Saturday, May 23, 2009

Running Coach and Cupcakes

As promised, here's the much-talked-about-cupcakes-at-graduation-party picture. I did say they were colorful, right? They were a huge success, everyone commented about their originality. I sent the last friends in attendance home with 4 cupcakes, leaving 4 of these little pretties for me to devour at breakfast this morning. I have been on a sugar up and down all day (I hate that!!) indicative by taking 2 naps. Some of the excessive napping, I believe, also has to do with the conclusion of graduation festivities and the crazy past two weeks. I went to a couple graduation parties today and I did not, repeat did NOT, eat anything bad for me...I'm so sick of all the garbage I've consumed the past 3 days lingering inside me and I couldn't even look at the chocolate fountain at one party. Alright, I did look at it, it was gorgeous actually, but I did not indulge.
To keep in the lines of running, since this is mostly my running blog and I did not run today (there was no way...I was tired before I even crawled out of bed at 6am this morning; believe me, I tried and tried to go back to sleep - totally worthless) I will brag about my running coach certification that I finally received yesterday. Here's a snip-it of the email I received:
Dear Coach,First let me congratulate you on your coaching certification.Your information has been added to the online RRCA coaches database.
And here is the link to those (me!) that are certified in the state of Colorado:
(my zip code is incorrect and I want to add my blog and website...need to figure out how to do that). I am pretty so excited to know that there are only 9 of us and one is not even close to Denver, which surprises me beings we are such a running-friendly state, but that also means less competition if I choose to go after this whole running career path. Which, of course, has had me thinking a lot about it lately.....
I don't know exactly what doors this little title can fully open for me but I do know this: it has opened a couple doors already (was approached by someone online to do a little side coaching for them and approached by Dimity to do the interview for Woman's Health mag) and I want to take the time to really find out. I was on the treadmill the other day with Rob when he told me he had a new client approach him who was interested in track and field. He asked me if I was interested in being cc'd on his reply to them. Sure, I was excited, I really was, but I also had a moment of my busy life flash before me and wondered for a brief minute what I got myself into. I'm not a good person with the world of the "unknown," my life tends to run a little better when I'm not flying by the seat of my pants all the time. 3 busy kids means a lot of organization and I just function better if I am not trying to juggle multiple things all at once. Just my training alone takes up valuable time. I recently got an email from SBS stating she had to cancel book club in the middle of her marathon training because it could potentially be that proverbial straw on the camels back and asked me if I knew what she meant. Heck ya, I know what that means!! Some days during my training for Boston, I was on the treadmill at 10:30 pm for heaven's sake, just to get it in!
But I thought back to when I originally decided to pursue my running coach certification, when Dennis and I had been out for a long run one day and we were talking about running, of course. He said to me: wouldn't it be great if we could make a career out of the one thing we are most passionate about? Yes, it would! I'm smart enough to know that I do not have the credentials to make a "living" out of my running passion yet I know that I can make a career out of it if it's important enough to me. And I decided after I lifted weights that were well over my comfort zone, that I WILL go after this running thing ... even if I don't make a dime out of it, it's in my heart, I am grateful I have been given the ability to have a very fulfilling and rewarding running career, and I want to touch those that seek a little guidance with theirs. I've got a lot of selling of myself to do this summer!! I can't wait to brainstorm with my friends to find a way....and I have a few ideas brewing in my head....
Bolder Boulder on Monday. I woke-up today with a sense of dread (which has actually been accumulating over the course of the past week) as I was feeling the affects of too much graduation celebrations for the past few days and really did/do not want to spend the majority of my day off work sitting in Boulder Stadium all smelly. But as the day has progressed and I had two brief 20-ish minute naps, and actually ate something besides sugar today, I am feeling slightly better about it. Not sure I can produce a time even close to what I ran last year, but I will go and see what I can do. I'm going to do a little reading of my watch manual and see if I can run about 3 miles in the morning with it without it causing me a mental break-down.

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