Thursday, April 30, 2009

Zero Energy

I just am tired. Plain and simply tired. Weight training was a struggle tonight and 3x1 miles were even worse. 3x1 miles turned into 6x800's cuz there was no way I could run a mile. My legs are tired, my stomach hurts, my back hurts, and my knee hurts. Whine, whine, whine!!!!! I look forward to tomorrow off. Never thought I'd hear myself say that a week ago but yeah, I'm saying it: my legs need to rest another day.

My two new pair of shoes came in the mail today and I am wearing one of each. Different shoes, totally different brands. One is Saucony and one is Mizuno...neither of which I have ever worn. I have had so many problems with my last pair of shoes and so when I called Road Runner Sports, after logging almost 250 miles in the last pair, they are returning them for FREE and allowing me to try these other two for 60 days. Sweet, huh? We'll see how they do. I can already tell which one I like better of the two but I'll wait to hold judgement until I can actually run in them.

I took Abbey over at DU to tour around a bit...or as she called it "poke" around. We went over to the Ritchie Center and saw the hockey team practicing and saw the pool, which is one of two Olympic sized pools in Colorado. Also toured the fitness center, it's loaded with ever amenity that you'd ever want - I hope Abbey takes advantage. We also wandered around the bookstore and most of the campus; it's not a very big school so it didn't take a lot of time. We talked to financial aid today and most likely can get more $$ for her. Yes!!! Abbey's very happy about her acceptance!

DU campus (why doesn't my grass look this green?)

Brendan had an art show over at the district admin offices. Abbey and I got there before the boys so looked around for Brendan's piece. Couldn't find it until much later after Brendan got there and found it. It was a little ceramic jar and in a display case. Very nice. Brendan was so excited a few weeks ago when he found out that his piece was on display.

I am going to close and get to bed early tonight. I am not sleeping well .... again. Not sure if it's sinus related or something else going on (or both) but I was in a fog all day at work today because I took some Benedryl way too late last night. So tonight I took them earlier in an attempt that I won't have the same issues tomorrow. I am very glad tomorrow is Friday!!!! It's been a long and crazy busy week!

3 miles run
weights: 1

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elaine said...

Brendan is such a good-looking kid!