Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Difference in a Day

I feel so much better today; no agonizing glutes and quad muscles. What a difference a day of rest can make (hear that, Elaine? :) ). I could not meet Rob for weights tonight because Ryan had a choir concert at 7:15 and he couldn't get in me in earlier. I look forward to summer when I can hopefully get away from that 6:30 queue I somehow managed to unknowingly slid into. I hope to get my training done early in the morning before the heat of the day starts up. Anyway, journeyed over to 24-hour to do my own weights. I forget what the cable fly is but I did what I thought it might be (though I'm certain it was not) and able to do the rest: a circuit of about 5 different weights followed by 5 minutes of bike intervals. I can still feel my butt muscles but nothing compared to yesterday!! That soaking ice-bath certainly helped and I vow to do them with every run that takes a lot out of my legs. My knee didn't bother me at all on the bike today either. All around good exercise day!

Ryan's choir concert was great today - a little long but some good songs.

7 days left of work!!

Mt. Evans training run on Saturday morning. Thinking of going to Breckenridge after the run, still not sure. John was taking the boys to New Mexico but now is now, the boys can't go because of a cast party for the play at the clubhouse tomorrow night.

Weights: 1

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