Friday, April 17, 2009

I'm Here!

Despite a hectic start to the day, with a fresh coat of snow on Denver ground, I have arrived safe and sound in Boston.

It's kinda surreal.

My plane was full of marathoners filled with running talks. I tuned it out; I worked on my coaching test. First I attempted to take a nap, I was so tired, but that never happens on a plane. Or a car. Or anything moving, as far as I know. But when I got up from my front row seat (I scored with an economy plus seat - extra leg room! Yes!) to use the restroom at the back of the plane, I noticed more than half the passengers were on there for the same marathon purpose. You can spot them...lean and wearing running shoes; runners just have a certain air to them. Anyway, I DID get the majority of my test done - it was great to have a solid 3-hours with no distractions around to focus solely on me and my test!

I've had a great time since I've arrived. Meet my dear friend from Iowa, my cheerleader, Karen, at the airport and we made our way to shuttle, to the train ,to the connecting train, then hauling our suitcases up massive steps to find ourselves staring aimlessly at the corner of Boylston and whatever in an attempt to find the hotel. We asked someone and found we just had a short walk to our place. Sweet. Turns out, our hotel check-in lady gave us a room on the 13th floor. I must have had a horrified look on my face because Karen instantly asked, "Are you superstitious?" Uh, yeah!!!!! So the sweet lady changed us to floor 10. I'm sorry for the soles on floor 13, but grateful I am NOT one. Unloaded our stuff in our room and walked to the expo. Okay, I can now say that changing hotels last minute was the right decision; the expo is just a block away and accessible via a sky-walk thingy - we never even had to go outside to get to it. Nice!!

I've heard stories about the massive expo.....and they were true. Karen and I walked around, sampled everything we could consume (aren't runners NOT suppose to do this before a race??) and laughed hysterically as some guy tried to use this roller pin thingy on my hamstring. The thing actually hurt. I got my race shirt and packet pickup...which was just swarming with people. It was incredible, I've seen nothing like it!! I didn't buy the rolly thing but I did buy a new pink hat; I think I need it for the race :)

Karen and I wandered around Copley square and ate dinner at a little Irish pub. Fun times.
I'm very tired but wanted to write quickly and let you all know that I am here. I ran into Elaine in the lobby of the hotel today - seems like I just saw her in St. George. Her and I are going for a slow 3-mile run in the morning. Can't wait!

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Anonymous said...

Great Pics ! Cute Hat ! Like the "facial expression" with the roller pin thingy !