Monday, May 18, 2009

We moved up the rankings

Thanks to Dennis being overly obsessive compulsive about our placement in the relay, he relentlessly spent hours, I'm assuming, today to figure out that our placement was 3rd overall and not 4th, as noted yesterday. Thanks, Dennis...I can now sleep better knowing I am truly blessed to have you on my relay, I will never have to do the investigating nor the math to figure out our placement :). Hey, all I am concerned about is that eventually someone will figure out that I actually DIDN'T run a 18:34 5K. Until then, I'm soaking it all up!

I was so tired at work at one point today, I seriously thought I was going to have to go home and take a nap. I didn't get much sleep last night (obviously!). I opted for a diet coke, instead, cuz I had a lot of work to do and really couldn't leave. I eventually did make it home from work and eventually did take a nap, albeit short.

Did some weights with Rob after learning that my body weight and body fat are way up. At least my body fat is. I so look forward to next week when all this insanity of graduation is over and I can get back into a serious routine!! Came home from lifting weights and ran about 4 miles. My left quad is sore from yesterday so sitting here rolling-pinning it out!

Allergies finally better...
Off to bed.

Weight training: 1
4 miles run

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