Friday, July 31, 2009

Errrrr.....damn bee

My Michigan long run with Karen as my wingman, via bicycle, wouldn't be complete without incident. Last year, she lost me with about 3 miles to go. It was deathly hot and I was having some stomach issues and popped into the Ottawa Country Road Commission building to use the facilities. She was ahead of me and I couldn't get her attention to let her know I'd be MIA for a few minutes. Upon my return to the path, she was nowhere to be seen and was surveying side streets for me and ended up at the hospital to see if I was there. Ha (it's a very small town!). She didn't find me there, thankfully, but she did find a nurse looking for a lost mental patient. We still laugh over that! Anyway, we eventually found one another, both of us a little panic stricken (I wasn't sure if she knew her way back to the cottage), about a half mile from the cottage.

Today's incident wasn't as catastrophic but nevertheless, something was bound to happen. The night before, we drove the path to mark were the turn around point for 18 miles round trip would be. We got to this state park (Kirk Park) at mile 8.8, which was perfect - I figure the curves of the path vs. the straight aways of the road would more than give me the 9 I needed. I planted a water bottle under some leaves so that I'd have extra water there today. Got to to the park today and I had to pee. Bad. I wandered around some but I could not find a restroom until the very end of my search and it was still aways away and I wanted to get moving so I just popped into the woods to do my business. I was worried about mosquitoes. Wrong insect. Within seconds of doing what I needed to, a big group of bees started swarming around me and one landed on my ankle and decided to attack. Omg, I hadn't even finished when I was in excruciating pain and had to quickly exit, bee in tow. I hobbled back to where Karen was waiting for me and I screamed bloody murder!!! Thankfully, I'm not allergic to bees but man, my ankle was swelling and it hurt like hell!! I had to get out of that place and the bee decided to follow for awhile and I was just screaming at it. $)&)(*$YBF !!!!!

Aside from that little adventure, my run today actually went very well. I was a big question mark starting out; my legs have been feeling tired and achy and I didn't sleep very well last night. I took a couple Tylenol and some Sport Legs before I left and after about a mile, I felt pretty good. My Garmin was totally dead when I went to use it today so I just wore my regular watch but there are 1/4 mile markers on the bike path so as best I could judge, I was averaging about 9:10. I didn't look at too many of them, my goal was just to remain steady and controlled but at a decent clip. I think I was successful. I was a tad worried as we turned around that I was going to slow way down as I fatigued but really, I felt very good and very strong!!!!

We took a detour and head up this gigantic hill. When you crest the hill and turn the corner, you get a beautiful view of Lake Michigan. It looks like you can see the entire lake - which you can't, it just seems like you can. It's so pretty!!!!! It was inspiring to run the final mile along the lake and take it all in. I love this place!!!

Today was the annual softball/water balloon fight in honor of our friends from Paris' birthdays and for my boys birthday. A much smaller crowd today, about half that of last year, but we still had a great time. Ventured downtown, with half of the state Michigan (I think everyone took the day off work today; I have never seen so many people on the beach. Of course, it was one of the nicest days we've had all week), and the kids got their one last fill of Pronto Pups (basically, they are just corn dogs on a stick. They're kinda gross, in my opinion, and I just generally take a bite of someone else's. They even have a sign on their window (it's just a little stand) that reads: Cholesterol conscious people need not stop). Abbey and I then ventured over to the craft show in the park for awhile. I bought a bracelet; no surprise, I love to wear them.

Our friends from Iowa left late this morning so the cottage is quiet now and I am beginning to pack some things for our departure from the cottage tomorrow. I'm sad to be leaving (one more full day here, staying with some friends tomorrow night so that the kids can see the fireworks tomorrow night) but also been gone longer than norm so come Monday, when my flight leaves Chicago, I'll be ready to go home.
Today: 18 miles run
Yesterday: weights + 4 miles run

The infamous 'Pronto Pup' stand. The tall guy in the blue hat is Steve, who lives here, and was the best man in my wedding. He's way cool; a great musician. My kids are behind him - Ryan in the red and Brendan next to him and Abbey in black shorts behind Ryan.

Me with my friend, Karen's, daugther, Carley. Love her!

And one of my dearest friends, Karen, whom spent several days with me in Michigan and whom was my posse in Boston.


elaine said...

I had a bike partner today too, who also lost me the last three miles when I went to the portapotty. However, no bee stung me...just got dizzy and dehydrated cuz I was outta H20. Fun times. Now I am really grateful for that portapotty!

Anonymous said...

See what happens when you drop your shorts in the middle of nowhere ? I am so sorry that happened. I am allergic to wasp stings and have to be very careful around them. Good job on a great run !! Tomorrow I get back to real marathon training with 8-10 milers all week then the Alpine Days 5k next Sat.. did somebody say they had trophies ?? hahaha