Friday, October 30, 2009

Quick Tips for Claire

Well, my e-friend, Claire, is an awesome raw foods extraordinaire and whips up some phenomenal items and blogs about them - with pictures because that's what she does in her thorough documentation - she writes AND photographs her food! If I had the time, I'd be diligently making everything she's blogged about because it sounds so scrumptious ... and healthy! The furthest I've ventured into her raw world is a failed attempt at some wheatberry pancakes and an altered green smoothie, full of spinach (I say altered because I still use the protein powder that I'm certain is not "raw"....but it is green: to the right). She dedicated an entire blog to me, ME recently after I was talking to her about the importance of protein for runners and the magical healing powers it had on overly worked muscles and how many of her masterpieces probably didn't have enough protein in them for me. I'm not trying to be a snob or self-righteous; I just know I need more protein. So Claire, the sweetie she is, got to thinking about me and protein and whipped up a raw version of a protein smoothie and dedicated it to me. Thanks again, Claire, I was honored. Here's her article:

Claire's also dabbling a little in the running world. Ah, a subject a little more to my liking and understanding! I told her I'd reciprocate her blog gesture with one of my own to her, about running, what else!. She's entering her first race, a 5-miler! Not a 3.1 mile 5K; nope, her first race is going to be 5-miles. Wow! Starting with a bang...Atta girl!!

Somewhere I got my wires crossed and thought Claire's first race was Thanksgiving and I was composing a blog to her about hydration, carb-loading, focusing, pre-race prep, race strategies, etc. and was going to present this beautifully thought-out, well-composed masterpiece to her next week. Well, I got to thinking this morning, as I was organizing my day in my head before I crawled out of bed, that I had no Halloween candy for those darling little Trick-Or-Treaters tomorrow. There's a reason for that - that being I have zero self-control and therefore cannot buy those handy sized sugar-loaded "things" until, max, the day before Halloween; anytime sooner and well, it'd be all gone. Thinking you'll just have "one" turns into ten before I realize what damage I've just done. If sugar's here, I'll eat it. Thus the constant comment from my daughter, "We have nothing good to eat in this house!" I guess that may be true if your age still is in the teens, but I tend to disagree; there's nothing wrong with an apple or a banana....and we have plenty here all the time! Sugar's fine in small amounts; 10 lbs bags of Halloween candy consumed in one sitting is not.

Anyway, back to my morning ritual of preparing my entry to the world after slumberland.....realizing it was Halloween tomorrow, it hit me that I think I had the wrong holiday of Claire's entry to race-world! I think it's tomorrow - Halloween! A quick message to Clair asking to verify race date; off to cycling class; check messages upon completion of class; confirmed message that yes, her race IS tomorrow. *sigh*

So I am sorry, Claire, that I failed you! I will say this though about the race tomorrow - just a few minor tips:
-Get all your race attire laid out tonight with bib pinned on.
(I like to wear my bib on my shorts and not my shirt. On the shirt, it bothers me as my arms pumps across it)
-Scrunch up the bib in your hand and then un-scrunch it flat on where you choose to wear it on your attire. If it's scrunched, it's not so big and bulky and cumbersome as it is in it's "new" state.
-Drink LOTS of water today.
-Get to the start early tomorrow.
-Eat some Oatmeal about an hour before, a banana about a half hour before. I like to put peanut butter (Smart Balance!!!) in my oatmeal...but not sure about the raw contents of pb.
-Before you line up, run a little,stretch, run a little, stretch, then run a little and stretch. 3 times. Not more than 100M running. Do dynamic stretching, not static stretches.
-It's okay to be nervous; I think it's a way of honoring the race. Just try not to get too nervous and puke. Been there, done that, not fun!
-Don't start too far back.
-Look around you at the start and eye-up the competition and pick a few out ahead of time that you want to kick their butts! You'll know who they are...the ones you just KNOW you can beat cuz you're in such awesome shape and they are....well....not!
-DON'T, DON'T, DON'T start off too fast. More races are killed within the first few steps because you start running faster than your body can sustain for 5 miles. Don't get caught up in the endorphin rush pushing you faster the first mile cuz by mile 4, that's just not going to feel that great!
-If feeling good just after 3 miles, pick up the pace a little.
-If feeling good just after mile 4.5, then gut it out, Claire. Give the race all you have in you!
-Don't leave anything out there on the race course; otherwise you're going to feel bad for a few days after thinking you could have run harder...and we want you back at that start line eager to get on with another race soon!
-Drink some Gatorade immediately after - get back in some carbs. Make sure you drink lots of water the rest of the day!
-Celebrate later that evening with Trick-Or-Treaters and your mom's birthday cake. Raw, of course :) !

So there ya go, Claire (and anyone else)...I know it's brief and not really what I intended to write about but hopefully you'll get a tip or two out of it. You inspire me to be eat healthier and maybe I can add a touch of inspiration to your running, too! Good luck, Claire, and to all those out there running this weekend! I know I need luck as I venture out onto the roads after the blizzard we just endured the past 52 hours!
Any other veteran racers out there with any advice or tips for Claire before she steps up to the plate, holler!


Claire said...

Sa-weeeeeeeeeet! Thanks, Jill! One truly-new-to-me piece of advice was the one about the bib. Unfortunately, I don't have one, yet, to do all that stuff tonight, but I will definitely perform the destroying ritual before hand. I'm almost positive that stiff thing will drive me nuts on my shirt, too, so I'll definitely take your shorts advice.

As for this run, I'm not thinking about anything but finishing. Next race I'll be more concerned about speed. Surprisingly, I'm almost hyper sensitive about starting off too fast, so I'm always like a turtle when I start! Ha!

Thanks for thinking of me, and I'm hoping to get some pictures out there tomorrow. Oh yeah, and Mom's cake is anything but raw for tomorrow. It's more like candy on a plate! Pictures soon...THANKS!!!!

KK said...

Hi Jill,
Thanks for stopping by my blog. You posted some great advice and nice work trying out those new recipes. I look forward to reading more here. Happy Halloween!

Tara said...

LOL-There's no advice left to give, seems like you covered it all! Nice. :)

I always like to see pics of food on blogs and I usually try to make whatever it is they have pictured, but it never turns out that great!

Tara said...

PS-I totally think you should do the 50 miler next year (from your post below). I would love to watch your training efforts for that; who knows, maybe I'll be inspired to do it too!

Meg Runs said...

Where was your advice when I needed it??? Like this morning?!! Actually, I haven't checked on all of the cool blogs this weekend so I missed your nuggets of wisdom! Ugh, yes, I'd rather run THREE back to back marathons than a 5k but guess what? I've got to get over it! Thanks for the great ideas!

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