Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Still Tired....

Okay, I can say this only because I don't believe Rob's been reading my blog since I got back from Boston (Little clues I've picked up on which he wouldn't be saying or asking if he read... and if he read this one, he wouldn't be too happy that I am running without full recovery)...but my legs are still store. Evident by my run today. I ran about 4 outdoor miles, hitting the high school track for a half mile so I'd know my pace (8:35). I felt strong but I also was hurting. I think I have some short intervals tomorrow and then I will rest my legs on Thursday, as my schedule calls (I think I have weight training...oh eeks, I also have 3x1 milers. Hum. I may need to get the rolly pin thing out and rub the ole legs out).

I think I need a whole new nasal system installed. UGHHHHHHHH

Another 2 hours of invitation arguing with Abbey and we finally ordered some. She's not too thrilled with the final choice and for that matter, I'm not really either. Both of had to cave and come to some sort of compromise that neither of us were too excited about. Couldn't be that we are two peas....? John used to tell us that one day he wouldn't be surprised to come home and see us both dead, killed one another - our stubborn wills. We've progressed some since those middle-school-I-know-everything days but man....some days are still a challenge. She's a great kid and I love her to death...this whole college thing is very trying. I am going to miss her with all my heart *sigh* come fall.

I am in serious thought about the Portland Marathon. I'm really in a struggle because I know JC would be an amazing pacer and I may never have the opportunity for his assistance again. He is running the St. George Marathon the day before Portland and there's no way even his insane marathon schedule would let him run back to back marathons (he has a goal to run 100. He's on 64 and is well younger that I am. ahem). So I'll toy with this fall marathon thing a bit longer.

I'm excited for SBS's marathon this weekend and her friends that are running it. I think I'm actually going to be a bit envious I'm not on the road with them. Did I just say that? A week ago, I was never running another marathon. Ever.

I finished writing my article for Rob on the aftereffects of running Boston. I'll see if I can attach it somehow as a link to my blog. I may have to consult Dennis, the computer expert. Anyway, I will try that tomorrow .... I think it's pretty good.

4 miles run


Anonymous said...

Hopefully JC will be there for you but I hear on the grapevine that he would welcome the chance to pace you at TOU in Logan in September. It looks like a fairly easy downhill course through Blacksmith Fork canyon then flat for a while. He tells me that it is very cold at the start through 13 which is ideal for marathon running. He seems to know what he is talking about having run 64 marathons. My advice would be to listen to his experience .But maybe he is missing a message from you today :)

Dennis said...

Let me know if you need help with the article link or anything else on your blog. Expert is a relative term for running and computers.