Wednesday, April 8, 2009

My Darling, Miss Abbey

Another one of those "what a day" days. Let's just say Abbey was the most uncooperative child alive when I "made" her go downtown today so that my cousin could take some pictures of her by the state capital. Heaven forbid that I wanted some Senior pictures, that my cousin takes fabulous pictures, offered to do them for me, and that I'm saving boo-koo bucks by having him do so. Did I really raise such an ill-mannered child? OMG is about all I can say. Thankfully, my cousin knows her well so knew this little picture taking session could potentially be an issue...which probably only manifested the whole situation since she felt she could whine and complain that much more. After like 2-hours of her being stubborn beyond belief, I finally caved and said she didn't have to go to the family dinner on Easter Sunday, since we are pretty informal and all, if she would just take a few normal pictures without her sunglasses on and without looking like she just vomited over the side of the railing. I'm not sure why I caved; probably because I had to pee like crazy!!! I think he got a few good shots in there; I can't wait to look at them when he gets them posted online later tomorrow. I need to desperately get out her graduation announcements and I'd like to enclose a picture. Need to do that by this weekend!! Before I go to Boston! I feel life zooming by...

Thanks, Tim for the CD of great running songs. They came in the mail today and many are going to work perfect!

I finally got to the top of the hill tonight at 7:00 for hill repeats. A bit late, but perfect weather. By the last mile, the sun had totally set and it was dark....just like my attempt to run them: dark. I just cannot breathe and I felt every single upward step. Dennis met me tonight to help pace me, which was great because I have not run with him in awhile and also because I was just sucking air so badly, it was nice that he helped guide my sorry butt up. Thanks, Dennis! I made Dennis promise me that I wasn't going to suck so bad at Boston as I did tonight running hills. My legs didn't really wanna run and my lungs were just killing me. I'd think that this time in to the taper, you're so ready to run that you feel like you can run a thousand miles. Not me, not today. I hope big changes between tonight and April 20th!!!
There is something about the taper that makes me feel edgy. Perhaps it's the excess energy, usually expended in miles, now turned into vague restlessness...but I just don't feel that good on a taper. I eat way too much food and I feel my butt and gut expanding at record rates. I'm going into Boston about 5 lbs heavier than I wanted and if I don't be careful, it's going to be 10!!! I can't stop eating..which is odd, because usually I'm so freaked that I can't even eat anything!! Hum....

6 miles run up hills

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Dennis said...

It was fun, good workout, I needed to burn off some stress. Thanks

You were running them strong, especially the last one.