Monday, January 25, 2010

Week 3 2010 / Friends new and old....

Week 3 (recovery week):

Week's Running totals: 36
Running Total for 2010: 139.37
Weight training: 2

Friends: I’ve thought a lot about them recently.

Yesterday I ran with fellow blogger, Tara, on local trail that is convenient to both of us. How cool is that, huh?? I never met Tara before; only things I knew about her is what I’ve read on her blog, but I could tell we were a lot alike. You know, you can just sense that stuff. She’s training for the Colorado Marathon, her debut marathon, which is two weeks after I complete (hopefully) Boston, so we’re both trying to rack up the miles as we get on a schedule and we both love the idea of an occasional running partner. The weather decided to turn blistery cold and windy for the weekend (of course) so we didn’t have time to chit chat much before our 5 mile run but we hit it off instantly; I had a great time getting to know her. The miles flew by in seconds, despite my frozen hands (even with fleece gloves) and her lungs bellowing because of all her messy, ickiness she endured with that nasty embolism last year. Poor thing, I felt so bad. She’s an itty-bitty, tiny thing and cute as can be - I just enjoyed every second we were together. In typical ADDness, I forgot my phone and my camera battery was not charged but I did manage to get some unsuspecting bystander to get one picture snapped. Tara’s great, I consider her a new friend and I can’t wait to run and/or workout at the gym-y with her.

Another blogger, Meg, called me upon the completion of her marathon today. Where she’s been calm and collected about her upcoming marathon, I took it upon myself to be stressed and nervous about it in her behalf. That’s what friends do for one another, you're welcome, Meg! I've got that stress thing down pretty well! I’ll let Meg tell you her marathon victory story but for someone I’ve also never met, Meg and I have a blast emailing our nutsoid life and kid stories – and we are going to be sharing an over-priced Boston hotel together. She is a wonderful new friend which I truly feel blessed to have in my life. I think we’re going to have a lot of laughs in Boston together. Oh, and run our hearts out, of course! And then we're gonna celebrate in style with all those bloggers out there in true Blog land style: FUN!!!

These new friends I’ve met via the world of running blog addicts, like me, are the people who cheer for each other up hills, through intervals, when we don’t feel like running, on that loooooong run and on race day. Miles forged together create a special friendship and intimacy.

I’ve been blog land “tagged” a few times lately (sorry, Beth, you are indeed in loserville by no one asking ya - haha) to list some number between 7 and 10… of “things” about me. Us in blog land don’t get the opportunity to meet many fellow bloggers; the select few I will be fortunate enough to cross live paths are just a small fraction of those that I actually read about daily and become attached to. So these lists, I suspect, are a means to learn a little more about the runners we cheer for each day. I wrote one of these lists a few weeks ago but I keep being tagged again so instead of me doing another, I gathered up some older friends, both runners and non, from my past to do a list for me. About me. Of me. Anything they wanted to say which WAS any part of me. So here’s a few:


1) you love being a Mom
2) you love to run, and run RIGHT
3) you dig mountains and other like challenges
4) you are crazy busy trying to make ends even remotely be in view of each other in this economy
5) you love sugar
6) you are looking for something deeper and more soulful
7) you are in process of becoming even more amazing


Emotional vulnerable

Borderline obsessive when it comes to running

Great smile


Always has encouraging and positive comments for other people

Loves her kids and is very protective

Take on too much as once. Can read as “over ambitious”.










Good Mother

Good Natured



Emotionally needy


Lots of fun

(I apologize for the spacing issues....err!!!)

I gotta love Elaine for having those deep insights. (she’s a great runner and super smart - just took her LSAT’s in her mid-life and passed with flying colors. Way to go, Elaine!!!) I have a few others who wrote but will leave it at that because for the most part, these lists are from people who evidently know me pretty well. I often wonder how I got so lucky to have friends like these. I could laugh and half-kiddingly say that once they find out what I'm really like, all bets are off. But the thing is, they already know, and seem to keep me anyway, cracks and divots and all.

So bloggie friends out there, what do you think you know about me? Maybe you can make up your 7 (or 10) things about me from what what I’ve written - go ahead if you want. No feelings hurt (I mean, Lisa called me “emotionally needy” and I forgave her – eventually :)). In my next blog, I’ll share my thoughts on what you’ve said.

But no matter what, I’m truly blessed for each and every one of you! Thanks, guys!

Entering Boston training week #4 with feeling good legs and ready to ramp up the pace and the miles. A strange numbness around the front of my left knee...but I'm ignoring it. Run well , friends!!


ShutUpandRun said...

I am so jealous that you and Tara ran together!!! Call me next time and I will make the trip down. I would LOVE to meet both you in person.

Mel -Tall Mom on the Run said...

I have LOVED everyone I have met through Blog land. Hubby thinks I am crazy for offering to host some Blog friends this Summer, but I know that it will be like rooming with an old friend..

Hmmmm lists...think we are early in our Bloggy relationship for that... LOL!!

Hugs to training for the big M!!

Tara said...

Oh I love it! I most definitely consider you a new friend too and I can't wait to run again! Your pic turned out better then mine. I may have to steal it from you. :)

Katie A. said...

Sooo jealous that you and Tara got to run together! I wish Colorado was closer to California because both of you ladies are awesome women!
And that is the only word I need to describe you: AWESOME. You are an awesome runner, an awesome blogger, an awesome person, an awesome mamma...I could keep going! But you are and when you're feeling down, pull this post up!
Great job on the running, you are amazing!
(((huggss))) to you my friend!

Julie said...

Hi Jill,
I want to meet you too! I am feeling a little jealous of Tara and of you for getting to meet Tara:) I just started to read Tara's blog and think she sounds very fun and nice too. Isn't it fun to meet blogger friends...I enjoyed reading your story about the blogger meet! I am glad that the two of you had a fun time! Cheers to bloggger friends:)

Heather said...

Loved the idea of having your friend make a list!

Running and living said...

Love the lists. How fun about running with a blog friend. I met one this weekend, too. In some sense, I think a blog tells more about a person than knowing the person in real life. We share much more about ourselves on our blogs, hopes and dreams and such, and I (we?) don't talk much about these in real life. Boston will rock. And your bday party, too!

Claire said...

New friends rock!

Slomohusky said...

Great Meet Up! Living out here in Vegas, and having all these Colorado runners blogs to read and have ya make comments on mine - it has me thinking Colorado is one big Runners Commune! Sounds like a fun place to live, work and of course - RUN! Keep Kickin!

Anonymous said...

1 - You are going to the Boston Marathon
2 - You live in Denver
3 - You know what the term "good beer" means
4 - You apparently have three children
5 - You subscribe to 42 blogs
6 - You have 95 followers
7 - You are faster than me!

Teamarcia said...

I love Jamoosh's list!!
It's so cool you and Tara got to run together! You and I will have the same opportunity on 4/19, although I'll be light years behind you. : )
I have so many reasons to visit CO, maybe next summer...

candlerun (htabby) said...

lol sorry you are a bit new to me but you sound quite nice. :0)

(From a new Cheer person)

Tara said...

I stole your pic. Mine were terrible! :)

Irene said...

I love meeting up with blogger friends! I met up with one on Saturday.

Cool lists!

Molly said...

hey Jill...I'm a reader of Tara's blog, so of course I had to come by and check you out! : )

good luck in Boston, I'm going to have to come by again to see how your training goes!

ajh said...

So many of us are jealous of your fun with Tara! That is great that you met up and ran together. I can't wait until I meet someone I have blogged with.

Happy Feet 26.2 said...

That is so cool. It's so neat to meet new running buddies.

Steve said...

I agree...runner friends are the best. I would love to run with a great runner like you...cold or not!

Mikey B said...

Green with envy, but happy as Christmas you have found a new running buddy.

onelittletrigirl said...

I have wonderful friends, but I must admit, I feel even closer to some of my blog pals. You guys get me. My non-runner friends try (and some don't) but they don't get it. I feel at home here. I only recently found you but helllooo, your name is Jill- I knew you would be awesome!

Jennifer said...

You & Tara = positive energy! I love my blogger friends and am making secret plans to someday run with all of them! You too!

Meg said...

Devoted mom
Young at heart
A talented multi-tasker

Thanks for being there new friend,

Jenn said...

7 things I know about Jill!

1. Honest-this is your blog and you could be whoever you wanted but you wear your heart on your sleeve and let us all see who you really are! This is the main reason I keep reading!

2. Determined-self-diagnosed running addict. I don't think much would slow you down!

3. Fit-obviously from your pictures and workout regiment you are one fit mama!

4. Encouraging-personally, I notice when I have a "down" day which in turn leads to a "down" post, you continually offer encouragement and support! Proof friends CAN be made on the internet!

5. Funny-I've had many a laugh over the happenings on this blog! Thank you

6. Great mom-This should probably be up at #1 but because I am random, these are random!!

7. Loyal-I'm stealing from Meg up above because this word seems to suit you quite well!

Glad you had a great run with Tara and hope you have a great week!!

The Happy Runner said...

That's so awesome that you ran with her. I LOOOOOVE meeting bloggy friends, too!

Marlene said...

You enjoy: Running, Writing, Your 3 kids, Your Friends, The Mountains, Summer, The Beach, The Cottage in Michigan, Shoes, Your Black Patent Leather Dooney & Bourke purse, Wearing boots with skirts, Your flannel sheets and down comforter, Anything Feminine (the color pink long hair flowers dresses)

Okay, I totally copied that out of your profile. :)

Melissa said...

I love that you got others to do a list about you! So cool!!

Congrats on finding a running buddy!

shellyrm aka jogging stroller mama said...

I like that you had others tell you what they thought. I'll chime in too.

Jill is:

1. Outgoing

2. Supportive

3. Passionate

4. Fit

5. Self-critical

6. Nurturing

7. Outspoken

Tina @GottaRunNow said...

Cute pic! How fun to run with a blog friend!

Ulyana said...

this was a very touching post :)

C2Iowa said...

This is a great post. Jealous that you have people/friends to run with.

Jesse said...

Why did I ever move away from Colorado?

How great that we have this blog world to meet people with the same addiction, err, I mean passion.

Julie said...

Hi Jill,
I just tagged you....see what you need to come up with:)

Leslie said...

Holy cow woman, you have so many loyal friends! I hope to get to run with you one day myself!