Sunday, January 10, 2010

Week 1 of 2010 /10 things/ B climbing 14er

Week 1 (This week plus extra 2 days from Jan 1 and Jan 2):
Week's Running totals: 60.57 (42.25 for this week + 18.32 for previous two days in Jan)
Running Total for 2010: 60.57
Weight training: 3 (still playing with this but 2 core/arms and 1 legs)
Swimming: 1/2 (anything less than a mile is a fraction of a swim :) )
Yoga: 0 (I am still rearranging my schedule. Not sure how to fit this in. Yet!)

15.25 miler went okay yesterday. Not sure what's up but my pace just seems really forced. Hard. Tough. I'm constantly looking at my watch and I absolutely don't like that; I can't get into a groove and enjoy the run when I become obsessed with what my pace is. I think I'm going to leave my Garmin home next weekend when I have 16 on my plan. I know I hear gasps from a lot of ya but I need a run where I am just running and enjoying it; it has been a LONG time. But "the glute" was annoying, my ankle was screaming (the left one, which I twist and sprain at least once during marathon training. It flares up now and then but normally I just ignore it, it's not anything to worry about. Been going on and off like this for about 10 years!) and no long run can be complete without some new ailment, it appears, so yesterday's was some mystery muscle behind my knee. I'm thinking it's a tight hamstring so I spent a lot of time stretching it today. I test ran a extremely slow mile. I think it's fine. I hope. Feeling good going into week #3 of Boston training. Got my Boston tickets today and plans are coming together. I am actually starting to get a little excited!!

As mentioned in last post, Marcia tagged me to write 10 things that make me happy. I thought I'd come up with some profound list that would make everyone go "Ahhhhhh, that's so cool" but I didn't. It's just cheesy and pathetic but here ya go (I'm going to replace it for my usual end-of-the-week gratitude list):
1) My 3 kiddos. Most of the time.
2) The Rockie Mountains and that I live so close to them (moreso in summer when I can run in them then in winter when I just lie in my bed in the mornings and look at their amazement. Yes, I have a very nice view from the bedroom window!)
3) The color pink. Duh.
4) Iowa. And my sweet, dear, long-time friends from Iowa. I miss it, but not enough to want to move back guys.
5) The ocean. I know why people flock to CA.
6) Flannel sheets!!!
7) Cute Boots (though I don't own very many, they're just tooooo pricey. Whah!)!!!
8) Running shoes. No brainer! But don't you just love the smell of all those chemicals of new running shoes? ahhhh....
9) A clean house (if you saw it now, you'd laugh at that comment. I do like it clean, I just can't seem to keep up lately).
10) Memories of good times.

Today, twin #2 went and climbed him 14,265' Mt. Quandary today. He's the only 14-year-old I know that asked for an ice axe, crampons, and a video on climbing Mt. Everest for Christmas. He's way into it. And the snowier the better, I think. Not me. Burrrr! But he goes with a group, in particular a good friend and his dad; and they just love it. He left at 4a.m. this morning and returned one very tired and extremely sore puppy at 7:00 tonight - but beaming. Here's a few pictures from excursion today.

There she is: Mt. Quandary!
Snowy Trail


Almost to the top

Those little dots at the top of the peak are people!

Brendan (B) at the top. 4 hours to reach the summit! So very proud of this guy!

Happy miles to all this week!!


Rookie on the Run said...

Wow! That is so cool that your son is so into climbing! It seems like such a healthy interest (as opposed to sitting in front of the Wii or the computer all day).

I understand wanting to go Garminless. I love my Garmin but I find myself looking at it too much. 7uyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy90

Oops... that was my cat's comment above. :)

Mikey B said...

Too many people with a GPS get too caught up in the GPS and forget how to run without one. Other than being broke, I would say that is why I don't rush out to buy one. :)

Awesome pictures of Brendan's climb!

Mikey B

ESH said...

Great mileage heading into Boston! And yes, the smell of new running shoes is delicious!

ajh said...

Wow! Those pictures are amazing! I agree with the other comment. What a great thing for your son to be doing as opposed to video games etc. How many years do you think before he does go up Mt. Everest?

Running and living said...

Awesome training week. Don't worry about the pace, it will come. All my tempos feel v hard at the beginning of training, but much easier toward the end. Your son is amazing!!!

Julie said...

God I am so jealous of your daily miles:) Those are great pictures...very beautiful! I love a clean house too:) It is to bad that my house is not looking to great right now! Have a great Monday:)

Laura said...

A clean house makes me happy as well. My Hub can't understand why I have to clean THEN relax.
Great pics!

L.B. said...

I hate it when I catch myself staring at my Garmin too. I had a run recently where every tenth of a mile I was looking at the thing, it was like 8.71, 8.81, 8.91... like clockwork. It's almost a relief sometimes when the Garmin gives out on me or the batteries are too low to use. That thing can be a blessing and a curse. But as long as you know how long your route is, you could get away with leaving it behind every now and then.

And those pictures are amazing.

Staci Dombroski said...

What beautiful pictures!!!

Melissa said...

What gorgeous pictures. I can see why he likes it, although I would be terrified!

Aneta said...

those pictures are beautiful!!!!
good job on the climb with your son. that is awesome!!

Katie A. said...

What a great running week! SO proud of you! Your son is soooo cool! Mountain climbing, wow! And the pics are fab! Happy Monday my friend! :)

Glenn Jones said...

Nice climb! I got into running a couple years ago to get back into shape to do this kind of stuff. I bagged my first 14'er last summer (Mt. Whitney) and want to go back for more this summer. But I'm not a winter climbr at all! Kudos to your son!


Seriously, how do you get all that running in? I am so impressed. Love your 10 things list! The color pink, my 3 kids and new running shoes make me happy too!

Mel -Tall Mom on the Run said...

I am in mid gasp..

1. Miles!! Wow lady!

2. No Garmin run

3. BEAUTY of the Mountains..


runningcommentaries said...

Wow! Those mountains are amazing!!!!!!

Those are great things to make you happy. And no worries on pace-- don't forget, things always feel worse during training.

Slomohusky said...

Wow, you have my mileage beat two fold for the year thus far. Need to put in a 15 miler tonight to catch up with ya! My only advice (not that you need anything I could offer) rest. Take a few days off for aches. However, I am sure know that already :). Your son and his mt climbing is pretty inspiring. Great photos! Have fun out there - cheers!

onebadrunner said...

I've done that one!! But not in the snow. Not as tough as B.

Your list is beautiful. You sound like an adoring Mom who loves to run and knows just who she is. "Ahhhh. That's so cool!"

Jennifer said...

Great pictures! I know what you're saying about the Garmin! Sometimes I have to really work hard to NOT look at it. Great numbers for the month so far!

shellyrm said...

1. I am so jealous of your view!! My mountain are ant hills in comparison!
2. I am so jealous of your son's amazing hike/climb! That looks unbelievable!

Okay, done being jealous.

Leave that garmin at home! Just run. Your body knows the form, just put one foot in front of the other and enjoy those 16 miles next week. Look around, breathe it in. Remember? Run just because you love it not because your schedule said you have to run 16 miles.

Mel-2nd Chances said...

Wow, amazing pictures!!

Badgergirl said...

Love the pics of the mountains. Tell your son congrats!

Tara said...

Oh too funny...I just did my 10 Things List too and I thought the same thing. Wow, I'm going to say something profound. Yeah...not so much. Mine's really cheesy.

Those pics are great. We are sooo very lucky to live out here. My husband and I say that we are going to do a 14er every year, haven't done it yet.

Meg said...

Gorgeous pictures! I love the smell of chemicals too! I also cute boots and the beach...go figure! You are putting in LOTS OF MILES, way to go girl!! Stay strong, stay positive, stay Boston-bound!!

RunToTheFinish said...

Ahh my hubs is from Iowa...but I don't think the misses it :)

wow that is an amazing adventure for him!

C2Iowa said...

I like #4 and #10. The weather is starting to turn for the better here in Iowa. May take a little longer here in the NW part of the state. Great pics.

Becca said...

Wait til winter is over before you come back's been a nasty one!

Heather said...

Great pics of your son climbing - that's awesome!

I try to do all my easy runs without the Garmin just so I can remember what it's like to solely listen to my body.

Denise said...

I was in a bad funk last year after the ultra so I gave up my garmin and just got back to "fun" running. I didn't set a pace or time, just ran for 35-40 minutes and it felt great. A week of this and my mojo was back.

adamrculp said...

But my new Garmin loves to be looked at, can't I peak just a bit? :)

Nice miles.

ajh said...

I have tagged you. Please go to my post to see what it is about.