Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The A/C goes on

I turned on the A/C today for the first time this summer. Had hoped to make it through all of June without it on but it was in the low 90's today and I got a late start to the track so when I got home, I was melting. It was needed. It's off now, though; I never run it at night - never. Not needed in Colorado. I do like my ceiling fan above my bed, though at night :)

I do not have pictures of the boys camping and climbing 14er on my computer yet so will post those tomorrow.

I spend the entire day indoors writing for Soul's Newsletter. I won't go into detail but that newsletter and my sense of what it's worth is apparently not on the same sense that Rob's is. And thus, I have not gotten a plan...which I don't understand at all!!! So I've given up on the plan and any future plans from him -- apparently, a plan is considered "above and beyond" what I pay for. Hum. Must be above and beyond all clients because I know they all receive them. Must just be me that it's pointed out to. No, I'm not too bitter right now....can't you tell? I'll keep my mouth shut on everything else that's transpired in the past two days with him, but the no-plan thing had to be addressed since I'm suddenly winging in solo.

And it's not that I can't make my own plan but for two years he has and now suddenly, it had to be drilled into me that it was something "above and beyond" the services he provides. Isn't that what personal training is?

Okay, done venting.

Went to the track for some intervals. Decided I needed some severe punishment - Built up frustrations that need to be released, no better way than in hot temperatures on the track. So I did a series ladder and thought I would do them for stamina (the capability of sustaining prolonged stressful effort. Direct from Wikipedia, folks). Not sure how stamina differs from a regular interval, but I was reading my coaching book and it said those were best for marathon training. Got on McMillian and figured out what I needed and wrote times on business card. Decided the best way to suffer was with the following:
1x400 @ 1:53 (ran 1:45. Opps)
1x800 @ 3:45 (ran 3:39. Opps again)
1x1200 @ 5:35 (ran 5:27. Dern...gotta slow myself)
1x1600 @ 7:30 (ran 7:33. Um, don't really like mile repeats?)
1x1200 @ 5:33 (ran 5:31. Getting better)
1x800 @ 3:43 (ran 3:42. Eureka!)
1x400@ 1:51 (ran 1:42. Dangit)

That was a killer workout....but it was just what I needed!!! I felt great.

Had hoped to get in another run tonight but I worked on Rob's newsletter until almost 8:00 and I had not fed the kids yet and Brendan wanted to go to REI. Normally, I wouldn't even think about going out shopping so late but my fried mind thought a little retail therapy would probably be good for it :). Brendan's been hiking up a storm lately and wanted to get some new hiking boots (trail running shoes, really) and they were having a big sale (I'm all about SALE). I used to work there, LOVED IT, so it's hard to go back in there and actually pay full-price for things; the discount they have is really incredible. Anyway, found him some shoes and I bought some new trail shoes, too (and get this..they have a tad of pink stitching on them. COOL. But not for long if I actually DO wear them on the trails :P). Can't wait to maybe try them out this weekend!!!

Rob calmed down finally (not on the plan, just on working out again) and wanted to meet tomorrow at 5:15 a.m.; he's upping his workout time 15 minutes and cutting each amount of time by 15 minutes so wanted me to workout 5:15 - 6:00. Um, not tomorrow - I am dead tired; I have slept very little the past couple nights and did not get a much-wanted nap due to me writing all day for him, so I emailed him that I couldn't make it tomorrow. I think it's the best for my health to get some sleep!!!!! I'll hit the gym later in the a.m. Not sure what I will run but don't want to do anything too major cuz I want to run strong on Thursday for a tempo run. Which I just haven't been able to hit the mark with lately so this will be important for me. After Thursday, I have not figured out what I will do, but it will come to me :).

In the meantime, through all this Rob mess and no plan, Brian emailed - he is the Cross Country coach at the school I work. He is going to start working with me for Portland. Yea!!!

There's a killer fly swarming around my head....errr!

5 miles run

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