Tuesday, May 26, 2009

talks and weights

Going back to work after 4 days off is tough and today ranked way up there. Seems odd to roam the halls and the classrooms with the Seniors gone....I miss them.

Here it is 11:30 and I am just starting to write my blog - it's going to be short.

I came home from work and fell asleep hard as I laid on my bed deciding which of the many things to tackle first. Guess that nap took care of that decision.

Met with Rob tonight to talk about my running goals for this fall. It was good, hopefully productive; insightful on my end and I hope his. I still want a fall marathon PR and feel a new sense of motivation and purpose now. Have not committed to a marathon yet, waiting on a couple of things to pan out first on Portland. If that doesn't work out, I'll find one around the same time-frame. I have taken a few things off my plate for the summer and am seriously thinking that Ragbrai is not going to work with my chronic knee problem. I can't imagine riding 75 miles with this knee. I do, though, think it may workout to do the Bix run while back in Iowa; it's gotta be like 9 years ago that I ran it last....and possibly longer! Anyway, after a lengthy talk, where my posture sitting in a chair that long was anything but proper, I lifted some weights, emphasising my glutes....need 'em to get up Mt. Evans this weekend as we head off for our first training run up the thing. I think there's a lot of snow up there but I'm excited to get back in the mountains. Love summer trail running!!

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