Sunday, May 17, 2009

Official Results

I really don't understand these results, and I don't understand the website with the results. Anyway, if these are correct, I ran about 18:34, or a 6 minute per mile 5K. Um, don't think so. Neil thinks he ran about 36, which would give me about a 23 minute 5K. I don't think that's correct either...

2nd place mixed open division, Bib # 1199, Name: Pick'd Pro's
Leg 1: Neil Robichaux (10K) 41:32
Leg 2: Jill Parker (5K) 1:00:05
Leg 3: Matt Mussetter (10K) 1:42:23
Leg 4: Alicia Caldwell (5K) 2:04:33
Leg 5: Dennis McConnel (12K) 1:55:17

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