Sunday, October 25, 2009

Run the Rio

I'm on a little trip South in New Mexico; the boys and I are on fall break so I brought them down to see their grandmother .... and just for much-needed time away.

The internet cafe I'm sitting at closes in a mere 10 minutes so this will be sort.

I've been coming down to this part of the woods for the past 23 years; though lately, not as often for personal reasons. In all the years I've been down here, I have only once ran on the trail along the Rio Grande River - and that was only because it was part of the marathon I did here about 10 years ago. So today, since I had to run 16, the longest I've ever run down there, I found a map of the trails in the vicinity and headed to the path along the Rio.

I have to say: I'm so sorry that I never did this in the years before. It was gorgeous. Of course, the leaves are just starting to turn here and so all the large Cottonwood trees are just turning bright yellow so that made it extra special. But the trail is very flat and I was able to get in a very nice long run in. For one!!! Even sporting VERY sore quad muscles two days later from that 5K I ran on Friday night. Sad, huh??!!!??? I stopped to stretch my quads a few times but overall, I felt great and I was able to maintain the "plan", though a little fast the first 6:

6 miles at 9:05,
6 miles at 8:25
4.75@ 9:27

I was also particularly happy that I was able to choke down my pb&j sandwich - my fuel of choice since I can't seem to stomach those GU's lately. It worked out well, though it was a tad sticky. Also happy to report that the XOOD electrolyte stuff, electrolyte choice of Tucson Marathon, is going down well, too! Happy, happy, HAPPY about that!

After I ran almost 17, the boys and I hiked all over the volcanoes that line the western edge of the city. We had a blast! Brendan was climbing all over those things and the two of them did some trail running, too.

Okay, the employees are giving me the evil eye...time to go.

Happy running this week to all!


Mark said...

Great running, Jill!

Tara said...

Wow, gorgeous pics! I've never been to New Mexico, but I've always heard great things.

Good job on your 5K from your below post! 6:43 on your first mile? Speedy!!

elaine said...

I used to run Tramway when I lived in ABQ. It's a great town to run in.

shellyrm said...

Sounds like a great time and a successful run. It looks beautiful.

Tina at Gotta Run Now said...

A long run and then a hike - you must have slept well! Sounds like a nice trip!

Aww - too bad that you didn't get into the Houston marathon because it filled up so fast - less than three days this year! I could hardly believe it!