Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A somewhat better day at the track

8x800's were on my plan. My legs are hurting. I did 6. At 3:28 average. The last I did at 3:22 I'll take it. I'll take them all, even the first where my legs and my lungs struggle to understand that they are running fast. For me, it generally takes two before I really feel decent.

I was pleased that I could breathe with today's intervals, unlike the last two track workouts. I vow to keep attempting them at the track vs. the treadmill because I never feel (good) the same running them at the track as I do the and I know the track does a little of the work for you. So I was pleased. But my legs are just stiff and sore. I'm not sure what from; the 5K on Sunday; the short run I did yesterday; both? My left quad is just exceptionally tight. I'd do about anything right now for a massage. I'd have finished the last 2 800's at the track if I weren't doing the Bolder Boulder on Monday. I think my legs are going to be trashed for that race and I am not going to do as well as I did last year. Last year I cranked 48 minutes but more importantly, I felt great and I keep my pace very consistent! This year I feel like a blob, and my legs are heavy; I don't think it will go as smoothly. I'm also placed in a fairly high wave (you are placed in a qualifying wave which is determined by some previously run race. I used the 5K I did back in March which put me in like the 4th or 5th wave. I am worried I am going to take off too fast....really, I shouldn't be in this wave - this is for the fast)! So with tomorrow's long run scheduled to go about 10 hours after these intervals, I cut the last two 800's out. I always like to see what I have left in me for the last interval and I was ever so happy when I felt better on the 6th interval than I had on the previous 5 and I managed to run a 3:22! Dennis met me for a couple of my 800's. We stretched a bit afterwards and talked a lot about the relay.

Graduation tomorrow night. If her and I don't kill one another before then. I'm not exactly certain what's going on....she's very moody! And still jobless. Some days, I just want to scream! Never-the-less, I'm very proud!

4 miles run

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elaine said...

Yikes, didn't know we were both going to be running intervals tonight. There aint no way I could do that the night before a big race. I can't wait to find out how it goes.