Friday, April 10, 2009

I Hate The Taper

One week until I leave for Boston. It feels weird not to be planning my usual Saturday long run on a Friday night. I really miss it. The taper makes me feel edgy and a lack of knowing what to do. Perhaps it's the excess energy, usually expended in miles, now turned into restlessness. This, along with an unidentified numbing of my feet with every run, and the pace of life traveling at a velocity inversely proportional to the desired rate of rest, makes me wanna crawl out of my skin.

I did manage to get the majority of my iPod playlist for Boston all loaded; now I just need to move them around some to find the right song for the right moment. Thanks for those that sent recommendations; the new music is going to help!

In the meantime, I felt better on my short run tonight than I did when I inhaled one of my lungs on the hills Wednesday. So that's a positive. The downside? My feet are still going numb, my left knee is bothering me some and I have a muscle twitch in my left deltoid muscle. Which has been there for a few days now. I've barely done any weight training so I have no idea what's causing it. I'm eating okay, though not great. I had one too many beers last night ... but I'm looking at it as carb loading. I have not looked online at the race course and thinking I'm not going to, despite the fact a month ago I put out a desperate call to all the prostates for a course map. I haven't even looked at a Boston city map nor scooped out where my friends will be in retrospect to where I am. I wonder if I am feeling the unknown is somehow my ticket to this whole thing...cuz usually I've printed off about a hundred pages of documentation in preparation and the overly anal person I can be sometimes isn't having a meltdown about my lack of Boston knowledge. And I don't feel the urgency to start investigating all the answers that I know nothing about. I think I'd better at least find my hotel...and I should start that quest with at least knowing the name of my hotel :).

Okay, I lied when I said I didn't look at the Boston profile yet; I have but it was some time ago. So I just looked it up online. Hum....those hills at the end look miserable. (note to self: try not to freak out at mile 16.5. And for SURE, don't go too fast on 'em !).
3 miles run at 8:34


elaine said...

I struggled with the numb feet thing a lot before St. George, then bought the Asics in a bigger size, loosened them up, an no more numb...until I bought new Asics and laced them too tight. Dunno if this relates...

Jill said...

Hi Elaine,
I have bought the same shoes for the past decade, it seems, but this newer version is giving me some problems. Or that's what I think anyway; who knows, it could be something more serious. I loosened them up to the point there were falling off my feet when I ran - and my feet were still numb. Errrrr.

Have your aches and pains all subsided now that Boston is around the corner? I think I've willed some knee, which as okay for a long time, is suddently screaming again.

elaine said...

Nope, still aching. I hate the taper too.

Sarah Bowen Shea said...

Hi Jill--
I'd love to take a look at your Boston playlist--any chance you could post it on your blog? I was mulling over my playlist for Eugene this morning on my run...
Also, Marriott Copley: Awesome location for race! Just a short limp, uh, I mean, walk from finish line. I'm headed to Boston on biz tomorrow and we get to run section of course, including Heartbreak Hill, on Wed. Exciting!

Jill said...

Hi Sara...
I will definitely post my playlist for you on my blog (or will email it to you directly). You'll laugh at most of the songs and my 18-year old has deemed them "stupid." But they have a fast beat and I like 'em.
Thanks for the hotel comment; I have not been to Boston before and have no idea where I am in conjunction to all the marathon stuff.
And PLEASE let me know how Heartbreak is....I'm a wee-bit concerned.
- Jill