Saturday, May 9, 2009

Am I conditioned to run long?

Today was sunny but cooler than past days this week as I started out at the park for my long run - which was great! I needed a good, strong, long run today. I think I got it.

I also think that 15 really took a lot of out of me today; more than usual for 15. That's okay...cuz I still love the long run. Over any other run. My friend, Barb, just cracks me up. I posted on FB that I ran 15 today. She writes back that she can't believe I ran that far and thinks maybe she walked about that in a week's span. She asked me if when I run 15 miles do I have time for anything else? Or . . . am I so conditioned that those 15 miles is like walking up one flight of stairs for her. I thought about this most of the day. It's not like 15 miles, 26 miles or anything in between is's just that it's real. It's as much a part of me as brushing my teeth...or walking up those stairs. I can't quit. At least not yet. I love how I am able to have the time to myself and my mind, to think about things that I cannot think about any other time in my busy life, to de-clutter the cobwebs that form throughout the day, think about past memories....and the list goes on. I feel so whole when I return from a long run, it transcends me into a better person. Yes, I am conditioned to it, Barb, but not because it's easy....I felt almost every step of my long run today: my quads were tight from Thursday's workout; the left ball of my foot was developing a blister (which I have to say, prior to these "new" shoes, I can't recall EVER getting one aside from Pikes Peak last year when I ran for 5 hours in wet shoes and socks. I mean, there was a reason for that one to develop); I had stomach cramps; and I was just plain tired at the end. And a little more tired than normal throughout the, I'm conditioned to it because despite the aches and pains and fatigue, I love it and would miss it like the death of a loved one. To me, there is nothing more whole than accomplishing the long run.

Though probably only about 60 degrees, I managed to get a little sunburn on my shoulders and back. Welcome, Spring!! I'm looking forward to getting this pasty-white skin in hibernation for awhile.

Upon my return from my run, I took an ice bath. My quads were screaming for it and now that winter is behind us (hopefully), I could ease my legs into the cold water better than I have been able to for the past 5 months. Felt great!

15 miles run


Anonymous said...

love the photo of those ice cubes floating around in there.. looks like an oval jetted tub.. is it ? .. not a bad pair of legs either ! You crack me up Jill. This made my day ! :) You know who this is of course :)

elaine said...

Ahem. I can answer that. Yes, you are conditioned to run long. Any more questions? :)