Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Just Dance, Jill, Gunna Be OK

A little more time to write than last night, but not much.

The devoted little runner I am, I actually DID do my intervals last night, at 10:35. p.m. When I finally uploaded my pictures on my blog and stated I was going to go run, it was 10:00. I changed clothes and went downstairs to get my running shoes so I could get going...and more importantly, get to bed before midnight. I keep all my running stuff in my laundry room tucked in a few different plastic bins; it's pretty roomy and many years ago, we added cabinets so I am able to hide it all there. Plus, it's convenient to the garage and out the door. My running shoes also call the laundry room home and have a nice little spot next to the dryer, but sometimes they mysteriously get little feet inside them and take a walk and end up God only knows where. Last night was one of those times; one shoe decided to abandoned his laundry room post. With only one shoe on my foot, I looked for the other shoe for 35 minutes.... even eventually bribing the boys to hunt with me by offering cold hard cash for the first to find it (Brendan, the little negotiator that he is, thought he should be paid "per minute" and not just on a commission-based pay for found merchandise. Ha!). I'm not certain how it got there or more importantly how I noticed it, but MIS shoe was spotted in the laundry basket upstairs in my bedroom. Hum. I was seriously beginning to wonder how I was going to run Boston with one shoe. Or worse, new shoes. So finally at 10:35, I started my 4x400's. I can say with 99.9% certainty that I have never run later. And I felt it; I was tired! But did them I did.

I cannot stop sneezing. My allergies are KILL'N me!!!!

I have felt pretty awful all day today. I hope it's allergies and not the onset of some major cold or something. My sinuses have never felt this miserable, I don't believe. Itchy, watery eyes; stuffed up nose; sneezing galore; can't' breathe; overly tired; my legs feel heavy. Yeah, this taper sucks!!!!

I ran 3 hill repeats tonight and though I may have run them a tiny bit faster than last week, they still really hurt (maybe this is the norm for half mile hill repeats??) and Boston self-doubt suddenly was swarming my head. But I remember how I just didn't feel right the week before St. George...even the night before said marathon, I was lying flat on my back with an ice pack underneath, staring at the ceiling, trying to calm my nerves. So this sinus stuff I currently have is just another test of my will and I will persevere. Yes, I will.

A powerful spring storm is predicted in Denver ... guess when? Yep, starting tomorrow night and going well past my 8:10a.m. scheduled flight. Visions of that nightmare to Atlanta are flooding my head; I'm not certain I can endure yet another one of those snow-pack flying days....I'm still not certain how I survived the one I had to! So say your little prayers to the Weather Gods. Really, shouldn't a person only have to do this once at year, at the most? As I lie here watching the weather, it looks VERY nasty for Friday. Please let me get out of here on Friday morning!!!!!!!!

I have barely packed. The weather in Boston seems to change every few hours; I have no idea what to bring! I'm going to bed tonight and not even think about it any more. I still have not taken my coaching test yet, which was my goal before I I'm just hoping to get it in by the mandatory April 28th deadline.

My friend, Ann Johnson, was just on 9-news; she was given the 9-news person of the month award for her foundation of 'Adopt-a-US-soldier' program. Cool!!! Way to go, Ann!!!!

To whomever sent me a watch in the mail at work yesterday..... I think I know who you are. Thank you!! I'll have a little conversation with you later!

I am tired y'all. Maybe I just need some sleep to get me feeling better.....

Tomorrow, I will post my Boston playlist. I have had a really hard time getting the CD's people have given me all loaded and renamed (they load as 'track 1', etc). Now I have no idea how to shuffle them around, which I think is a necessity! Anyway, I will have them for ya all. My latest favorite: Just Dance. By Lady Gaga & Colby Donis. "Just Dance (Jill) Gunna be OK"

3 mile run

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