Wednesday, July 1, 2009

In Check

I went to the pool tonight at 8:30 and swam a mile - intended to do some weight training but when I got there, I had no idea what to do so I just decided to go swim instead. I'm not sure there is anything that could have been more liberating for all the *%&# that happened all week; it felt GREAT!!! At one point, I even thought I may consider joining this masters swim team that meets at DU. I'm certain tomorrow I'll wake up and renig on that thought but tonight's swim was honestly one of the best workouts I've had, mentally, in a very long time!

One mile swim, check.

Got a late start for a run this morning (is this becoming a bad habit? If so, I need to break it soon; the temps are starting to soar!) so struggled a bit. My legs were sorer than I thought so I just did 3 easy and left it at that. Kinda disappointed but oh well. I'm thinking.....well, I really don't know what I'm thinking. Gonna figure this plan thing out hopefully soon.

3 mile run, check.

Went to see Chris, my old physical therapist (whom somewhere turned psychotherapist- she was a lifesaver to my sorry mental state upon return from the Big Sur Marathon) to get my glute "annoyance" looked at. I have to say that it's better than it was but sometimes, it can be quite bothersome. I mean, bad. Brian, CC coach, told me he had the same thing once upon a time, and went to massage therapy to get it worked out. So I figured Chris was my first stop before expensive m.t. was thrown back into my life. She stretched my piriformas and my hamstrings (and told me, ahem, she has never seen tighter hamstrings on anyone - um, I guess I need to stretch more :P). She gave me some piriformas stretches to do and told me to try all these for a minimum of 1-minute each and I should see considerably more comfort in the glute. If not, then go seek m.t. but she didn't think it was a necessity. That's good...though I do love Charlie's magic on my achy legs and would kill for that touch every now and then; it's probably good I don't start going regularly because it is expensive's also addictive. I know I had withdrawals when I had to give it up due to insurance. The best part of seeing Chris today, though, was that she tested my muscle groups and she was ecstatic to see how much progress I have gained since I last saw her (back in October I believe - with a knee swollen the size of a grapefruit upon my St. George Marathon finish). She was beaming with excitement and said she'd email Rob. I told her if she'd seen me run up Mt. Evans last weekend, she wouldn't be thinking my glute and hip flexor muscles were a "5" (strongest). She laughed. Ahhhh, I miss her.

Physical Therapy glute pain checked, check.

Ordered 8 gallons of green-ish house paint, check.

Scrapped paint off house all afternoon, check.

Fell asleep from 4:30 - 6:22, check.

Received an email from Rob that wasn't callous, check.

Excited to run and chat Portland with Brian tomorrow, check.

Still bitter over the whole plan thing, check.

Loaded boys' camping/hiking pictures on computer to share with you, check (below).
Ryan and Brendan, Maroon Bells (near Aspen)

Hiking to Mt. Sherman, elevation 14, 036'

Campsite at Maroon Bells - NICE!

3 mile run

1 mile swim

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