Monday, June 1, 2009

Back in action

I officially feel like I am back on a marathon plan (now the question is which one. ugh). What I've been actually dreading upon my return from Boston is now what I'm looking forward to. I thank this new turn-around attitude to the Mt. Evans run the other day. I'm ready to get back in and do the work!!! I think we all need a little down-time now and then, it makes us look at the past a little to see where we can improve and it recharges our energy to get back out there strong. I have felt, for the past several weeks, all the things that I can't do and it's been a challenge to get me to look at what I can do and get out there full-throttle. The thought of another training program (and countless days of grilled chicken) was causing a lot of dread. I was out there doing the plan I had half-heatedly and not really sure when it'd all click back into place. I think that day came on Saturday, nothing like a good run ending with a huge smile to kick start your training with a much higher desire. I actually don't HAVE a plan this week (how fitting, since I actually WANT a plan this week), for whatever reason(s) so I asked R for one and I got an email with this:

After work do.circuit training: all with 20lb dumbbells
15 Walking lunges
15 t Pushups
15 db alternating curls
15 bounce press
15 glute bridges
25 ab rockers
Rinse. Repeat 3 times.
Between each circuit set run 5 min on tread @ 8.0 mph

Al new Gun-ho attitude should have been shot down after looking at this, let alone attempting it. 20 lbs weights might work for the alternating curls and that's about it (and I have no idea what "Rinse" is). And 5 minutes at 8mph also didn't happen; my legs are tired from the past two hard days. So I'll keep my new energized attitude and look at this weight training as one which to strive for ... someday.

Except for the 20 lbs t-pushups...the 8 (really 16) I sported almost gave me a concussion as I almost dropped the weight smack on my head.

Weights: 1

2 miles run (hey, I'm taking every mile I can get!)

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