Friday, May 22, 2009

I Got the Watch

I finally got my Garmin 405 yesterday and today was test #1 using it. I failed. Miserably. I got a few seconds demo from Rob yesterday but by the time I got home, I apparently "bumped" something and the screen was all different. I decided to just charge it overnight and hope the correct display would reappear in the morning. Not really. I'm going to have to spend some serious time on it this weekend and see if I can get it going before Bolder Boulder on Monday. If it's too difficult to figure out, I'm going to have to forgo it for the race; if I can't figure out my splits and take off too fast, then that's going to kill my race. I'm already having a lot of anxiety about this race anyway - I really don't want to do it that much because I killed it last year and I'm not feeling it that much this year. We'll see. Anyway, met Dennis at the park, which was really nice because he DOES have a watch that is operable and so he was able to get me going a little with mine. The plan was to run 1 slow to warm-up, 3 at Monday's race pace (7:45?) and then 1 slow to warm-down. First fast mile I must have looked at my watch about 10 times, trying to make sure my pace was within my range. I think so but when I hit what I thought was the stop button, I apparently didn't and so not really sure. Stop, reset and start over. Repeat yet one more time and decide I know nothing about my watch. I think I managed the pace I wanted to but didn't do it for three consistent miles - instead, it was one at time.

Wrapped up Abbey's graduation tonight with a little party at our house. Lots of people stopped by, it was very nice to see everyone and I'm telling ya, those cupcake she made were a big hit. If my camera weren't downstairs, I'd load the cupcake masterpiece and share...but I am very tired so will do that tomorrow instead. I am VERY glad all the graduation festivities are done and over (aside from a few parties I need to attend tomorrow, but that's nothing I have to do prepare .... my job is DONE! Yes!)....smooth sailing from now til end of school in two week. I am so tired right now; I've had a blast but ready to move on. Thanks to all those that attended and supported Abbey!!

I am super tired!!

5 miles run

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