Sunday, April 19, 2009

T'was The Night Before Boston

T'was the night before Boston
and all through the hotel
All the creatures were stirring
While Jill prepared.....

Okay, it doesn't rhyme and I don't claim to be a poet so I'll leave it at that. My friends and I are sitting here trying to get an Internet connection so we can order some Italian food but after about 45 minutes of failed attempts to, we are giving up. I have tried countless times to get on google and every time I do, I lose connection. I can't even access my email, which is bumming me out because I know Rob sent me some instructions for the race and oh well...I can't view them. I'm trying not to let it stress me out!!!!!

So instead, I'm blogging about my day and trying to get my race stuff prepared.

Weather tomorrow calls for 45 degrees with VERY high headwinds; at least the rain is suppose to hold off until after the race. Though I tend to run better in the rain. And not so much in the wind. Which is causing me a little clothing issues. I hate trying to figure out what to wear! But it is what it is and I cannot do anything about it but run, run, and then run some more.

My girlfriends gave up trying to get some carbs online; we had a reservation at an Italian restaurant but I kinda freaked (you don't want to know) out about going out so the sweethearts they are (though Karen was stressing a little about my indecisiveness and my obsession in trying to get my Internet fixed. I still love her though...not sure it's mutual right now - ha) ordered some food the old fashion way, via a phone book, and have both left to pick it up. I'm enjoying the quiet; I need it to write and to think about tomorrow.

I went out this morning and ran/walked a couple a miles. I went over near Beacon Row and took a bunch of pictures of the gorgeous Colonial row houses; many displaying beautiful window boxes filled with gorgeous flowers and brightly colored doors. The streets and sidewalks are either brick or cobblestone. So pretty! It was nice to get outdoors, alone with myself, and stretch my legs some. Came home down Newbury Street which is lined with high-end shopping. If I had the money...I'd certainly love to do some damage with it there!!!

I went to two seminars today, one was on the 1982 Boston Marathon race between Alberto Salazar and Dick Beardsley; Dick was giving the talk which was called: Duel in the Sun - where he lost in the last few seconds on the race. Literally. Because the Boston police had him blocked. Anyway, it was really great to hear his story and what I gained from that seminar is that if you want something bad enough, you need to dig down deep and not let the pain take over your mind!!!! Which is a very hard place for one's mind to get to. The other seminar, which was awesome, was by Dr. Jeffrey Brown, who is a sports psychologist for the Boston Marathon, the NYC Marathon, the Houston Marathon and the Chicago Marathon. He spoke a lot about routine-deviation anxiety. Was he reading my mind??? Wow. I had to buy his book; I even had him sign it! I asked for his email address and told him that I had a lot of "issues"....I think that freaked him out, he didn't give it to me. Bummer. But oh well, I can hunt him down, if needed :). I walked away with a lot of mental strategy for the race; we'll see if it actually pans out.

After my brain-loading seminars, Karen and I took a cab over to Fenway to see a little Red Sox action. We got there late; Sheri was already there. I was kinda glad we were late; it was cold, I couldn't drink anything, and there's not a lot to do if you can't drink other than watch the game. So I spent a lot of time texting everyone I knew. But the Red Sox won so that was sweet! The hoards of people that invaded the street afterwards was incredible. I have some pictures I'll post, but right now I can't cuz my Internet isn't cooperating. We walked home from Fenway, which wasn't that far, and enjoyed more of the funkier shops along Newbury.

A very nice day: Happy Birthday to me!
Next year, Boston's on my birthday! Yeah!!

(I'll try to get some pictures on but right now my connection is just sitting here doing nothing. Not sure how I got on my blog....)

Signing off until after the race :/

2 miles run


Dennis said...

Happy Birthday!

Good luck tomorrow Have fun and enjoy the race. You have worked hard and earned it. You are going to do great.

We will be thinking of you during the race and cheering for you from Denver.

Anonymous said...

I know Boston is on your birthday next year. All the more reason for me to BQ !!! That headwind can be tough so keep some layers on, you feel it after the Newton Hills. Run hard, run strong, run like the wind Ok... every step of the way.. you rock.. I'll call yuo tomorrow afternoon .