Monday, May 11, 2009

Let's call it 5

I am so overwhelmed with life right now so this is going to have to be short. Graduation (party) is enough to consume every ounce of you. I have writing projects closing in on me and one with only one sentence (albeit a good one :) ). And I was asked to do an interview for a piece on running for Women's Health Magazine. I am stoked about that!!!! But busy, busy, busy. I also need to get with Elaine, as I am working with her on some running and she's not feeling well. My heart goes out to her, I know she is suffering. But all said, I did manage to go out for a run of about 5. I'm certain it wasn't 5; my legs were stiff from Saturday's run, so I walked a little here and there....pretending that I had to look at my iPod or something for a minor distraction from running :). But in the end, the distance I covered was 5 and walked.

Sorta heard from Rob today, long story. Long email. On my end, not his. Go figure. He has flu-like symptoms so wasn't able to meet him tonight (thank you!!!). I was relieved; I had way too much to do and really was only going to stress if I had to squish in weights. Anyway, we may go to the track tomorrow and I may finally do my timed 1-mile. I want to get a gauge where I can run a mile at the beginning of my so-called "metamorphosis" and see if any progress is made over the summer before I do the big fall marathon. I just want to see where my speed fitness level is. But tomorrow is suppose to be in the mid-80's so yeah, yuck. Not ideal for a time trial. But is there ever an ideal time? At one time a few weeks ago I was hoping I can run about a 6:35 but now I'm not so sure. Not after last week's disaster at the track trying to run a 7:00. But the plus side is that this medication I'm currently on for my sinuses seems to be working a little better than the last. So maybe I can actually breathe tomorrow.

Dennis got into the St. George lottery so looks like he'll be running it this fall, he's trying to get to Boston. He's putting a lot of pressure on me to perform my leg well at the relay this weekend. Told me I'd let the team down if I run over 23:30 for my 5K. Maybe ....if I didn't have the most difficult hills section!!!!!! I wonder how much time it's going to take to hand off the leg baton....that's gotta take some time, especially since I don't KNOW what my hand-off person looks!

5 miles run


Dennis said...

I was joking about the 23:30 since you are doing a long run on Friday before the relay. Whatever happens - happens. No pressure. Matt says his hill is harder than your hill. :)

Jill said...

Yeah, I know :). Giving you a hard time cuz I have idea who Sharon is. How's THAT for a hint?