Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Trip pics and Wed workout

I fell asleep easily and slept hard last night, not waking many times like normal, but I was wide awake at 4:14 a.m. today. Had to workout at 5:30 so that was fine, I just wish I could sleep longer. Had a small chat with Rob about this plan thing; I think he and I are on two different planets about what I want - which just floors me and I won't say anything more about it. This whole thing is NOT going as I wanted and it's no wonder I am left frustrated and confused and upset!

Lifted weights with 1/2 mile run at 7:00ish pace at end of each circuit, felt good, came home, iced my knee, made a cake for book club this afternoon, went for an 8 mile run when it was way too hot, took a very fast shower, went to lunch with past co-workers (thanks, guys...great to see you after all this time), went to the mall (hey, lunch was next to the mall - gotta take advantage) and scored a great deal on some cute Steve Madden sandals, came home and crashed until well past book club time, went to book club late -- which is okay since I didn't read the book (again), got home a bit ago and now I need to head across town for a friend's birthday. I'm exhausted - again. And I had a nap today.

Here's some pictures from our trip to Glenwood. Might I just say that Brendan, who seems to fixate on whatever activity he has last accomplished, now wants to buy a raft and go for the summer down the entire 1) Mississippi River (omg, yuck! Not my choice but .... ) and 2) the Colorado River, including the Grand Canyon, which has like a 10-year waiting list to go down it. All the power to him!!

I am late for friend's party so going to close and head out. Will try to write more details of trip and life and running tomorrow.

Biking down the canyon

Me, Ryan and Brenda; biking down the canyon (yes, Meg, no helmet. Left that accidently (?) in Denver)

Brendan on his bike
Ryan on his bike, going across I-70 via this fenced bridge

Boys getting ready to go rafting (me being there for pre-rafting support)

Boys in front, rafting down the Colorado

Rafting down Glenwood Canyon

More rafting down the canyon

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