (boo); anyway, it brought in some cool temps that just made it perfect for an afternoon nap. I needed it.

By the time I got up and got some writing done, I was so ready to hit my treadmill to test the ole legs. Happy to report: they work!! Not as fast as I want them to work but relieved there was no muscle soreness or aching. Okay, a little tight in the hamstrings, which is par for the course; I should have stretched them but I didn't have time. I ran 4x1 miles at a pretty modest pace of 7:35. It wasn't easy and normally this might sent my mind on a rampage but it's already pretty maxed out on the tangles right now so no more can really squish in there. My head's pretty full right now, no more room for any more issues. Oh, except this: the newest thing thrown at me today from Rob is that my nutrition is all off. I don't have the right fuel to support my running. Well, I've turned in a log of my daily intake (and I am about 99.1% honest. I promise) and he's never made a comment on it in the past; yet now it's also causing some of my running problems. Hum. Yeah Meg, you're right. It's just hard ......

Okay so my goal is to be in bed before 11:00 and it's 10 minutes 'til so off I get. I will say though that the run today helped heal a bit; there is nothing as therapeutic for me as a good, hard run!!! I can't wait to run tomorrow!

5 miles run

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