Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy Birthday, America

I'm really tired and there's a lot of fireworks banging around outside my window. I wonder how long I'll be up listening to 'em.

House is now green. ish.

My brother came over about 6:45 this morning with sprayer to conquer the house. Got all prepped, I'm delaying my run so that I can get everything in place before I left. Sprayer won't work. argh. Go to Home Depot and rent sprayer. Get paint on house (finally) and I'm a little freaked - it look like army green. I wait around awhile and it's not drying darker. My brother's ignoring my insidious whining about the color. Decide I'd better go for a run and leave him alone.

Run -- Brian suggested this as my run: 2 miles "E" pace + 20 minutes at "T" pace (or 40 minutes at adjusted "T" pace, which is 8:00 per mile) + 1 hour "E" pace.

To clarify: E=easy (9:37). T=tempo.

I easily did this workout the other day on my treadmill with the T being 7:43 - since I was only going 20 at tempo instead of 40. I know, I can barely wrap my brain around it - I don't fully expect anyone else to. Anyway, point being: I have so much trouble maintaining a steady, stamina pace of 8:00 outdoors. My problem today with such pace is that I had to start it on a hill. A loooong hill. When I reached the top, I wasn't even near an 8 minute/mile. So I regrouped at the top of the hill and picked up the pace. Easily maintained for 20 minutes, since I was moving downhill but then the hill started back up and it continued for well over a mile. ugh. Struggle again. Decide to get the "T" up and just pick up the pace a little overall. Ran about 9:10 overall. It was not too hot today but man, it was humid!!!! Tried the "Cytomax only" approach to getting in nutrients while running and sweating (and also long distance runs) per Brian's suggestion. Not a problem .. that much; I just prefer water sometime. I think that Cytomax, or any of those electrolytes, really (except for Gatorade, which I just can't even take because it cramps up my stomach instantly) just leave a horrible aftertaste in my mouth. But Brian was almost certain that I did not get enough nutrition in my stomach during Boston and the reason I "bonked" was that I had not consumed enough during the race. Speculated this all along because I know what I normally put in me and what I actually DID put in at Boston and the two weren't even close. Anyway, time to start playing so I don't have a repeat.

Got home from run and entire house was painted...and the best part - it wasn't army green, it actually DRIED! Yes! My brother did this entire house in like 3 1/2 hour. I'm in awe. Lot and lots and lots of trim to paint but I'm bringing in my neighbor's son as reinforcements; he and his friend are coming over tomorrow to paint. Score! I spend a great deal of the remaining part of the day doing guess what??? Touching up paint and painting trim. I do lead an exciting life!

I am lying flat on my stomach on my bedroom floor as I type this; it's the only way I can currently type. Sitting exacerbates my glute pain -- which seem to be increasing getting worse. Or so it seems. Here's what makes it hurt: sitting or running for a prolonged period of time. Hum - that does pose a little problem in my life!! Going to try to be super good girl and do all the exercises Chris gave me. I'm giving it a week and if not better, seeking Charlie's magic.

Elaine (my friend and client - love ya, Elaine!) ran a stellar 5K last night at midnight in Seattle; her first ever 5K. She loves speed. Dennis having more health problem; I'm hoping his week vacation in TX with NO running will serve him back to health.

Had the best week of eating and got my weight down but today was a different day and was not a good eating day. Back to the program tomorrow!

I hear no more firework - this could be a good sign. A few more glute stretches and I'm off to bed. Happy Birthday, America!

12 mile run

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