Friday, May 1, 2009

Without a Paddle

I'm lying in bed watching the move Without a Paddle with Abbey. I cherish this time together. It's pretty rare we get these moments anymore....

I didn't exercise today. I need a rest, my body is still in Boston recovery mode; I can feel it. Instead, I went to happy hour with the girls, consumed way too much 'happy hour food' and a beer, then met up later with Dennis for the same. Dennis and I got into a discussion about running, of course. I don't think he understands how stressful the marathon is for me and how as I get older, this PR'n stuff is just not what I want. I have a couple marathon PR's left in me and then that's it. I have a lot more marathons in me, I hope, but I am tired of the stress and anxiety when I run these things, my head getting tangled along the way. What I want, and what I hope, is that I get a couple hard PR marathons left in me and then I want to run them for fun. I'm not certain he understood and if he did, he certainly doesn't believe I can do it, he believes I'm too competitive. Maybe I am, but this 46 year old body is beginning to show signs of it's age and I think I'll be ready for the change.

Tomorrow's plan is to run 8 or 9. I'll see how the body feels!!

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Anonymous said...

It is pouring with rain this morning. So I will take an umbrella for the "Walk Now for Autism" which starts at 10 am. Hopefully it will stop this afternoon so that I can get my long run in today, otherwise I will pounding away on the treadmill which is not my favorite thing to do. We have had so much rain and snow this winter and spring. I see your Denver weather today is just like ours. At least the grass is green :)
" Others judge us by what we have accomplished. We judge ourselves by what we hope to accomplish"