Friday, January 8, 2010

I WON....I won IwoniwonIwonnnwiwon i won!

Wow, wow, and wow! I won something!! ME!!!!! My mailbox was jammed packed today with this enormous package and I just smiled as big as a smile can get; I hadn't purchased any post-holiday sales (darn it!) so I knew it could only be one thing: Inside, was my winnings from Shelly's blog, It's Just One Foot in Front of the Other, where I just casually mentioned in a comment that I thought the penguin socks in the picture were hers - and I WON!!! Here's me (notice the bright highlights from previous blog??) and my new swag above and a close-up of the great gifts below.

Okay, these are horrible pictures, on both, but here's a run-down of all my cool loot:

- Dark Chocolate covered pomegranates. Um, hello - totally yummy!!!!
- Blackberry Vanilla lotion from Bath and Body Works. Smells heavenly!
- Pink bubble gum. Who doesn't love bubble gum??!!??
- 3 pairs of the cutest, and I mean CUTEST, heart socks! All the kids will be envious when I wear these to school next week!
- The most adorable penguin card which reads: Peace.

I must have accidentally made it known that my favorite color is pink or something cuz all these really cool things all have a common theme: PINK! Even the pomegranates are pink, in a sense. I am just the happiest runner in blog land today!! Thank you, my dear - you totally made my day and I am beyond grateful for your over the top generous gift! I'm certain I will be a better runner tomorrow on my long run because I'll think of all these cool things and smile :)!

In other news:

Abbey was home from college for a few brief minutes to get her hair cut. I made her get rid of the snowflakes on my borders because honestly!!!! it's ($*@* Jan. 8th and I am officially DONE with snow and cold; I didn't need my blog border to remind me how cold it is! It was so insanely frigid here the past couple days that I think I'm going to move West and see if I can live in Meg's bathroom or something. This is just nuts! So right now, the blog's looking a little baby shower-ish, which I hope to rectify, but she left before I could say yeah or nay (patience isn't one of her virtues. Wonder where she gets that from?!!? Um, that was a rhetorical question, you didn't need to actually answer). I personally don't mind how pink it is (come on, what's wrong with it??) but I'm certain many of you will be nauseated when you open me up! So hopefully in the next few days she can come back and help me make it all beautiful and not so Pepto Bismol like.

Gradual warm up coming this weekend (YES!!!) but still a lot of snow on the ground - which is going to make long run of 15 tomorrow challenging. Did I mention I'm sick of winter? Spring marathon training is a constant challenge and rearranging of the schedule. I think I need a sponsor so that I can quit my day job and just run my long run whenever the weather is cooperative. Any takers? :).

My weight training on Wed (last blog) left my arms a wee-bit sore. Anytime I'm sore from weight training I gotta consider that a success (unless I pulled something, which I'm not ruling out I could never do because half the time I'm just out there randomly pulling whatever together, but thankfully it wasn't that kind of sore!). I blew off tonight's weight training because I think I need to re-adjust my calendar yet AGAIN - weight training on easy days is not really, um, "easy" so I need to switch those days. ugh. Easy 4 instead of 5 today went well, too, and 11x400's yesterday were smooth sailing also. Took forever and a day to finally GET to them but eventually I did. I am having a tough time adjusting back to the real world after two weeks off and actually took two (count that number, people. One, TWO! ) naps after I got home from work yesterday. Huh? Started intervals at 8:00 p.m. last night when I should have been going to bed. What is wrong with me??? Don't answer that, either!

Marcia, from Running off at the Mouth, tagged me to write about 10 things that make me happy (She's off to Boston, too, Meg!). I'm going to go for my long run tomorrow and think about that list more so going to hold off on that for another day. I could ramble off 10 in a heartbeat but wanna make sure to answer correctly... :). And I'm really tired. So off to bed I go so I'm all rested and ready to run (er, skate? snowshoe?) tomorrow morning!

Thanks again, Shelly, I love each and every gift! And thanks to EVERYONE who'd been so supportive with me lately. Tucson, Boston, loss of trainer, weight training. You guys have been the best pick-me-uppers and have fueled me immensely! Thanks!

btw, the calendar. If you click on the date, it brings up the entire schedule for that day. I've had a few questions. Hope that helps.


elaine said...

Ha! I'm the first fan commenting this time. I was reading your blog but getting distracted with this new baby have the best smile, and your blog just gets better. My long run tomorrow is only 12 and I have decided I will not run on ice. I did that once this week and it freaked me out. I'm injury prone enough as it is. 1% treadmill instead for me. Tomorrow, however, it looks like I will be outside with you.

Davide (The Artist Formerly Known As Moose) said...

Congratulations on your prizes Jill! Have fun on your long run! BTW is the Loop website having problems? I can't seem to load the pages correctly... :(
Ciao my friend :)

Teamarcia said...

Great gift! Warning: those pomegranate things are deliciously addictive! Enjoy!

Running and living said...

i have 15 today and it's 10 degrees here and snow is covering the ground. Hrr! Have a good one!

TMB said...

What a great surprise! I love the socks! Congrats!

Melissa said...

Congrats on the prizes. LOVE the socks

MrsCJ said...

Nice loot!


Julie said...

What a wonderful surprise to get all of those very cool things in the mail! Shelly did a good job of picking out the good stuff! Blackberry vanilla just happens to be one of my favorites!!

shellyrm said...

So glad your goodies made it!

I didn't think Pep-to at all, until you mentioned it, heeheehee. JK I did more snowflakes!

Love the highlights! I have to get my hair donated so I can get my hair back to it's assisted color.

Keep up those workouts! Do some weight training for me. I could use all the help in that dept I can get!

Meg Runs said...

1. Love the pinkness.
2. I have 2 empty rooms AND a bathroom for fleeing snowbirds.
3. You deserve all of those luscious and tasty gifties!
4. Ha, ha MY daughter is coming over today to help me with blog!
Sorry, but isn't that a coincidence?
5. WHERE were you running intervals at 8 pm on a Friday?
Hmmm, everyone is giving you socks. Must think of something else for your day.
Have a fun and restful weekend!

ajh said...

The goodies look very fun! No wonder you were so excited!

Tara said...

Congrats on your win girlie! Can I have the chocolate....please? :)

I would love to sponser you if I could, but I need a sponser too. Maybe we could both get one!

I hope your 15 miler works out. I'm up to 8 and I will be doing that today. It will be warm, but yes, the ice makes it difficult. Be safe out there!

Tricia said...

Congrats, what great goodies!

Heather said...

What a great prize! The socks are so cute.

Happy Feet 26.2 said...

I like the pink. It's always great to get freebies in the mail. Fun! Great pic!

Jennifer said...

Great picture of you, you look great. You are much better with the weight training than I am, gosh it always feels good afterward, but I hate doing it. Keep it up!! Someone has too!)

Anonymous said...

I thought when you said you were going to live with Meg - you meant me - but then I thought - hmmmmmmm it is a high of like -3 today! Haaaa Congrats on the win! Hope your run went well. MEG M-T

Mel -Tall Mom on the Run said...

We now have matching socks, I WON too :)

Love the picture..

Irene said...

Nice swag!

Anonymous said...

congrats on your winnings!
great stuff. I was at bath and body works today! heheh
the socks are so cute!

Anonymous said...

Winning is so much fun!!!

Tina @GottaRunNow said...

Glad you won such a fun package of goodies! Fun!

Slomohusky said...

Fun surprise to start your New Year. Hope it is theme throughout the year for ya. Have fun!

Dennis said...

A good week of training, nice long run. Less than 100 days. 14 weeks to go

BuRg said...

Yayyyyyyy!!! You woooooooon! : ) So exciting!! That means you can eat it all with no guilt cuz YOUUUUUUU ARE THE CHAMPIONNNNNN, my friend!! LoL! : )

Anonymous said...

I know I am getting this one late, but congrats!!!