Friday, July 3, 2009

Illegal in Centennial

My neighbors and good friends, the Clawsons, always have a big block party with a ton of food tapped off with a ton of fireworks the night before the 4th. It'll run until the police arrive and tell them it's illegal. There were about 50 of us this year; the thing is progressively getting larger. 2 cops came by at 10:40 an said to stop. Perfect - I needed to go home and write this up quick and get to bed.

Ran this morning with the cross country girls again; their plan was 45 minutes. New group of girls with a smaller group of guys. Ended up running over at CC park. Most of the group wanted to go run on the trails on the woods but some woman came out of the wooded area and said the mosquito's were awful so two of the girls and I ran on the trail and the rest of them braved wooded-trails. One of the veteran girls had a good clip going, about 8:15 and the other girl was suffering. I asked them what their official plan was from Mr. Manley and they said it was 45 minutes of LSD. Okay, time to slow this puppy down. It was nice to run through the park with them and shared lots of fun stories. The girls finished 5 miles, I met them all at the car, took two of them home, and then returned back to the park to finish up 3 more miles so I'd have the 8 I wanted. Glute was annoying again but I think a lot of that has to do with all the up and down on the ladder and crawling all over the roof - all day - painting.

My brother dropped off some ladders and the paint sprayer so tomorrow is the big day to paint my house. Yes, we are painting this entire thing ourselves. I spent the my fun-filled day prepping house to paint - ugh. A few days getting this thing ready and I'm really sick of it already. ugh. I asked my neighbor's son and his friend to come over and paint my trim on Sunday!!!!

Went with my friend, Renee, for pre-festivities dinner and one (ONE) beer tonight. Very Nice!

8 miles run

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