Saturday, July 18, 2009

A Return to the Living

Thursday's arduous hike/mt. run reared it's ugly head on Friday when I woke with a major headache and legs that wouldn't move. I wasn't really "sore" but I was stiffer that a board and the mere thought of trying to go run 6 hilly miles was proving to be impossible. I missed my run and I missed my beloved cycling class - which I am really bummed about the cycling class because it's the last one I can attend for awhile and I only went to one the entire summer. That was not what I wanted. But I have found this whole Portland training really isn't want I wanted so I guess the cycling class fits in perfectly with the rest of my training.

Around noon yesterday, I thought I may go run my hills in the evening but when evening came and the last shred of sunlight left to actually run was still sporting a high temperature of 85 degrees, I knew I couldn't go. And that was probably for the legs were not loosening up.

Since my training was tanked yesterday, my diet may as well join in also and just make it one, big seriously bad day. I consumed about 2000 more calories than normal (that may be a slight stretch...but I seriously doubt it). I couldn't help it, I had no ambition to do anything other than just do nothing.

Today was a new day. Well, about 88% new. I woke up tired, as I just really cannot sleep later than 530am anymore. I guess that's good come August when I'm back to work but geez...can't I just sleep til 6 one day? So my tired body decided not to eat anything before I ran. I never do that but I guess the excess food intake yesterday made me not even in the least bit hungry. I wasn't running too far anyway.

Rob said to run from my house to the top of Smoky Hill Rd via Orchard Rd. I've run this route many times, many, but not in a quite awhile so the change of scenery was nice. There's a killer hill at the tail end of this course and there's a couple pretty bad ones a very good hill workout. In training for my first marathon ever (almost 12 years ago. egads), I ran this course numerous times and my goal was to almost make the 3.07 miles in under 30 minutes. Most of the time I did...but barely. Today I ran it in 27:10 - and that's after I had to pause early on to fix my watch. But it's never really about the time for me, unlike most I know that me, it's about the "feel" and today, these hills felt great. If I complete a run feeling as well as I did today, I call it a success.

Yesterday was a failure.
Today was a success.

It's amazing what fresh legs can do! For the body, spirit and the mind.

A really nice day today, a small reprieve from the heat. Tried to conquer more painting but not making a slew of progress. Eventually It'll get there.

A very long 'long run' planned for tomorrow; it'll be the last one for awhile - praying I thrive.

6.14 miles run
234' elevation difference

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