Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The day before back to work

I have to go back to work tomorrow. I know all you year-round workers aren't too sympathetic towards me right now. I understand. About a week ago, I was having a lot of anxiety about it but I'm okay with it now. Getting back into a routine will be sort of nice. At least for a couple weeks anyway.

I got a late start for my run today but it was really nice and cool today so that worked out well. I ordered a Garmin charger but it had not come in yet so I have really no idea what I ran my tempo run in today because my Garmin is dead. But I DO know 1) it was longer than the 4 on my schedule and 2) it was faster than race pace. Not sure what pace but it was much quick. Storms started rolling in as I was finishing, lightening storms; glad I was done when I was. my legs are feeling better and better with each passing hour. By tomorrow they should be back to 100%.

A wee-bit bummed (okay, more than that) about some stuff I did for Dimity on running was not in the magazine, which came out today. I encourage those wanting to get a start on a running program for weight loss read it though (even if I'm not mentioned. Sigh). Sept issue of Women's Health.

Meeting Rob in the morning, dark morning since that's what it is now at 5:30am, for another timed mile. Hope I there's improvement over last timed mile...we'll see where my mindset is. I think I may be a tad physically improved but not sure about the rest.

5.5 miles run

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