Saturday, April 18, 2009

Boston Day 2

Lunch at the Barking Crab, a very cool place!

Day #2. I started the morning with an excellent 3ish mile run with Elaine. Felt really good to stretch...both my legs and my mind. Elaine had us at about an 8:50 clip but I seriously doubt it...if so, then I'm going to be flying in Boston cuz I felt great and didn't feel like I was moving!!!! But we weren't, as confirmed later by her watch saying we were going 6:30. And this I know we weren't!!!

Karen and I couldn't have done anything more touristy today than we did: we rode the trolley around town and stopped at about every stop that was something to "see" and, in her case, had alcohol (I only drank about a half one - total! Just a sip of hers now and then). As soon as we got on the trolley, we instantly met up with some great people, Steve and Jana, from Illinois and we hung with them for the remainder of the day. They were tons of fun and we laughed so much! Just what my mind needed today. Boston is a pretty cool city; I can easily understand why people want to live here.

Steve, Jana, Karen, Me; at the Cheers bar

By the time I got back to the hotel, I had missed Elaine for some afternoon marathon seminars (but I do intend to go at least one tomorrow['Mental strategies for running Boston' - have the race directors been reading my blog or what?]) but did meet up with her for a bit at the Expo, which had about 20,000 more people in it than it did yesterday. I need to remember that if I come back again next year, to be sure to do the Expo on Friday!!!

Elaine and I at the Expo; she's pointing to the "Best Runner Debut" sign.

My friend, Sheri, flew in today to meet up with me also. I love all my girly support!! Sheri is a flight attendant for United so can fly whenever there are seats open but Denver got hit by a pretty big storm last night and all through the day today so we were a little uncertain if she'd make it or not. Thankfully she did. I guess a direct flight from Denver to Boston last night was cancelled and that was the last one of the day so they rebooked all these people for today flights and thus, her plane was packed. So I'm even more grateful that she's here with me, it wasn't easy. I am so exhausted and I'm not sure why because I haven't done much walking. Maybe my mental exhaustion is leaving me physically exhauted! Karen and Sheri went to do a little shopping and I let them go on without me. As much as I would have loved it, I don't want to walk! I want to lie here and write and watch some mindless wasteland t.v. and keep my feet up. I'm seriously thinking I may go to bed here soon. Which is like 6:30 in Denver. Sad! I actually slept pretty well last night, a rare commodity; I pray it continues through the race

Tomorrow we're off to Fenway Park for the Redsox game. I may go a bit later than start time; I want to go to a couple running seminars in the morning and is my birthday tomorrow - it is all about me, after all!

Tired and off to go read more about finding my way to the race come race-day morning. Monday weather calls for a high of 47 with about a 70% chance of rain in the late evening. So the rain may hold off....though I'm in limbo about what to wear. I hear we wait up at the start line for well over two hours. Errr. I'm not complaining, just do not know what I need to bring to wear while waiting. And the whole sweat bag thing is such a major pain later when you are done!!! So I got some thinking to do tonight. And tomorrow! I can't believe it's all closing in....

3 miles run

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Anonymous said...

It's hard to rest the day before THE marathon of all marathons. Pink hat suits you... How was the Pink Sox game ? I will be thinking of you too at every mile tomorrow morning. Hope to make it next year.. I need to shave a few minutes more off every race right ? My quads are sore today. It is finally sunny and warm here. Use only the portapotties at the start as the pee-pee police will be out checking around all the homes. Yes you do have to be at the start 2 hrs early that's why you took the white trash bags to sit on..Happy Birthday for 8 1/2 more hours ok .. you are the best.. knock 'em dead with another 3:46 !!!