Tuesday, July 7, 2009

On a mini vacation

MIA yesteday due to a little trip in the mountains to Glenwood Canyon. This will be condensed tonight, too, as I am dead tired and need to get up at the crack of dawn to workout. But here's a brief run down:

Monday: Worked out in the a.m. with Rob and then got home and crashed for about an hour. Finally got up and did a 6.25 mile run. Would have gone further but I really needed to get up to the canyon so we could take advantage of everything we wanted to do. Got to Glenwood mid-afternoon and boys and I decided to hike a few miles up to Hanging Lake. It's a pretty rugged trail with lots of sharp boulders. We never made it to the top as we were w/o water and we wanted to get to the hotel.

Get to hotel and there was a big room mix-up and that took awhile to straighten out but when it was, we scored big time on the room and got a two bedroom place that had a common bathroom in the middle. We stayed at the Hotel Colorado which was built in the late 1800's and wow, it's just an incredible, old building with amazing architecture. Hung out a bit and then walked across the highway, via a pretty cool foot-bridge and ate at the Italian Underground. It's been years..YEARS since we have been to Glenwood but we always end up eating at this really cute Italian place. Thankfully, they had roasted chicken ... suddenly, I feel so guilty whenever I eat what I'm not suppose to. I'm making some progress on my weight and bf, I don't want to kill it in one dinner. After dinner, boys go and play miniature golf while I go for a 3 mile run. I know, something is wrong with me. Seriously. But I'm trying to get my mileage way up this week and then recover next week. Get back to hotel and it's about 9:15; I take an ice bath to cool off from the run. I love having the two rooms, I went to bed at 10:30 cuz I was dead tired from the lack-of-sleep week I had just had.

Woke up today at like 4:30 - of course! No sense in sleeping in later, or so my body seems to think!!! I intended to go to the high school track to do some intervals but my head was pounding. I mean, bad! I didn't have any Tylenol in my purse but did have some in the car. I was too tired to go get it so I just laid there awhile and thought of some writing stuff. By the time I felt like going, it was too late; we had reservations to be dropped off at the top f the canyon with our bikes at 8:30.

We had a GREAT bike ride down the canyon - about 20 miles. Drop-dead gorgeous views and a stellar blue skies. I have some great pictures of our ride which I will download and post tomorrow. Got back from the ride and the boys were itching to go rafting. Okay, I've been rafting several times and I really don't care for it. It's fun but my butt always hurts and usually, I'm freezing (though today I wouldn't be). I went and inquired if the boys could go without me and they could so we discussed if this was what they really wanted to do since they also had a list of going to the waterslides at the hot springs pool or up to this adventure park where you can bungee jump into the river. They chose rafting. They had a blast! So much so, that Brendan now wants to buy a raft. That child becomes fixated on whatever his latest adventure is.

I took advantage of the hot springs pool to swim some laps. This is a huge pool which is heated by the naturally occurring hot springs which are located right next to the pool. Hot springs are fueled by sulfur so the water is super warm and super gross tasting. My swim was comical - it's so hard to make your legs move in water that is well into the 80's and trying to keep your mouth shut so that disgusting water doesn't get in it was almost impossible. I swam about 2/3 of a mile and called it quits and read awhile until I had to shower and get the boys from rafting.

Load up on some snacks and head outta town about 4:45. I'm so flipping tired so decide to overload on Diet Coke; consuming about 3 since I left the pool. It's working. I pretty much gave up on the stuff awhile ago so when I do consume one, it seem to do it's trick of keeping me half awake!! Stopped and got dinner in Dillion and HAD to venture over to the Coach outlet store and scored a great deal on a red patent leather purse!!! Yes. But I love my purple one so much that I'm not sure I'd use the red one so it may go back. We'll see in a couple days.

Get home, unpack and I still want to do my intervals; I gotta get them in so as not to disrupt and I end up rearranging the rest of the week. So off to the track I go at 8:30 pm. 4x1200's at 1:45/400M. They were hard but amazing, I felt pretty good -- considering how tired I was and considering how much biking and swimming I had already done today.

A GREAT trip!! Would have loved to stay one more day up there ... but also good to be home. The neighbor boys made a lot of progress on the house trim painting while I was gone. Yea!!!

Will download pictures and post tomorrow.

Mon: 9.25 miles run; 1 weight training; 1 hike
Tues: 5 miles run; 20 miles biking; 3/4 mile swim

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Anonymous said...

Just came in from digging sonotube holes 2 feet deep and 8 inches across, leveled them out and will pour concrete tomorrow. Kori was frustrated because she only dug 1/2 of one compared to my 2. We have 6 total to dig and fill with concrete then can start framing the base of the playhouse. It is going to be 2 stories : 9 feet wide by 15 feet long with a slide hopefully coming out of the upper floor to below. The kids next door will no doubt be over all the time when it is finished.
Good job on your workouts today. Amazing. ok.. I need to go to bed so I can get up and run early. Have a great day !!