Thursday, May 21, 2009

And She's Done!

Regis High School class of 2009 (157 girls)

I still remember her first day of kindergarten. We had just moved back to Colorado after a brief (too long) time in Alabama. I was pretty determined to make it back here when she started school and as luck had it, we were back just in time to start her academic career. I dropped her off at kindergarten one day, blinked, and there she was....walking across the podium getting her high school diploma from Regis Jesuit High School, a very prestigious college preparatory school. I thought I'd be an emotional mess, after all, I sobbed for 3 days straight with her 5th grade graduation, but amazingly I stayed dry yesterday. I'm ready for her to move on and enter her new challenges. My hopes are that she find her passion to drive her to her success and that she has the courage and wisdom to make the right choices. Congratulations, Abbey. You've done very well, I'm so proud of you!

I met with Rob tonight and he stretched my very tight legs and we did some weights. I got my watch back with a few minor instructions. Not was I was hoping but after tomorrow's graduation party, I should have more time to sit and figure the thing out. Maybe I'll hit up Dennis for a lengthy demonstration :). My legs actually felt pretty well today, surprisingly after yesterday's long run. I will take that as a good sign!!
Weights: 1

And we have our diploma!

Her and I (or I and her)

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That's a Good picture of U and Abbey !