Monday, July 13, 2009

First Day Back...

After my high mileage last week, I was uncertain, as was Rob, how my legs were going to fare. Or my body. I hit the road tonight for an easy 5 miles and I have to say, I felt really good. A little knee pain at the start, but that's pretty par for the course, and it worked it's way out eventually ..which is also usually the norm. I didn't wear my Garmin; I just wore my regular watch so I had no idea my pace -- and that was the idea. I just wanted to run, time-free, and have no constraints. I think it was slow -- but controlled. It felt great. I'd like to try another high-mileage week again when I return from vacation. Maybe.

Did some weight training with Rob in the morning and that went well. I think we're on better "terms" with one another after that mile Friday. I even got a plan today :). Of course, I marked it all up with revisions but we discussed it and came to a happy (I hope) compromise.

My niece, Sarah, had her baby today. Leah. Congrats Sarah and Brian!

I'm trying to get myself into a sense of calmness and not let the small things stress me out and build to where I explode. I'm trying not to let people's insensitive antics bother me and I'm trying to not take things so personally. I'm going to try to focus on bettering myself with some writing projects I've been too afraid to pursue and getting to know more runners that I am not associated with here so as to learn more about people and their ideas that aren't tainted by knowing them. It's a huge project for me and one I'm sure will come with challenges and obstacles but I need to make some changes and these are my goals!

My glute pain seems less severe today and yesterday; maybe I ran the pain out of it!!??!! I felt it again running today and upon my return, sitting. So it's not totally gone by any means but maybe it's giving me a slight reprieve after the agony it caused on my long run Saturday.

Sent Rob a glip from McMillan training website about depleting your body of nourishment (in particular, carbs) before a long run so you can train it to run better when you have used up all your glycogen reserves in a marathon. I wasn't so interested in "trying" it right now as I was just curious about his thoughts on it...but it was on my new plan to try it on Sunday. Um, no thanks. Not right now...too many obstacles in the way with vacation and countless races going on this fall to start messing with something that even stated "would take time to adjust." So I turned my carb-depleted 17 mile long run on Sunday to a carb-enriched 24-mile long run :).

6 mile run total (really, 6.15 with the running I did at weight training today :) )

1 weight training

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Tim said...

You're doing great! Keep it up.