Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Things I learned running 15.5 today:

1) that the gnat population is not confined to areas around water; they are everywhere in the park.

2) that the gnat population has risen x150 since I was there a few days ago.

3) that my glutes are very sore from yesterday.

4) that my quads are also sore.

5) that sore glutes, sore quads and a bum knee make for a very difficult long run.

6) that the two basic functions I know how to do on my new watch, start and stop, are awesome.

7) that I CAN go a pathetic 10:15-10:30 pace at times with sore glutes and quads.

8) that it's okay (to a point) I run with soreness; one of my goals is to learn to run through the "hurt" of a marathon.

9) that my right foot is larger than my left foot and the 4th edition of various sized new shoes is actually too small for my righty.

10) that I'm going to have to get new larger shoes for long runs.

11) that 69 degrees with overcast skies is much cooler than 69 degrees and sun.

12) that there are a lot of bikers in the park at 5:00pm as they are traveling home from work, I presume.

13) that a little Rihanna goes a long way with achy muscles.

14) that thoughts of an ice-bath mid way through run is a sure sign that your body is sore.

15) that it takes longer to dig a pebble out of your shoe than it would be to take entire shoe off, dump it out, and reapply shoe.

16) that I still can get a little sun on my shoulders when I run at 4:00; despite it being mostly overcast.

I love it when I learn something new on a run! Even if it wasn't the greatest of runs, I learned a lot. Knowledge is power.

15.5 miles run

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