Thursday, July 2, 2009


By the time I took a shower tonight, at 9:35 p.m., I was smelling and FELT really nasty! I mean, super gross!!!!!

I ran 3 easy mile with some of the girls on Brian's cross country team this morning. Not that it was hard, by any means, but it was warm and humid (we're getting rain again. I wonder if it can get as humid as my beloved Iowa? Nah!!! It's still so nice in the afternoons) so I was sweating. There were 4 girls today running and one of them, bless her heart, had never run before and always was in the back of the group. I ran with her. She is going to be a senior so my heart even tugged tighter for her - I'm all about the underdog.

Brian and I met for brunch at LePeep today and we talked a lot of about Portland and PR'n. He has a pretty precise plan for marathon training and getting faster and I learned a ton! He's not too thrilled with the 14 week plan and really doesn't necessarily think it's adaquate to PR but we're going to give it a shot. He said I had a great base so it was fine to skip phase 1 and would have to cut some of phase 2 out. He has 4 phases and phase 3 is "the most demanding, introducing some longer threshold training into marathon-pace workouts. This is where you will become adept at holding your goal race-pace for extended periods." Great, this is what I need. Anyway, I love the phase plan and am excited to give it a try. Nice talk with him!! I may run with the group tomorrow but not sure; if I do, I'll run 5 miles before as I want to get in 8 easy.

Got back on the old roofy and scrapped more and more paint. Think I done about what I can or can reach anyway. My brother is going to bring down his extension ladder tomorrow and on Saturday, we'll be painting away. I think I need two more gallons of paint, I think I miscalculated. I'm a little ticked at the paint store where I got it, they told me they'd price match, which they did, but did not give me the sale price of Home Depot. Oh's better quality paint. Anyway, sweated up there all afternoon, even though the weather was cooler.

By now, I'm getting pretty grimy. But I still wanted to do a tempo run so I put off a shower.

Brendan was suppose to make up a boxing camp session with Rob at 6:30 so I thought I'd do my tempo run then. Brian told me I should do a: 2 mile easy=20 minutes at 7:43+2 mile easy. I figured I had JUST enough time to squeeze that in while Brendan worked out. Well, of course, Brendan was out riding his bike and it started raining and his bike skid and he went down with it and skinned up his back pretty bad. This was about 10 minutes before we were suppose to leave. So I go over to tell Rob that he can't make it; figured I'd either take up Brendan's time slot for weight training or I'd just go do my tempo run, as proposed. Rob said I could just do it then. I smell like the trash and it only intensified doing weight training and on the bike where I sweated profusely - again. I don't think I've ever sweated that much working out there before; not sure what was up with that. yuck!

So I still have yet to do my tempo run and I got to so at 8:30, I pop on the treadmill and do above tempo workout. I actually felt really great!!!!

But man, having sweat 4 times in the same clothes is about as disgusting as I have EVER been! YUCK!!!!

I took a shower at 9:45 tonight for the first time all day - nothing felt better!!!!

Am I still upset over the plan thing? I'm over it, but my eyes have been opened and mouth left with a sour taste.

Gonna go up to Glenwood on Monday-Tuesday for a little bike riding down the canyon; hanging at the hot springs pool; rafting. Got a really good deal at the Colorado Hotel, this way cool old hotel up there. Will be fun!!

10 miles run

weights: 1

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