Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Motley Crew

Here is a pic of the group of us at the cottage. A good looking group, huh? :)

Today was filled with sun and so we did sun thing like ride bikes into town and hung out at the beach. I am sunburnt. I think a no-sun day is in order tomorrow...either that or I'm wearing my hat; the top of my head is even sunburnt where my part is.

I am achy-sore. I attempted a 13 mile run today but think it was only about 12. I'm calling it 12. I didn't read my schedule before I left to know that I was suppose to run the middle 4 of my 13 miles at race pace. I didn't wear my Garmin so I have no idea but I am positive it wasn't race pace - my legs are tired. I'm running fine and I feel fine but my legs just ache. I feel like all the flesh and meat have been gnawed right off and I'm left with bones. Anyway, I ran a new path today that I never have before - over to Ferrysville. There is a bike path along the Grand River for a ways, which I followed and then it curves out into the farmlands of blueberry bushes. These were really kinda cool; little purpleish-blue berries all plump and ready to pick. This has to be an arduous task, picking berries. When I turned at the half way point to come back, I crossed the street and picked a few. I rubbed them off on my sweat-soaked shirt and ate 'em, praying that I wouldn't have stomach problems later. I didn't. They tasted great!! I tried to pick up the pace some here and think I was successful - until the last two miles. Then I just practically crawled home. Today would have definitely been a good day to wear my Garmin...but I didn't.

In addition to the mileage I've been logging this week, I'm also walking a TON! In order to use the jetski, we have to be 100 yds from the swim beach areasso we are hauling half the cottage well past the beach directly in front of us, which IS swim beach. We're also walking into town at least twice a day, which can be anywhere from a mile to a mile and a half, depending on where you go. Then we walk home. The ole legs are really feeling it.

Tomorrow's a lighter day of running and weight training. I think I'm going to sleep a bit later and head over to the Y for the entire workout.

I have had a slight sore throat for the past few days. I hope that's not an early sign of something serious!

Just before sunset this afternoon, the lake was filled with these beautiful sailboats. Very pretty!

12 miles run

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Anonymous said...

So Jill I re-read your posts this am, Great job on the running. Hope you get a great tan. Wish it would cool down here in UT, has been 90 plus still but cooling off at night finally. I have my Highlanf Fling race in the am, hope to defend my age group title for another trophy, hamstrings are finally recovered from last week's marathon. Take Care !