Sunday, July 5, 2009


I woke up bright and early (despite having no desire nor reason to. I just wake up early. Period) at 6 a.m. to socked in fog. Weird. Don't see that often in Colorado in the summer. Anyway, seriously thought about going for a swim but decided instead to tackle more.... painting!!!! It'll never end. But with the help of the neighbor, Abbey's small contribution and myself putting in about 4 hours today, progress is happening. I'd say we have many days left before it's totally done. Do I like it? Yes....but it's not the green I thought it was - it has a little too much brown in it. Oh well.

So my exercise today was painting. And that's a tough workout. Ha.

My glute pain is better today but it's still there. Did stretch it a lot this morning .

My boys attempted to climb Mt. Evans this morning but the weather was bad and they only made it a mile into the hike. Brendan wants to try again on our way to Glenwood Springs tomorrow. I'm thinking maybe not.

I think today's high was 70 degrees. NICE! Almost too cool but made for painting awesome. Tomorrow: 95. Glad I'll be in the cooler mts. for two nights. Don't think Abbey wants to go :(.

My S key was sticking yesterday so when I reread my blog from yesterday, I was appalled at my typos. Obviously, I was too tired to care. Eating slightly better today.

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Anonymous said...

Good job on the mileage. i only put in 38 miles last week. Good mileage too inc. one 10 miler and a full day of work that day. Excellent yearly mileage ! I am so proud of you :)