Tuesday, May 5, 2009

An Emotional 13 hour Marathon

Okay, so I was at the track tonight failing miserably at my measly 6x1200's at what would normally be a manageable, albiet speedy, pace (nope, not tonight) when I got a text message from my friend, Karen (Boston cheerleader) that she was in her car listening to The Biggest Loser on her radio and the final 4 contestants were going to run a marathon. Huh? I was sitting there on the bleachers gaging on what little air I could take in after doing a whole 2.25 miles, making Karen promise she'd make sure I was buried in my favorite new purple and pink running shorts, and there's these 4 people that just a few weeks ago, all weighted well over 100 lbs more than they do now...and they are going to run a marathon?? I hopped in my car, ran to the grocery store, came home, and hit the treadmill for the final 3x12's and turned on The Loser for a little inspiration. Never mind I just finished Boston in a reputable time, a fact that Maureen Roben, a local track coach who has run an amazing 4 Olympic marathon trials and has helped me with some of my training, told me today: Think of all the runners who dream of running Boston and know it will never be a reality! You are in an elite group (Thanks, Maureen...that made me choke up)! That didn't matter at the track when I couldn't run 3 measly laps at a pace that was really not that difficult - I needed inspiration and I was going to get it from 4 people who never in their lives have run 3 miles let alone 26.2.

I don't know if it was the fact that I could actually perform my 1200's on my treadmill with both lungs operating at about 80% (vs about 3% at the track) that was causing my eyes to blurr....but most likely, it was seeing the last guy, Ron, cross the finish line in 13 hours and some change. Everyone was crying for his victory ... including me. He persevered what only a few months ago was impossible when he weighed 141 lbs more. Yes, most anyone could go out there and walk 26 miles in less than 13 hours but I had such great admiration for his determination to fight his knee pain, overcome his obstacles, and never give up! To me, that's a true hero!!!! I even bumped up my last 1200 to a 6:53 pace just to pay tribute to those 4 marathoners today on TBL (BTW, I believe the first place chick never once walked and crossed in 4:48. Incredible...she, too, never ran more than a few miles in her life). I felt great!

I'm not exactly sure what's going on with my lungs but I'm almost certain some of it, if not all, is allergy related. I am just suffering big time. The reason why there was an intermission to grocery store between track and treadmill intervals is because I needed to go talk to a pharmacist and see what they recommended to clear out this crud in my sinuses. I am so drugged up right now and I know this is effecting my ability to breathe and run efficiently. So I got some things to try - things I've tried in the past but willing to try again. I think I'm close to calling an allergist ... and since my insurance won't pay for it, that indicates to you how bad I am hurting and want this fixed!

My new shoes that I loved on my long run Saturday are too big. Errr. My heels are also hurting some. I need to call the shoe place and get this shoe thing fixed. Again.

Tomorrow I am going to do my darnest to get out of work by 2:30, hit the CC trails for an 8 mile run, then meet up with Becky for a spin around the reservoir on our bikes. Becky's an awesome cyclist (she does my hair... the one that laughs every time I come in and tell her how this Locks for Love thing I'm attempting to do is driving me crazy) and offered to go with me for a little ride on the bike. I'm going to close and make sure that I have air in my tires.

7 miles run

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