Thursday, May 7, 2009

Many Ouches

I'm not sure if my bike ride yesterday (without my helmet...I know, Meg :) ) is the culprit but my left knee really hurt bad today working out. I couldn't even do a very simple 5 minute run. I think I did some good weight training but my knee was hurting pretty bad for whatever leg stuff I was doing. When I went to run after my weight training, I couldn't even run a simple 10 minute hurt so much. So I'm sitting here icing, like I promised I'd do. Rob mentioned patellar tendonosis and I had an internal panic attack. That's what Steve has...and has to have surgery to "clean it all up" and take two months off from running after. Um....I don't think so!

It's always interesting to me how one thing, one little minor thing, can change your whole disposition and make everything else change with it. If you allow it to, which most days I can shoo it away but today I couldn't.

I'm not sure what to do about the Portland Marathon. Early registration goes on only through next week so I need to decide (if I want to save a few $$). I wish Rob S. would sit and talk to me about it but I've expressed a few concerns and he doesn't seem to want to address them. Nor a few other questions I've asked that never got answered this week. I really have pulled away from my "constant questioning" that I've been accused of in the not sure why a few measly questions and one head-spinning Portland Marathon mind can't be laid to rest by talking to me. Nope, in and out in less than a hour!!! No talking required, just lift the weights and do what you're told .... until next time. Repeat.

I'm not sure if I can bike across Iowa this summer with my knee. It was feeling so well up until yesterday. Not a major defeat if not...but I'd certainly like to if I can. Meg, wanna do the BIX? My treat!!! :) We'll stay with Karen and head over to Kathie's bar the night before, should make for a great run the next day!

Abbey's last full day of school is tomorrow. Next week she has finals and then she's done! It's so surreal to think that she'll be graduating in a few days. Wow. Reality is setting in. (btw, she still has over $60 bucks on her lunch card ... I put $100 on it 3 years ago and she's used $40 in 3 years. And probably $20 0f that is from the past week. So I guess we're donating some cash to Regis H.S.).

I'm not sure what to do for food for Abbey's graduation party. I know we're making cupcake - she's actually pretty adamant that she make them herself. Bought banana cupcake mix today at William's Sonoma. Don't even ask how much the mix was WS after all! We need to find a cake decorating place to figure out what to put on top of these things she's making....but I'm thinking these blueberries look nice :). Not sure about other food...but by golly, we'll have cupcakes!

My hair's driving me crazy. I think this 'Locks For Love' thing is not going to work. We'll see. Maybe Becky can do something with it next week when I see her. I love it long...but it's soooo dry!

I think someone defaced me in FB. Or he removed himself totally. Not sure.

I can't stop eating. And I don't really seem to care. Or know what to do, more likely.

I am so overly tired!

I hate how crazy May is.

My head hurts.

I can't breathe.

I need to run a timed mile. Allergies and all other ailments.

I want to wear my new watch but I don't have it yet.

Dennis stuck me in the crappy leg for the relay next weekend. JK. Sorta. :). Um, Dennis, will I know who Sharon is when she hands the leg strap thingy to me? And Matt...I've met him like twice about a year ago. You'd better account several additional minutes to the relay for "guessing" who our teammates are in hand-offs. Will we all have matching prostate shirts? Can mine be pink?

I'm really a pretty likable person, I promise!

Wow, how's that for an uplifting and energizing blog! I'm not broken, Rob K., just filled with uncertainty right now in my directions.

On a good note, Abbey's in a great mood lately. End of high school and onto DU can do that to a girl, I guess. Well, once we start summer job searching, I'm certain all glee-ness in her will leave.

And the Clawson's want to take me out for Martinis for Boston celebration. I'm game. Let me get through this graduation thing first, guys!

It's been warm here in the mile high city....I was roasting last night. Time for the windows to pop open....

Looking forward to tomorrow!

Weight training: 1
Failed attempt to run: 1
Crappy attitude: 1
Zero willpower to stop eating crap food: 1


Dennis said...

Sharon will have a bib on with the same number as you....

Jill said...

Perfect!! I'll be able to spot that # in the melee of those coming at me quit easily. Maybe if we highlight all our numbers florescent pink???

Anonymous said...

I can't seem to get on FB tonight so bear with me. Good post.. hope today was a better day. Think positive. remember that my relay leg next week is 26.2 miles long even though some of it is downhill. haha !