Friday, May 29, 2009

My watch; My demise

Despite all the bells and whistles currently at my disposal with my new Garmin, tomorrow I will head out to the Mt. Evans training run in my super-simple Nike cuff watch that features little more than time/date/chron.

And that's okay. Who needs a pace when you walk most of the way up this mountain side anyway!

Never the less, I wanted some watch time in so I took it to the track to tonight to do some moderate intervals. Just for fun. Just to test it some more. Some Garmin and me time. Silly me, didn't think I could screw up the watch again, having worked about 3-hours on it the other night. What was I thinking? I hit just the right combination of buttons and touched the bezel a few too many times, apparently, so that I couldn't even get my pace to display. What was going to be a series of 6x1200's turned into a mile, 200, 220, 800, 400, 395, ... and so forth and so forth. An hour later, I opted to remove the entire thing from my wrist and just run a mile, followed by some push-ups and sit-ups. Just as I was leaving, Dennis text me and asked me if I was still at the track. Yes. He popped by for a few minutes but I was starving and freezing and had not packed one iota for tomorrow's climb so he fixed my watch and asked if I wanted to go run a lap with it. NO! Thanks, though. We decided we'd just take it tomorrow and if we had time after our climb tomorrow, we'd play with it. I need to remember to look for the instruction manual. It's somewhere in the disaster of a house. Man, what a pit! I don't think it's ever been this bad....thank God for the weekends! Even better, thank God I'm off work in a week!

The boys have a "formal attire" cast party tonight for the play they just finished up last week. The play was Mulan, and they did an incredible job! Despite the fact both my boys will proudly adorn a shirt stained with whatever food quasi-consumed but now spilled on it for an entire day, they were super stoked about their new duds tonight and looked ever so handsome. Sigh.
Okay, time to sign off and get my stuff together for tomorrow. I think we're running about 9 mile with an elevation gain of 2250' from Echo Lake to Summit Lake. There's a cut-off time of 2.5 hours. Last year I had at least a half hour in training and about 40 minutes in the actual my one and only goal is to make it by the cut-off.

I'm gonna call tonight's distance about 5 miles. Give or take.

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